Dear Sir, I’m a great fan of your books and fully agree with the views you have. I have a Question:”Me and My Wife have had a love marriage in December 2009 but right now we are facing great deal of problems in our relations they are now flowing flawlessly I Love my wife a lot. Problem started when Once due to curiosity I saw her messages with one of the common friend of us and was shocked to read the content of Messages exchanged between them, I got mad on this and started spying on my wife and with the course of time quarrals and fights for right & Wrong started between us after all the chaos still I love my wife but am not able to fully trust her like before and I have conveyed this to her also many times major issue between us is Sex from the beginning of our marriage only she is very reluctant to sex matter she don’t even let me get near to her Several times I have told her, fought with her, explained her but Don’t know where the problem is why is she so reluctant to sex. when i try to make physical relation with her she tell me to go to Prostitute or some other lady but just leave her alone, She does’nt even want a child I am very frustrated because of this all this is even affecting our both’s career. I want a Solution to this and can do whatever it takes to make our relations work… I can’t live without her and she does’nt want to live with me… Please help what can I Do

Her disinterest in sex requires detail interview and deeper analysis. As you said in your last line that she doesn’t want to live with you, warrants couple counselling. Please seek counselling in person, guidance on this platform will not work for you as your problem seems to be deep rooted.