Dear Sir, I am going thru a phase wherein after working with an person (my Boss) for almost 15 yrs. I have been abused bu the words like Randi – u must be sleeping with man’s for money has shattered me like anything. i could have slpped and left the office the ame day but mainly looking at the my socio-economic reponsibility being a single women i could not do that and he also knows this that it would be not o easy to leave job immediately. Its not so tht I can’t get the job but being a relation like family i never thought of this and this was the one reason I joined him yrs. back but from past yrs relizing that he is trying to pull me down and insult be even performing, if i try to speak to him he uses abusive lanuage and try to harass me. there were small incident earlier but this dialogue has shattered me like anything and thinking of the same all the time tears comes to my eyes whole day and feeling crushed and helpless as i hv to see him every day and i cn’t do anything. i could hve created scene in the office but looking at the past relationhip with hime and his family I just avoided and went out of the office and now even coming to office also. Pls. advice what to do as this is bugging me like anything and i being a heart patient this worries me a lot. pls. advice shall I change the job, i am 47 now as seeing him i feel irritated, helpless and insulted. Pls. advice and help

Dear M
I understand how you must be feeling. Believe me rejection is one of the worst feeling to have and that after 15 yrs. of togetherness.
Bitter fact is, he is not interested in you any more. Try to accept the fact. Reasons can be many. To comment upon reasons I need more details. If you find a new job of same position or little lower position (if you can afford and accept), change your job. Probably he might be wanting the same and that could be one of the reason of his misbehavior. Your inability to do so may bring you more suffering.