Dear Dr.Hansal, I have been married since 1.5 year. We don’t have any serious problem. In fact my husband is very passionate about me and loves me very much; even I love him very much. But I have only one problem. These days I don’t feel sexually attracted towards him. Even if he is away from me for many weeks, I don’t get excited when he returns back and I see him after a long time. Could there be a problem with me? I love my husband very much and would want to be as passionate and sexually attracted and active towards him as he is towards me. Please help me.

Loss of sexual desire has many underlying causes, starting from psychological,physical as well as hormonal. From your description it seems that you have good tuning with him. Please look for any emotional issues, work stress, depression etc as these can be silent contributors. In their absence you may think of getting your hormone profile checked, thyroid profile in particular. Sonography of pelvis is also required to rule out ovarian cysts.
Do not feel guilty about not feeling sexually excited. It may be temporary if rests of things are normal. Try to involve fully into his passion and increase the time of foreplay and after play,  which in turn increases desire.