Sir, I m a BE graduate and trying for a job for last 2 yrs. I am a reserved type. I m very depressed and I am not interested in any things. I am feeling happy to be alone, hear sad songs, cry a lot, and mostly I like others to feel for me. I m have fear talking with a group, feel shame of myself. However, all my concentration, feelings, affection are concentrated on a single person, who is my friends sister. We have a brother -sister relation. I m touched with her family. Here I should say u that I started hating my family when I get myself attached with my friend’s family and especially my sister( I consider my friend’s sister as my own sister) . My step- sister and myself have a good brother -sister relationship. We share a lot; have fun, shares family issues. As time goes on and on, I become really mad on her and I become over emotional and sentimental. If she is not talking for even a single day, I feel embarrassed and says to myself like ” u r unlucky, she is not your own sister, if so she would have talked. I m just a third -person. Gradually I too developed possessiveness. If she talks with some other friends and not with me, I feel for my self and cry. However, my affection started to grow deeper and deeper. If she doesn’t talk, nothing runs in my mind except her. Infect I used to talk with her all the time within my heart. Talking solo within heart. While watching movie, reading books every time I think about her. I feel a lot for her. At the same time, I feel myself that she is not my own sister and how nice it would be if I were her blood related. Recently, my affection and care towards her scared me a lot, as I once took her dress from her shelf and have a look. I started liking her belongings too, her dress, cell phone like that. I was too scary, so I narrated that incident to her. She too know me that, i m not normal and I should need divert my mind from her. She advised me a lot and asked me to stop feel for her and her family and concentrate on my life. She even told that, she wants to have just a friendly relation with me, not like a mad emotionally, sentimentally build relation. I owed her to do, but I m finding difficult to stop thinking about her. I want to maintain a pleasant friendly relation with her even and care her than anybody else. What is my problem doctor, how can I stay away from her, thinking about her all-time.? I m jobless for three long years and now I want to settle in my life and at the same time I want to maintain friendly relation with her. please advice, should I consult psychiatrist.

You have developed emotional dependence on her. Some times, introvert person like you are hooked to one secure emotional relation, develop a kind of pathological attachment i.e. always live in that relation, and think nothing else. If you want to come out of this dependence, start working and keeping yourself busy. Cultivate some purpose and goal in your life. Do not try to share everything with her, rather develop individuality and have some thing personal.
It is a good idea to consult psychiatrist so that you can discuss other areas like your family life, past experiences, emotional issues etc.