Dear sir, my name is Anil and my age is 24 years. I have got my Semen Test done and the results is has follows total number of spermatozoa 0.3 millions per ml and sperms ejaculate 0.6 millions per ml. Is there any chance that it can come up to normal count i.e. total number of spermatozoa 20 millions per ml and sperms ejaculate 40 millions per ml. The doctor has advised me to take the following tablets for a month 1. Cloferrt 25mg and 2. Paternia tablets which I have taken. The tablets are for what reason??? Will it help me to increase the sperm counts? What are the chances of us becoming parents?? Or Are there no hope or chances that we might become parents??? Kindly suggests some tablets or exercise that might improve my Sperm counts. Kindly help. I am getting very nervous and also feeling ashamed. What is the reason for the low sperm count as I don’t drink nor smoke nor ride to much of cycles or neither the environment near me is to hot, but Yes I take lots of tension regarding my future or better job or for doing further studies and many others? I feel ashamed in front of my wife as all her reports are proper and I am the default person because of whom we are not becoming parents. Kindly Help .Whether I will become father or not?

Tension cannot be a reason for your low count. This could be natural low production. Clofert is to increase your sperm count. You have to take it for at least 6 to 9 months to get the result. There is nothing to ashamed about this. It is not in your hand and it is not an end for your chance of becoming father.