Dear Dr. I got married 2 months ago & we knew each other from 12 months. I am suffering from having two opposite emotions for my husband. He is a nice guy, loving, understanding & supportive. But we had a bad past which affected me emotionally. Sometime I get upset and began to hate him remembering of past. I feel irritated by his presence and want to run away somewhere. I keep trying forgetting past and keep controlling my negative thoughts. And everything goes well when my mood is good, I began to love him, care for him, enjoy and willing to have sex. By the time my husband does not have mood of sex. He is very interested in sex still he gets tensed; his penis does not get erect at the time of intercourse & is unable to penetrate into. We haven’t have intercourse till now. We tried several times but received failure except once. This is affecting both of us mentally. It also makes me more upset. I feel, am not getting any pleasure neither physically nor emotionally. Also I began feeling alone. What should I do for him?

You need to improve your bond and steady your emotions. Forgetting is an automatic process and by accepting the past it can be hasten. His erectile dysfunction can be secondary to your moody attitude towards him. Discuss with him and if require take help of psychiatrist.