Hello sir mine is a little strange story. I am from India. I am about to get married in November. This is a arrange marriage which has been fixed by my parents with my consent. The boy is very nice and sweet but he speaks less. Problems:- After my engagement he did not call me to chat I think as he is a shy guy so I should initiate, when I initiated then he did not speak much to me but it was his nature. to make him to call me I stopped calling him. When I stop calling him he starts calling me and starts showing his interest in me. Every thing was going wonderful then suddenly he disclose that he was having a very serious relationship in past which some how could not materialize. I told him that’s OK if you had an affair in past but it should not be in present. He said does it really matter when I am marrying you and not her. I said yes if you have that relationship I will not continue with you. Then I told him to take his mom’s swear and said that she is no more in his life. Every thing was OK. Then after sometime somehow that conversation started again and I reacted in a very bad way and cut the phone. Then suddenly I realized that he may break the relationship with me so I felt insecure and started chasing him badly, in fact very badly but he did not pick my phone for two days. From that very day he got to know that I am mad after him so he has started taking me for granted. He doesn’t call me, when I call him some time he picks up phone sometimes not. Please help me. Question-How should I make him to adore me and call me again like the way he used to do earlier? How can I determine if he is a genuine guy or not?. I believe that he is but he has stopped caring for me. Please help. I want him back the way he was.

I think first you make sure that his previous relationship is not continuing right now. Secondly, stop running after him. I believe genuine guys never show such kind of attitude. Try to rise above your insecurities and stop craving for him. If he comes back then he is yours otherwise he never meant to be!