I am in love with girl whom I meet on internet since last 2 years. She is 5 yrs younger than me. We are staying in different cities and keep in touch via mobile and internet. We meet 4 times and had sexual relationship. Recently she moved to panipat to pursue her internship. She got help for her senior working there. Initially he asked her to come to him on the first Sunday on panipat. She does not think much went with him. On that day I was travelling by train. She told me that she is going with her senior for a dinner- which I took casually. They went to a mall and a park, walk n talk and went for dinner. Next day he started calling her after she arrived from office. First day she told me in a shaky voice that he called her, I became suspicious. She was staying late in the office and that guy started dropping her. This goes on for a week. On the next Sunday I told her frankly that I don’t like this whole thing, then she also confessed that they also went to a mall and park besides dinner- I was shocked felt bad, she told I was travelling and didn’t want to bother me. She said sorry for this. Then onwards she stopped picking up his calls and after few days he asked her directly about what’s going on? She directly told him that she is not comfortable in this whole thing and her Bf (ie Me) does not like this. He also agreed. After that he stopped calling her at night. She also used to come with her friends early from office in auto. Now that guy behaved strangely with her and I still feel bad about the whole thing. I still hate her for going out with that stranger. Please suggest

It is ok that she went out with him once. More important is she informed him that she is engaged and you do not like her to be in relation with him. In a way he is dumped before he gets into it fully. Naturally, he will behave weirdly. The whole event concludes that she prefers you over him, then why to hate her for mistake done unknowingly!