Dear Sir, I have a relationship for 10 months. The boy proposed me first. In the early days I ignored him & hurt him. But now I love him more than myself. Now he ignores me, hurt me too much. He talks with my friend Rumela now & tell that he has no need of mine, I may leave him, he is good with my friends (Girls).He is 23.I cry through the whole day, he doesn’t care it. I want to be cheerful & I want to do my studies very well. I want to live, I don’t want to die. He also gave a condition, i.e. if I shall not able to crack the IIt he will leave me. I can’t do my studies for his mental torture. So what’s next? I can’t live without him, I can’t do my studies, I can’t led a normal life then how it’ll be possible to keep my relationship? Now he is torturing me too much mentally by keeping his phone busy with Rumela for hours & hours. Please help me. I want to live & build my career.

He does not have love and respect for you. You should not continue with him. Leave him and accept that he is not meant for you. Person, who can torture you at initial phase of your relationship, is going to torture you at every walk of relationship. If you cannot live without him then better start learning to live without him. You cannot go pleading, when someone does not need you and expect happiness out of that relation.