Dear Dr. I was surfing the net for various sex problems and that is how I got into this site. It seems to be very useful as I have read a lot of questions and answers. I like the way you advise people. Now coming to my problem, I am of age 25 and recently married. It was a love marriage and after 2 years. My parents were not willing at first and as time passed they accepted my choice. Now after getting married, my penis is not erecting fully when I try to insert. I never had the problem like this when I used to masturbate. But when I have sex with my wife this is happening. I thought it is because I am doing it for the first time and later on things will get better. But it seems things go on worsening. I am working offshore and go home for leave every 2 months. I have heard that people working offshore faces such problems, is that true? Also heard that if we are having a habit of watching porn movies this can happen. Kindly advise me on this problem and give a solution. Is there any natural way to cure this? If so kindly advise.

As you are getting full erection during masturbation, you do not have serious problem. Because you go home every 2 months, you are under the pressure to perform. This performance pressure is the root cause of your problem. With every failure, your pressure is going to increase and your problem is worsening. Do not worry and be apprehensive about your performance, just relax yourself. Do not try to perform for initial day or two. This will reduce your pressure. You may take medicines to get erection under medical supervision for a week or so, few successful acts (even with the help of medicines will boost your confidence). Watching porn movies cannot lead to this problem.