Dear Sir, I am facing problem now days. I love one girl from the last 3 years from where we study together, and we are good friends, during those days I proposed her, but she didn’t accept and because of that we have huge fight and she didn’t talk to me for 8 months. Now from last august she again came into my life and our relation has started again. I accept her because I love her so much. During that time she told me, she has physical relation with a guy from last 5 years but now she has left him. I also found that, the guy was already married and both of them had physical relation. I also want to know she is not of my cast, we belong from different community and my parents are not agreeing for our marriage. But before, I tried to convince my parents and she also told her parents about me. Now I am so confused, what to do, can I go with her because she doesn’t hide anything from me, I love her. Or should I leave her, because I am afraid of my future. What it’ll be?? As of yet I didn’t make any relation with her. Please sir guide me what will be right for me. I am so confused.

She has come back to you because of her personal reasons. That guy might have cheated her or knowingly she might have kept physical relations with him. At present, out of your love you have accepted her physical relations but do you really think that it does not matter to you? If you think that it is acceptable to you once and for all then you should think further. If you are not capable of establishing yourself without your parent’s support then you should rethink before you go ahead.