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The last couple of decades have seen dramatic changes inthe mental frame work of men and women. As a psychiatrist, Ihave been a witness to these changes. The new mentality hasrevolutionized the whole structure of the relationship betweenthe persons of opposite sex. Today, these relationships lookmore like an inexhaustible mine of problems. At every step, onefaces new problems. The expectations have risen sky-high andthe endurance has fallen rock bottom. The conflicts between men and women have never been so intense before. As are the problems unending, soare the responsible factors innumerable. And obviously, thesolution lies in cultivating the wisdom that enables us tounderstand our life-partners. These words are just an effort toshed light on these basic needs.

Men – women relationship is the basis of happiness in life. These relationships have potential to give peaks of pleasure as well as pain. Each one of us strives for maximum happiness out of it. This book is sure help in the quest. It covers essential differences in men-women psyche and issues arising thereof. Practical talks written in simple and humorous way will surely give new direction and strength to your relationship. It is a gift for every woman in man’s life and for every man in woman’s life. One who wants to have healthy and mutually satisfying relationship in life cannot afford not to read this.