Dear sir, this is a bit long but I cannot convey all the details to you if I don’t mention in detail. Please co-operate. I was working in a gulf country. 6 months back, I got a call from an unknown number and my best friend’s girlfriend was on other end as she came to know about me from him and wanted to know more about her boyfriend through me since they had some problems in their relationship. I kept speaking to her as a good friend but I didn’t know what was going in her mind. she once said that I can even discuss my sexual fantasies and she don’t have any objections for that. I continued talking to her. One fine day she proposed me and said she want to have a serious affair with me (By this time she had broke up with my friend), I clearly objected and said I don’t want to continue with this relationship since I cannot promise to marry her and I even don’t have such affection for her. She started crying and pleading me and forced me to meet her at a private place. We even had sex there because I could not resist her. She called me one more time and we did the same(after knowing that I have no intentions of marrying her). Both the time she said she took an i-pill and I used the condom for the second time. Now I am back to work again. When I call her up she says that I should marry her for what I did to her. She says that she had two normal periods after I went, but now she is not getting a period this month and having severe pain in stomach. My question is,1) Is she pregnant? 2) During the first session I was not having a condom and she had her periods(but she still insisted for intercourse) and after taking the i-pill she had some bleeding too for that period, Is there any serious problem with her body? 3) Is it harmful to have sex during the periods(One friend said it might cause blindness for a male)? I am really worried about her since I care for her but at the same time she is behaving like a kid and tells that she will commit suicide if she will not get me. Please advise me doctor what to do. I will be very thankful for your advise on this regard.

She cannot be pregnant after two normal periods and no intercourse then after. Intercourse during periods should be avoided for hygienic reasons but it will not cause blindness to any of the partner.