Dear doctor, I have been married since 2.5 years now, we both are engineers, I got a good job and my husband had to struggle a lot for his job, he is working and takes good care of me but I always think that he should be having sum good job, designation and good facilities like I have in my office, he has to work till late hours and still salary not that good, whenever I see young men in my office, I always wish my husband should also have such nice office and facilities, due to all this I m always irritated and frustrated, I always think of him getting a better job, since I m constantly thinking of all this, I have started losing memory, I forget things. I m not able to cum out of this though. Sometimes I fight a lot with him stating that he is not capable of finding any better job yet. This is also affecting our relation. kindly suggest how can I stop worrying and comparing my husband`s job with others

There is nothing wrong in thinking that your husband should have good job but not at the cost of your mental peace. Ask your husband to keep his search on for good job and be patient. Do not throw negative remarks on him; rather keep him motivating for finding good job.