Dear Sir, I am research student in one of the premier institute and in the final stages of my PhD. I’m very co-operative person and always tend to extend help to needy person. My graduation days were very good. But thereafter I struggled a lot. Few deaths happened in my family and my parents got disturbed. Financially we became week. Being an elder son I tried to settle the things. In these situations I took education loan to complete my PG. After masters I joined PhD. I took personal and home loans to fulfill the responsibilities one has towards family. I paid the personal loans from my scholarship. I have seen lots many ups and downs in personal relations and always at the forefront to sort out the matters of family members and friends. I got married 5 years back and am blessed with a son (3 yr old now) and we are a happy family. My wife is very supportive and recently shifted to other place for my son’s schooling. After briefing about me, I would like to seek your advice on my problem. Since last 6/7 months I lost momentum in my research work. I have completed almost 80% work and will require another 3/4 months to complete my PhD work. I feel following are few reasons which may cause the lost of interest in work. (1)We had some issue in department and I was one of the students involved and was at forefront. Over time it got sorted out but it cost me very dearly in terms of time. I have completely come out of this issue. (2) Its been 5 years in research and at the same place. I have noticed the change in attitude in people around me. (3) I don’t feel like going to workplace anymore. (4) Unable to concentrate on studies. Luckily my advisor is a great person and helping me a lot to come out of this situation. But I feel motivated for some time and again loose the momentum. I have helped lot many people but unable to handle my own situation. I can understand the gravity of problem. I am confident enough to complete my work but unable to do so, due to above reasons. The need of hour is to come out of this trouble to the earliest and get back to work. Please advice me to overcome this. Thank you.

I do not think that I can suggest you any magical way to overcome this as you already have motivating adviser and in that case he would have done the magic. Whatever may be the reason, you need to keep your final goal in front of your eyes, have to stay focused and have to be self-motivated person.