Hello doctor, I have a question for you. I am 25 yrs. old. I am suffering from stammering for a long time. I consulted some doctors as well as speech therapists. They said that the reason is psychological. They advised me to do pranayam. I did it for about 2 yrs. but it didn’t cure. Actually, I am the youngest in my family. That’s why, I am a pampered child. I was over-protected. This may be one of the causes of my speech-problem. Now, I am a talented teacher. But just because of my speech problem, I don’t have enough self-confidence. People have always made fun of me. They think that I am abnormal. I feel extremely bad. I want to get rid of it. Please, help me.

There may be many causative factors regarding stammering but person usually continues to stammer because of psychological reasons like anxiety, fear, lack of confidence etc. In fact it is a vicious cycle; person continues to stammer because these factors and these factors worsen because of stammering. Apart from Pranayama, you have to do other deep breathing exercises, Relaxation exercises, Speech exercises etc. Try to visualise yourself talking fluently and flawlessly for 15 minutes, every day while sitting in a meditation. Try not to feel ashamed about it and you will start gaining confidence faster.