Dear Sir, first of all I want to appreciate you that you are doing a wonderful job. Sir I’m a married women of 38 yrs, good looking and educated. My husband is a very dry person. He is also not emotionally attached with me. He is least interested in sex as well. I’m a normal human being with the desires as well. I have spent many lonely nights, in spite of being married. I have never spent a single night which is memorable to me. He does sex like a burden. I’m a cheerful person. I like to enjoy life but he is least interested. He doesn’t have friends also. I like a guy who says he loves me. Can I go with him to fulfil my emotional and sexual desires? plz advice

In most of the extra-marital relationships, women want emotional support and men want sex. You will get sexual satisfaction but emotional satisfaction is not guaranteed. In future if he will start avoiding you, which is usually happens when he is sexually done with you, then you may get feeling of used up. Moreover if he is married then his first priority will be his wife and not you. If you are ready to accept this fact of life then and then you should go ahead.