I am in love with a young girl 25 year old colleague working with me since last 3 years. She is trust worthy and intelligent too. She had an affair with a boy with whom she broke recently on my advice as the boy was not suitable to her. She consults me in all her personal matters. We travel together, discuss various issues, and we help each other. I take care of her and support wherever required. She is absolutely comfortable with me. She responds and communicates well. I have fallen in love with her may be one sided. She knows that as I discussed this with her. Sometimes we fight on a point but later on come to terms. I touch her hands occasionally but she objects sometimes and becomes curt at times. I do not know whether she has any feelings for me. I require your advice on how to take this relationship forward. I love her very much but cannot marry because of age difference. She may get married may be next year or so. She takes care of me and gives me personal suggestions to. Please advise me further.

One thing is for sure that your love is one sided. If she is not responding and is curt with you then it is a clear signal for you that she is not romantically involved with you. Moreover when you know for sure that you cannot marry her than you need to come out of this relationship for betterment of both of you rather than getting further involved which may lead to emotional issues and other interpersonal conflicts.