Dear Dr. I’m 21 yrs. old and yet to marry. I’m balding very fast and because of that I do not find dating partners as easily as my friends. Now I have started worrying about my marriage. Will I get suitable match? Will she overlook my baldness?

Well I understand your anxiety. Almost every man with baldness has more or less same kind of feelings, just relax. If you have other redeeming qualities, like a pleasant personality and a warm heart, probably she will overlook some of your less fortunate traits like baldness. While settling down female will always look at you as whole and see which qualities she can try to change and which she can live with. There are a number of qualities and natural traits that men tend to stress over, but that, surprisingly, women can and will often overlook. Things which they are looking for in a fling or a short-term relationship they may not look for serious relationship. In the long term, women tend to put less emphasis on aesthetic concerns like weight, baldness or overall looks. This is not because they don’t value a good masculine physique, smart look or lovely hair, but women being more realistic as compare to men often compromise on this ground (sometimes with the idea that they can change you down the line).Women never overlook qualities which can be detrimental to relationship. So if you have qualities like emotional warmth, good sense of humor, good work ethic, concrete goals and aspirations just relax. Your baldness probably won’t get in the way of any meaningful relationship.