Dear Sir, I am your regular reader .I have asked questions before too and they surely helped. Now my question is about my online boyfriend. We are in this relationship for almost 3 years now. Both are married and living at different places. We have met twice in real and we were physically involved too. Dear doctor tell me is it still a virtual affair/relationship? My boy friend behaves so weirdly he wants me to show cam and seduce other guys online because it makes him feel hotter. And when I argue he says what else we both can discuss and talk every day online? For some fun and masti you should seduce other guys and we both will have fun. Doctor I really hate this and I can’t do all this. I get wrecked up. This gives me a very bad feeling like he doesn’t take me as girl friend he just takes me like a prostitute? Doctor please help me with this issue….Is he right by saying what one can talk about everyday? And since it’s not real so I should seduce others on cam and we both should enjoy? What’s your opinion about his thinking and what should I do? I m madly in love with him…I can’t leave him. Kindly guide me what steps I should take? Thanks and regards.

You have met him personally and had physical acts also, now no longer this relationship is virtual. He does not have respect and love for you. He is treating you as an object that gives sexual pleasure to him and his friends. Whatever he might be telling you to convince for this but one thing is sure that for him you are not less than prostitute (sorry I never wanted to use this word for you but thought this will give you realistic perception).