Dear Sir I’m 23 yr old. I’m suffering from relationship with my boyfriend .I need your help. I’m in love with a person who also deeply loved me but he has always doubt that I’m not just talking with him as I talk with my male friends. We were to marry but as per him, his family forced him to marry in his caste. So he got married but still he is in contact with me. Even before an hour we both were crying for each other and he was saying that he has no relation with his wife. Most of the time his wife was staying at her parent’s house. Before 6 months I got the news that he has a son. Now, I cried lot and I was ready to die but my family is dependent on me so I’m living. Still he has contact with me. He hardly talks but in our last serious talk he said he will marry me but will I accept his child? I said no for that. Then after few days again I ask him will you marry me he said yes, but last Sunday I was feeling insecure that he may be with his wife so continuously I was calling but he was rejecting my call…I messaged him that don’t contact me so he didn’t till date. It’s very hard to live in distance from him. I know I can get better person than him I should not disturb his life but I’m in love with him from last 7 yrs unconditional love. Hardly I am able to control my tears and feelings I want him really. Please help.

C’mon, grow up. You cannot go on like a child that ‘I want means I want’! Accept that he is married with one son. You might be loving him unconditionally but he does not seem to be involved with same intensity. I do not think he will leave his wife for you. If he has this much of courage and love for you then he would have not married in a first place. And remember, you found out that he has a son but he has not told you! Where is a love? Whatever he might be talking about love for you, his actions are not collaborating.