Dear Sir, my relation with my girlfriend is 11 yrs old, we both are very possessive for each other, and in fact my girl friend is far much more possessive than me. In recent days we are facing a strenuous relationship because of the fact that 2 years ago I had accessed pornographic sites over mobile phone. My girl friend came to know about it through me as it was my confession. Now my girlfriend wonders that if I would have loved her then how I could look at pornographic sites. I admitted my mistake and said that I saw those sites just because I wanted to learn about better sex so that I can give my life partner the best pleasure in bed. Still she feels that I am not loyal to her. How can I convince her that it was normal act and I have never thought about any other girl?

Some amount of possession or jealousy is a by-product of love but this sound as an overreaction. Although many women are very sensitive about men’s habit of looking at pornographic materials but at the same time they need to accept that this is normal desire amongst men. If you are habituated to look at those sites or started neglecting her because of this then she should react. Otherwise she should leave this topic with a note that she doesn’t like you to see these sites. Make her read this answer, probably she will understand.
And by the way, there is nothing you should learn from pornographic site. It’s all about earning money while playing with your fantasies and stimulating you.