Hello doctor, from the first year of my marriage I found my husband having feelings with his cousin sister. I tried to explain both and then it was stopped. But whenever I go out of station for some work they both start interacting with each other. This I found out in my second year of marriage. Again we had a fight and it was stopped. Then again this is the third year and it’s still continuing. If it was just brother sister relationship then I would have not objected but they both agreed that they have feelings for each other. My husband takes her care, even in small things; while he is not that concerned for me. Ours is an arranged marriage. I care for him a lot. Now a few days back when I found this. I asked him and he said it’s a small matter I need not worry much. So I stopped talking to him much. Then now even he is not asking about y am not upset or he is not trying to solve it…..plz tell me what should I do?

He is taking you for granted. This is very evident from his attitude (continuing his relationship while ignoring your oppose, considering it as a small matter etc). Give him an ultimatum to expose his relations or separation (whatever you think best) and very importantly follow it if he does not show seriousness in the matter.