Hello doctor. I am a 27 year unmarried guy I am a law graduate ,at the time of college I saw a one girl in marriage ceremony and afterwards we fell in love then we had physical relationship and this continued for 4 years, thus while in college another girl came in to my life and also having love relationship continuing till date, but my problem is that both girls cast and my cast is same and the both the girl want to marry with me, and both the girl love me very much, both are very possessive for me, and they both are not known to each other. I know I am cheating both the girls and playing with their emotion, my problem is that I don’t want to marry both the girls, I have decided to marry the girl of my parent’s choice. Is my decision right? What you suggest me.

You are cheating them and that too knowingly! Only thing I would like to tell you is never play with anyone’s emotions.It is perfectly ok not to marry with the one with whom you are dating but it should be clear at the every stage of relationship. So go and tell them what you have planned rather than giving them a shock of your engagement or marriage.