Dear Sir, I am 31 yrs old male. I am a Computer Engineer. Many times I see snakes in my dreams. Somewhere I read that if we see snakes in dreams then we must have “Kal Sarp Yog” in our kundli. I have “Kal Sarp Yog” in my kundli. I have checked my kundli with 4-5 different people and conclusion is the same. I don’t believe that much in astrology but I see a snake in my dreams is a fact. Secondly, many times I see lot of things in dreams which is nowhere related to my real life. What could be the reasons?

Dreams have different schools of analysis. Dreams are simple manifestation of our day to day thoughts, events that we observe but don’t give much thought to it consciously. It is an occurrence of our unconscious mind that keeps working and churning at times even without our knowledge of the same. It is not always necessary that the things stored or dreamt are related to us, it may have sunk in from a movie, book, story we here from friends or any event that occurred which are insignificant so we did not pay much attention to it. As you mentioned about snakes and some irrelevant dreams there is no need to worry until and unless these dreams are causing some disturbance in your daily life. You should move on without paying much attention to these dreams. Also in case of your “ kal sarp yog” which you believe you have then get some “vidhi” done which will clear such obsessions….. DETAILED ANSWER MAILED TO THE READER