Hi, I love a person & we both are from different caste but HINDU. We speak different language. The boy’s parents have agreed for our marriage but at home, my parents are not agreeing for our marriage. Lots of emotional drama is going on. I have made them understood a lot but all in vain. :(( Please suggest & advice me what can I do next? plsssssssss help me

Why your parents are not agreeing? Is it because of caste or some other issue? If you have made up your mind to marry him then you have two options. Either you go against your parents and get marry to him (his parents have already accepted you) or convey your parents that you are going to marry him and you will wait until they give permission.

Hi doctor I am in love with a guy but he always spends time with his friends. Whenever I argue for this he gets angry and switches his mobile off. I feel like have gone mad, I sob bitterly. I cannot get out of it please give me a solution.

It seems that to him his friends are more important than you and he is taking you for granted. In this case either discuss with him clearly your feeling about this situation and seek a solution or else you need to deiced whether you want to continue this relation or not.

Sir, I am married from one year, from the starting I am unable to satisfy my wife during intercourse. I discharged in second. I took the medicine for two month but no improvement. I feel guilty very much. Please advice.

Your problem of early discharge is known as Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual problem experienced by man. There are certain techniques, which can help you to stay longer. Kegel exercise is one of the very popular and effective techniques to control premature ejaculation. These are the exercises of pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles. A man can do these exercises anytime and anywhere and no one will even know about it. To identify the muscles of your pelvic floor stop your flow of urine next time you go to urinal. Contract the muscles tightly holding for 10 seconds i.e. stop urinating in between. Do this thrice a day repeating 10 times. The PC muscles control the urine and semen and firmness of your organ during erection, so keeping them strong will increase ejaculatory control. Even while masturbating or doing intercourse you can practice stop and start i.e. rub for few thrust then stop for a minute and start rubbing again. Just relax on this; it should go away with some time. You may try SSRI (group of medicines) with Doctor’s consultation.

Hello, my question is that I had a huge fight with my best friend and we just ended our friendship because our family. They don’t like that we talk to each other, my best friend is a girl. Now I don’t know what to do. I really need her and today I am feeling very alone.

Here first you need to set your priority about whom  you wish to please your family or your friend, also you need to have clarity in your mind about your feelings and relation that you are in or expecting it to turn in future based on which you can decide to continue or not. Also about feeling lonely, it is a natural reaction which can be felt by anyone under such circumstance and only time will be able to heal that.

Greetings! Doctor sir, please tell me about HGH enhancers and HGH tablets for growth in human body. Which are good enhancers or HGH containing tablets? I need to get pretty taller, I am 5’9″, 21 years old, weighing 72 kg’s. Also I have lot of belly fat, and low lean muscles, and I all the time feel lack of energy and power, would you please name a HGH tablet or two, which can fit to my need?

You should not take any hormone replacement or modifier without consulting Endocrinologist. Consult him before you take HGH.

I have a friend whom I know through chatting for past 8 years and we started meeting each other only before 2 years. She is 23 years old. We were very close, discussing about almost all the things. Before 1 year, we use to talk for more than 8 hrs/day and that was a time when I was searching for job. After that I got into a company and shifted from Chennai to Bangalore and I could’t talk as we did previously. Because of this we often get into fights and always start quarrelling. She is very possessive and very sentimental and that’s the big problem for me. Now, she is threatening me that I should not get married to someone else and if that happens, she keeps telling that she may end her life. Please advice as to what I have to do. Because of this, I am also loosing my peacefulness.

You have not mentioned that whether you wanted to marry her initially and then taking a back step or you are not interested and she is compelling you through threat. If you were doing a time pass then you have choose a wrong one. She must have developed emotional dependence and in such case it is very difficult for her to face rejection. However, you should not succumb to her threats. One can not agree to marry on such threats. It is a kind of emotional blackmailing and that may run through out the span of your relationship in various forms, once feared.

I am a very sexy and beautiful girl. I have very strong sexual desire. Once I saw on the internet a woman having sex with her pet dog. Whenever I wish to have sex with my dog, I close myself in my room with him and have sex for one hour or two. I am satisfied up to orgasm. But my worry is whenever I have sex with him he discharges his semen in my vagina and I also enjoy the same. Is there any issue taking his semen inside. Another problem is my mother now suspects our relationship. She has started behaving strangely with me and keeps eye on me. But I can not stop myself having sex with him and he is also very fond of me. Please advice.

This is unnatural and not desirable, medically as well as socially. You have to control as being an animal dog is not going to control.

I have this friend. We are friends since like we were 10ish. I love her and the problem is she says she doesn’t believe in love. We do everything,hang out, go movies, have sex,dinner,except when I tell her that i love her she gets angry. Her mom died while giving birth to her. I don’t know why she does admit that she loves me. She has great affection for me, even cries after seeing me wounded takes care of me. I don’t know what to do.sir please advise?

Some people are insecure, dependent or sensitive to rejection. They Usually are afraid to commit their love for others because deep down they fear their own emotional weaknesses. Do not pressurize her to commit, neither keep her telling that you love her very much as both can create equal pressure. Try to know her family background, her relationship with parents and relationship between parents themselves, probably you may find reasons. It’s wise to take professional help to resolve her insecurities for happy togetherness.

Dear Dr. I got married 2 months ago & we knew each other from 12 months. I am suffering from having two opposite emotions for my husband. He is a nice guy, loving, understanding & supportive. But we had a bad past which affected me emotionally. Sometime I get upset and began to hate him remembering of past. I feel irritated by his presence and want to run away somewhere. I keep trying forgetting past and keep controlling my negative thoughts. And everything goes well when my mood is good, I began to love him, care for him, enjoy and willing to have sex. By the time my husband does not have mood of sex. He is very interested in sex still he gets tensed; his penis does not get erect at the time of intercourse & is unable to penetrate into. We haven’t have intercourse till now. We tried several times but received failure except once. This is affecting both of us mentally. It also makes me more upset. I feel, am not getting any pleasure neither physically nor emotionally. Also I began feeling alone. What should I do for him?

You need to improve your bond and steady your emotions. Forgetting is an automatic process and by accepting the past it can be hasten. His erectile dysfunction can be secondary to your moody attitude towards him. Discuss with him and if require take help of psychiatrist.

I have two girl friends. One is P whom I like and have a close bonding. But she likes someone else. Second is R, who likes me but I have lose bonding with her. P hates R and my any relation ship with R. what should I do to maintain both relationships with peace and harmony??

You cannot expect peace and harmony while trying to ride two horses at a time. P shows possession for you and has liking for someone else, this is not done. If you have to commit, commit to someone who loves you and not to one whom you love.