Dear doctor, I am 24 years and got married last to last year and now I m expecting in coming months. I have an arranged marriage but our relations are not less than any love marriage. We both really love each other .my husband cares for me and he loves me, trust me a lot. he always made me pampered all the time. We have wonderful relation. But only problem is that our parents don’t have good relation. Just because of them some times we have fight and we both cannot listen against to our parents. This is the only problem between us. Rest of things are like ‘we are made for each other.’ last week we had very very bad arguments and we both used very bad words for each other and each other parents. I know that was only our frustration…now the things are fine. But I am really unable to forget those words, which he used for me…his behavior for me. Now I m feeling very insecure with him because I always used to think that if he use bad language for his parents, he can leave me anytime for his parents .i am really confused???I don’t know what is wrong or what is right??? Please help me.

I wonder if you are like “made for each other” then how you can take out your frustration this way! On one hand you are saying that he is trusting, loving, pampering and caring and on other hand he does not understand your feelings (and that too when you are expecting)!! I think, you both need to work out and strengthen your emotional bond. Wonderful relation includes respect for each other in every aspect. Needless to say that that includes respect for each other’s parents too. Stop abusing his parents from your side, irrespective of what he does. Try to discuss your feelings when he is in good mood and at leisure, at least not when he comes from work or before going to bed.  Both of you need to understand each other, other wise to me “made for each other” is an illusion to please your self!