I am a Gynaecologist married to an engineer in may2008. I am pregnant 4months now, its second marriage for both; he has 2 children from the first marriage living with their mother. I want to know about my husband’s habit, he has pornography clips and pictures stored in his computer and he has the habit of flirting with women of all ages even school children. This is causing very great problems to me as he has WOMEN WAITING FOR HIM at their doors wearing the same coloured clothes as him. They are flirting even when I am by the side of him which is affecting my peace of mind, what should I do? My parents are old and I don’t want to go back to them with this problem, please help.

Almost all males are voyeur to some extent and some of them are addicted to it. These addicted males keep on watching, collecting and storing pornographic materials in different forms.
Discuss with him about his habit of flirting and clearly tell him that you do not like it. Habitual flirts are difficult to check but keep on showing your dislike for that at every possible occasion. If any female starts flirting with him in your presence then make them embarrass in a smart way (eg. “My husband is flirt but I never accept this from decent females”). Never ever think of flirting with other males as a part of revengeful act because he may take an advantage of your position and on long run going against your basic nature will create guilt, too.

Dear Dr. I had been married for 7 years; I am 34 years and my husband 40 years. Our relationship is perfect except our sex life, we don’t have an actual sexual relationship for almost four years, due to my over weight after delivering my only girl. My husband keeps telling me that he loves me so much and never minds that we had bad sexual relationship. He is too picky in sex, as he was having lot of relations before marriage he doesn’t like my body. Now he has almost stopped hugging me. I can’t believe that this can be a problem, because I believe; when you are in love with someone you want to have sex with her regardless to what she looks like. I am frustrated from being rejected and it really hurts.

Body does play great role in sexual arousal and more so as you grow old. Obesity can be big turn off for sexual desire. Try to get into the shape. You may need to work hard for achieving that, depending up on your current weight. You may talk to him about your frustration and ill feeling, he may try to reduce your frustration as he loves you.

Actually I had always been in some sort of relationship (girlfriend). Now I don’t have any but I am always looking for girls. I don’t know what has happened to me but I am always looking for a relation with opposite sex. Can u suggest what I should do to overcome this problem or else I think the feeling what I have is of sex only?

To some extent it can be normal for guys in teen age or early twenties (you have not mentioned your age). To analyze the reasons behind your compulsion to have relationship with girls, I require lot other details. You need to work out on your personality and related factors. That’s all what I can suggest from this information.

Hello Sir, I am 25 years old and have been going out with my boyfriend (28 yrs) since last 8 years. We love each other a lot and everything was going well between us. It is also a long-distance relationship since last 4 yrs. My parents are against it because it is inter-religious. I have no issues with that and am ready to go against them. My problem is my boyfriend who is now suddenly very anxious about wedding. He says he is not ready since last 2 yrs and is now asking me to marry someone else as he thinks this might not work. The reason being his unwillingness to adjust. He says he might not be able to adjust himself to a married life. We have been fighting a lot since last 2 yrs and it has only aggravated this problem. I feel very depressed nowadays because of this. I feel lonely. I miss that love. I hate it when we fight. I feel I am losing him or rather lost him. I feel staying closer or together will solve the problem but he doesn’t seem to be very keen on it. I know he is not having another affair. His reasons seem very genuine but I am feeling very sad that he is not that into me anymore. I really want to marry him. How do you suggest that I should deal with this situation? I don’t want to force him in to marrying me.

You don’t want to force him?! In fact, you are indirectly forcing him to marry you since last 2 years!! If you feel that his reasons are genuine then you should overcome your dependence and insecurities and set him free. If he realizes that he cannot stay without you; he will come back, otherwise accept that he never meant to be yours. You cannot force somebody to love you or stay in the relationship.

Without wasting your time I will come directly to the point. I have a strange phobia of doing jobs. I have left four jobs in the last 1 year and now I am afraid to even go to interview. I know the reason of this problem which is starting from my childhood but still I am not able to cope with this drastic situation and can’t live my life like this any more. I want to do a job but I can’t .So please help me out with this situation before it’s too late.

If you are aware about the reasons then you need to discuss that with Psychiatrist. You may try online counseling if you wish.

Hello doctor, I am bhavika, I have some problem sometimes I am tired, board, and headache, very cold. What can I do please?

All these complains can be symptoms of various diseases. I need to know more details for me to be able to help you.

Hello Doctor, although I can sing very nicely but whenever I have to sing in front of a crowd I am so scared that that my voice shakes. How do I overcome this kind of behavior and be confident?

Best way to overcome the fear is to face the fear. Start singing in front of others, may be few friends or family members and then crowd. You may practice visualization and self hypnosis to overcome your anxiety.

Dear doctor, whenever I see the others long penis then every time I think about that and think about the increasing the length of my penis. Please help me by giving the suggestion about the tips for long and strong penis

Long and strong penis is men’s obsession. There is no medicine or measure on this earth for increasing size of penis. Like height and weight, size of penis is also not same. Strength of erection depends upon many factors like desire, external stimulation, fantasies etc. You should not take any medicine to increase it unless you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.