Dear sir I am a fashion model by profession and I am GAY, from past few months I am into relation with a bank executive. Few days back he told me that he has a boy friend and then too he likes me very much but his boy friend is doubting that he is dating me (as I haven’t met his boy friend) since then to keep his boy friend happy my friend is avoiding me a lot . I am depressed with his behavior and I can’t concentrate I tried to keep myself busy but I did not succeed, I have accepted his relation with other guy but then to there’s some problem in our relationship. I tried to talk and sort out things but in vain, please help I can’t stay without him, I may end my life.

It seems that your friend was merely attracted towards you but is serious about his relation with his boy friend and wants to continue with him. As you have accepted the fact that he wants to live with his boy friend happily it is of your best interest that you get out of this circle as soon as you can. I do understand that this may be difficult for you, which is evident from your death wishes in that case I would suggest you see a counselor….DETAILED ANSWER MAILED TO THE READER