Dear Sir, I am 32 yrs old . I got married 10 yrs back. I had a love marriage. For the first few yrs say 4-5 years until my son was born, my husband was very affectionate towards me. We were staying alone at that time, but after that, we came and stayed with my in-laws. Once we became a joint family, gradually his love towards me has reduced totally and now he feels his brothers and other relations are only important. Moreover, I never fail to do my duty anytime, like cooking in the morning. Doing all household works regularly and buying whatever is necessary for the house. My mother in law dislikes me a lot. She doesn’t eat what I cook. She prepares her own food. Moreover, treats my food as some untouchable. Now I feel I have to apply for a divorce. I don’t have mental peace at all. My husband doesn’t eve bother to ask my problems. Neither does he stays at home. He comes only to sleep at home. Other time he roams about with friends and his brothers. He drinks a lot too… which I hate. Now I have developed an affair with his friend who is very very affectionate towards me pl advice what should I do now?

This is what I would prefer to call ‘Emotional Divorce’. Staying together, he does not bother about you and you are involved with someone else. Once you have burnt your fingers in love marriage, now make sure his friend is not taking an advantage of your disturbed marital relationship. Otherwise, you will burn your fingers again.
If you wish to improve your relationship with your in-laws then only you have to take initiative. You cannot expect them to take first move, as they are very negative about you. I understand that this is difficult but still you can try, if you wish to save your marriage.