Dear Sir, I m 45 years male and married 20 years back. After 14years of marriage, I came in contact with a girl age 25 and at that time I was 36. I like her and she also likes me. After some time we started living as husband wife. I got my job away from my home. She kept on living with me and she took admission in different courses. Before my meeting with her, she had relations with many. But after my meeting she left every one. After 7years of relations she started meeting with her ex friends and having relations with them. I ruined myself and my family also by having relations with her. One day I caught her red handed and ask with love to stop these relations and forgive her. But in my absence she contacted them and keeps on meeting. One day she took her bags and went away without telling me anything, and neither had she called me nor picking my phones. I can’t live without her. I m not able to go back my previous house as my wife is not ready to see even my face. Please guide me what to do. I’m in deep depression. pl. help me.

You did triple mistake i.e. an extramarital affair, with young girl and that too a girl with history of multiple relationships! Each extramarital relationship has an expiry date and your date has come. Woman much younger than man tend to develop other relationship quite frequently. Looking to these facts, I’m not surprised about what has happened. Only thing left with you is an acceptance. You cannot bring back someone to your life forcefully or by throwing emotional tantrums. Learn to live without her.