Dear Sir, I am a 25 yrs age guy. I am in love with a girl of age 21.we had this relationship since last 6 months. We both met online. I have not seen her until one month of our relationship. We both felt love for each other without meeting each other as person. I got photo in profile. She hadn’t. But we loved each other by our natures which are very common to each other. We had other liking things as common. In one month, we talked over phone like 5/6 hours a day. Then we met in person. n liked each other a lot. In this relationship, she was always taking initiative. However, I responded well, as I felt the same for her. I am bit shy person. After wards, we talked over phone almost all-night. n msg each other endlessly. Our talks range from our families, friends, love and even physical intimacies. She was just so much caring used to know what is going on every minute of my life. This is my first relationship. First for her also. I never hide any secret like my disturbed career. as I was studying engineering and quit for my health issue, then joined in science graduation I am in 3rd year now. She is also studying final year engineering. She is a good student than me. But these things never came before us. She is very much conscious about her career and towards me also. We are committed to each other. She and I, we both are quite family person. Who love their family as well. She guided me lot in my career things. She came when I was so down. She liked me for my sense of maturity and sensibility. She is quite childish at times but very much affectionate. she never loose any chance of showing her affection and love to me. She is the person I always wanted. It is true for her, I think. Later when her exam and campus drive time started, she began to loose contact with me. But I didn’t mind and tried to support her mentally. But she usually doesn’t talk more about her problems because she thinks it will burden me. Now she didn’t got selected in any campus selection. Therefore, she is disturbed. And I am someone who can’t think of a job so soon. I want go for mba afterwards. I am not settled. Now her examinations are over. But suddenly she started being very cold from last 20 days. She is still caring. She is not expressing her love to me. Not wanted to know what is going on every time in my life. But I keep on expressing it as I feel for her. Now before 3/4 days she said she is engaged to somebody not formally though. One proposal came for her. n that family is interested. And she is just tongue tied to tell her parents about me. As I am not settled n not in good condition in mine career. Moreover, her family dint asked her because they take her granted. Last Sunday they had family get together. she also belongs to a higher caste than me which is not a matter for her or me but for her family it is. As status, my family is not less than she is. But as we both committed to our family as well. That is creating problem. Now for my side there is no problem and I can manage later. But she can’t afford to say about me as she also didn’t got a job and depending on them. And staying in home. As far as I know that guy family is not interested for marriage so soon. But they liked her so families started to get committed. Her situation is very bad as she can’t leave me nor She can fight with the family so soon. And I can’t do anything. But I can’t afford to loose her. She is the one I always wanted. And I can’t think of anybody else in my life. We Both r very negative thinkers. And get frightened so soon. We are still touch with each other, which is obvious. But I can find she is not that interested to talk to me. She is doing this like her duty. And her warmth is all missing. We met with each other four times during our relationship. W e both get physically intimate with each other but not gone physical. Now she also avoids meeting me. I know she is all down not doing anything properly always tensed and in tears. But not telling her feelings to me more. Of late just she said you please don’t disturb your career over me at least if you get anybody else for your life then at least you can make her happy. Yet also saying that her engagement can also break. I am just so confused about her behaviour. As I can’t meet her or see her as person. Only medium is the phone. Today is my birthday. And she called me in time n wished me coldly like wishing to a friend. And before one month she got a huge planning for this day. Now he even dint met me. We used to talk like 5/6 minutes a day. n mostly other topics which is not that important these days. I am very emotional person and she is as well. I am breaking day by day, as she is getting negative. n now she is getting more silent. When I call I mostly talk and she listens. and her talks are negative and most of the time I am feeling like she is hiding things. As she never use to. I sometimes feel like it will not hamper her if she looses me. But I will break into pieces. She is such a loving person. And I always crave for that. She made happen so much positive thing to happen my life. And also guided me in my family issues like a family person. Please help. i cant live without her and nobody can take her place in my life. and she knows it well.

First, you have to find out that why she is behaving in a negative way. There are few possibilities.  She might be under the pressure of her family. She herself might have lost the hope and accepted her fate. She might be depressed (suffering from Depression). You should ask her about this. You should show your willingness to meet her parents (you can discuss your future plan with them even though you do not have job at present) or suggest her to create mediator, whom she can trust.  If nothing works out, prepare yourself to accept the reality.