Dear doctor, I m 35 yr married woman. Have a son of 6yr.I m very ritual, believe in god. I’m from a middle class family. In my childhood I was very particular about cleanliness. Used to clean everything more than anyone else. In every matter I always think a lot. Perhaps this took form into a psychic problem. Now I don’t get satisfied without washing my clothes many times. If one dirty cloth by chance gets touched by a clean cloth, I clean that clean cloth again with surf (again in the normal way of washing). After guests leave, I clean every thing they have touched; thinking they must have touched many things outside. I & my husband consulted a psychiatrist and he said it is ‘suchibai’ disease (in oriya).He gave me these medicines. But he said that these medicines can only control the disease. There is no cure of this disease. I feel sleepy when I take the medicine. Gradually the problem is increasing. I want to apply surf again and again to the same cloth. At last I recite the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ while washing to be satisfied. I now hate Muslims. If they touch any cloth, then I feel it dirty. And any other cloth that comes in contact with that cloth directly or indirectly, I feel that dirtiness gets transferred. I clean all those clothes. I always think negatively. Heard elders saying “Don’t laugh more, you will cry later”. So in times of happiness I don’t be much excited because I fear of bad time in future. I think about my future and fear. I often remember my past and cry. I always want to remain in my past. I used to write poems. All my poems have a tragedy theme. Now days I think of dying. Why should I live? Everyday when I wake up I get fear in mind – “Oh God ! One more day! So many work!”. I have got frustrated from this life. Everyday the same things, same work – eat – bath – keep home clean – sleep. “Why then should I live long just to repeat the same work everyday??” Only when I see my son’s face I want to live for him. He is the only reason I am living for. I am fed up of life. What should I do? Please help me out!

You are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Depression. Consult Psychiatrist, this is treatable. If you take regular medicines for a long time (min 2 years) and go for psychotherapy, you will improve much faster. If your current Psychiatrist is not giving you hope, go to some other Psychiatrist. Just be after your illness, you will definitely improve.