Doctor, I am married since 1st December, 1995 and have 2 children born naturally. I am continuously going through tough situations because of the mental condition of my wife. Before marriage, she suffered from viral fewer which was not attended and she was later treated in mental hospital and also was given shocks. Later she was regularly consuming Supradin tablets to get energy to do work or she could not do. I was not informed about this before marriage. Since my marriage, the trouble with me started. She has very strange behaviour and gets tremendously angry if the matters are not in her favour. She will decide to go to her mother at the night and drop the idea in the morning. She decides to fire her employee and gets angry if I explain the importance of the employee. Then I asked the employee to leave, and then she called her back to work. She has been very violent in the past but now it is reduced. She abused me like a goon and has no regrets. She recalls any situation happened many years back and starts fighting. Whenever she is in good health, she is the best wife. She regularly complains about my dressing, voice, volume, she even does not want me reciting mantras/pooja but when she is good, she will persuade me to do so. Any type of humming disturbs her. Any person whom she dislikes, if come across the way, she gets disturbed. Her disturbance longs for minimum 3 days and she stays awake even in nights and days. I had tried to give her pills for sleep but she remains awake. At such nights, she does not allow me to sleep and awake me and start arguing. I have tried many ways ; Explanation, argument, books, beating her (9 times in last 14 years), spiritual ways, politeness, soft tones, low volumes, no speaking and etc and etc but all in vain. She feared that I am not making any property on her name so she violently fought. Then I made much property on her name, but now she says she never wanted it and continues to fight. She likes music but of her own choice. She even likes of children’s choice but whenever I listen to my choice, she becomes upset and closes the audio. I had stopped listening to music. I have changed my dressing to her liking in spite of friend’s criticism. Every time it is a tiny petty issue where she gets angry and wherever I repair myself to her favour, she will find a new issue to fight with me. She fights with me if I help her in kitchen and ask me to leave the kitchen. If I stop going to the kitchen, then she will ask me to come and work in the kitchen. Doctor, for 10 years, I was getting up at 5 am, making tea for my wife, cleaning the house, making breakfast for my kids, preparing them for school and prepare myself to go to my office, on daily basis. But there was no single week, where I had not faced tension due to my wife. She does not want to go to Psychiatrist and becomes violent if I insist. So I have stopped. For any of the physical problem, she will say laughing reasons and put the blame on me. What shall I do? My kids are brilliant in studies and my income is also good. All my property, car, business etc, I have transferred on my wife’s name so she never has complaint about it. I am a strict vegetarian person but I allowed her to have non vegetarian food because she feels that it helps her. But never have I seen that after consuming non vegetarian, she is silent. Full moon day, no moon day and MC periods are the worst days I always have. And it is never a single day she is like this. If she starts, then it is minimum 3 days. I cannot divorce, cannot run away and cannot suicide because my kids will suffer. Please guide me. I am in deep depression now a day because now the situation is regular.

You should have gone to a psychiatrist long ago even without her presence. She is for sure suffering from mental illness. You take her earlier record of mental hospital and go to a psychiatrist as soon as you can. Also your polite behavior is not the remedy to her illness.