Greetings, I am into a committed relationship for the past 8 years. My fiancé has several female friends, among which one is very close to him. She is also a light friend of mine. But my fiancé cares for her a lot as she belongs to a weak family and is working hard to survive. But I have a doubt on their relationship. I and my fiancé had several arguments on this issue. Now-a–days, he has started hiding things from me. He goes to watch movie with this girl, writes to her from secret e-mail IDs, etc. But the girl tells me everything. These things disturb me a lot. What should I do?

If girl is telling you everything that means she might not be interested in him but he might be one who is interested more in this. You can ask that girl to pressurize him to involve you in outings which he offers to her. Moreover, she should never miss a chance to refer you in her interactions with him. This can constant reminder to him about his married status and her disinterest in any other relations.