Dear Dr., I am married since 5 months. I am 29 and my wife is 24 yrs old. She is house wife. I am working in an IT company. We always fight for different issues. Our choices are different. Important issues for which we have different opinion are – 1. I am very much possessive about her. If somebody touches her, I feel bad. If she talks to her friends (boys only), I feel bad. I want to overcome this. I have full faith in her. I know she is loyal to me. 2. I feel she should wake up in the morning before me not daily but some times and make breakfast for me. But here sometimes it happens, I get up and get ready for office and she doesn’t wake up and doesn’t prepare breakfast for me. She never wants to do it like that. She also feels bad when it happens, but she doesn’t have control over her sleep. She says she feels tired sometimes. I feel we have maid for washing clothes, utensils and for mopping also. She has to cook twice and make the breakfast only. Still she says she get tired with it. 3. I like to have sex daily. She wants it weekly. 4. When she is at her mother’s home for few days, she hardly remembers me or calls me. If I call her, many times she doesn’t picks the phone as it is kept somewhere in the cupboard. I feel she never calls me. I always call her. I am too much possessive about her. She feels I don’t give space to her. 5. She likes to go out every weekend. I like to take rest. She likes to watch movies. I don’t like it much. She wants to purchase anything if she likes it irrespective of cost and use. I think twice before purchasing anything for its worth and usefulness to us. I like to keep the things in place and more cleanliness. She is not much concerned about it. 6. Sometimes I shout at her very loud for her mistakes. And I feel bad for it that I don’t have control over it. 7. I don’t like her relatives as I feel they don’t give me due respect.

You have too many issues and some of them are fundamental. You cannot address them alone. Both of you should seek professional help together.