Hello Sir, I love a man who is married. 2 yrs before we worked together in the same office. I was aware that he is married before starting relationship with him. We both decided to maintain relationships with certain limitations and restrictions. He also loved me a lot as well as his wife too. All went well for 5 yrs. Before a year he met with a severe accident and my problem started after that. Now he has resumed his duty and recovering slowly. But now he is forcing me to forget all and to be just good friends. I love him a lot and accepted him as my husband in front of God. Now it is impossible for me to forget all . Also he is saying me to get married with someone else for better future. But he is my life and I can not live without him also I can not just be his friend. I am in great confusion. He also accepts that he loves me but it will be better for me to get married somone else. Sir, I love him a lot and really I can not imagine my life without him. In past our relationship had never disturbed his married life. Even I also respect his wife & his family. What should I do ? pls advise

You should have prepared for this right from the beginning of your relationship with a married man. Sooner or later this has to come to an end. The best thing is to accept that ride is over, walk away without keeping any strings attached. DO NOT STAY IN TOUCH BY ANY MEANS, even if he wants to be in touch. I know it’s going to be difficult and painful but this will surely prevent future emotional mess in your life.