hi doctor I had an affair with a married man before some years. He was my well wisher too. We had sexual relationship and one time I got conceived and went to hospital to abort. After few years my marriage was fixed and I changed my mind to be very loyal with my husband. I talked with my husband only through phone. We had a deep understanding and we both loved each other so much. I told my past affair and everything to him. He cried a lot and started doubting me. He said I am not a good character etc and stopped the marriage. He said that he wants a virgin and not me. I told my affair matter only to him and not even to my parents. Now all of them know it. Some of my relatives also know it. Some are advising me to marry the person whom you had an affair before some years. He says that I have ditched him and left me. My husband feels that I cheated him and left me. My parents felt very bad about me that I didn’t told them about this. My relatives are seeing me like a devil. Everyday I am thinking about suicide doctor… I don’t know what to do.Please give me some solution doctor..

Dear dear you made a great mistake by telling all these to your future husband. No man on this earth will ever digest this. They will surely react by different ways but never accept. Their attitude will never be the same. Married man with whom you had a relation is also running out of his responsibility. His fun and interest is over. By making you feel guilty he has smartly escaped. Parents are showing their helplessness. I understand that you may feel suicidal in such situation but you should not think that this is an end. Accept that you had bad time in your life. Learn out of your mistakes and look foreword in life. Time is the only solution and life will come with new hopes, new happenings. God bless you.