I m girl from Jain family and I love a boy who is my babhis cousin. I love him so much. Moreover, he also wants to marry me and make relation with me. So I want ask to u is that safe to make relation with him with precaution. I also Want to tell u that I m not sure he will marry me or not becoz he clearly say that if his family allow him then he marry me. Therefore, I’m in confusion what to do. What is right and what is wrong. My parents don’t like to make my bf as even my friends. What to do plz give me solution.

He is clear that he wants to enjoy and does not owe any commitment to you. If you are comfortable with this then you can think of going ahead. You have to take necessary precautions. If you ask my advice, I will ask you to stay away from such noncommittal relations as this may give you feeling of being used up in future.

Is it good to watch sex/porn movie with wife. She is not getting mood frequently. Will it bring any issues?

Most of the women do not like to watch porn movies. Even if they will watch then they will prefer soft porn (xx) movies with some romantic story line. Do not force her to see hard porn (xxx) which usually males would prefer. She may start loosing interest in sex.

Respected Sir, My parents are not living together from last 18 yrs and I am the only daughter of them. So I am getting worried about my papa (as I am living with him) that after my marriage who will be there to look after him? Papa has started watching adult sites and all but I don’t know what to do with what? I get so worried about papa as nobody is there to look after him. Now I want to ask about myself. I am in love with a guy who used to be my Rakhi brother not more than that and we both belong from different cast. Our family put faith on us and allow us to go freely just because we have relation on bro- sis but now we want to get marry. So can you suggest what to do? My boy friend’s parents are agree for this marriage but my papa is not ready and I want to convince him for marriage so what should I do?

Your concern about your father is genuine; anyone in your place would feel the same. However, you cannot do much about it except taking his care from your house. You should talk to your father about your relationship and convey your wish to marry him. You can only convince him by showing your honesty of feelings towards your rakhi brother.Keep your rakhi brother present when you talk to your father.

Respected Sir, I got married 15 days before. We were virgins. She took emergency contraceptive pill because she feared some accident occurred but I am sure it was safe sex. After consuming she didn’t realize any problem. She is also in end of 3rd and beginning of 4th week of her menstrual cycle. Please advise whether there is any chance of any such problem arising in future and any remedial measures needed. Thanking you

You mean chances of pregnancy? Chances of pregnancy is almost nil provided it was safe sex and emergency contraceptive pill is taken within 72 hours.

I am in a relationship with a guy for the past 2yrs. we both are happy with each other and love each other deeply. but the main problem here is that the guy knows that I wasn’t a virgin when I met him ,I had been in a relation with another guy for about 3yrs,n almost all his friends know that too. I haven t cheated on him ever except hiding a few facts when our relationship started. However, he has done that twice and says that he couldn’t t carry the guilt so confessed himself. Now he says he loves me very much but can’t marry me as I’ve a gruesome past and people around him know about it, and what if someday his parents also get to know about it. Even though v have adjusted with each other very well. And he knew about my past from the very first day not through me but through his friends. Now I am so deeply attached that I can’t even think about life without him. I’ve given him time to think n try to sought out things in mind and accept but nothing seems to work. Moreover, even he has a past, which is worse than mine is

Where is the deep love?!!
I think you should stop fooling yourself. He should have raised this issue at the beginning. Now that he has brought this issue means, he has lost interest (and you are talking about deep love?!). However, he does not have courage to admit this or he wants to continue without any commitment. Try to accept this and wind up. I know, it is painful but it is the fact you need to accept.

Hello Sir I’m newly married lady. I and my hubby have good sexual life but the problem is, there is always a foul smell coming out from my private part as I take care a lot about my personal hygiene but don’t know why? Kindly help because it affects my sexual life.

You might have fungal or other infection in your private part. Please consult Gynecologist.

Hi! I am a 34 yrs old married woman, with two adorable kids and a very loving and caring husband………then where is the problem? Around 4 years back I met one of my old boyfriend, we have known each other for the past 14 years, this person is a very handsome and charming guy and a complete flirt, it started with good friendship, but turned into an intimate relationship soon, till I got into one I could never understand how people can cheat on their spouses. but once into it I could not make sense of anything…..he made me feel like princess and I got carried away, to an extent that we had a baby together……………now here is where things took a turn…he moved out of the city, while I was carrying and kept in touch with me which ever way he could….came over and met me a few times and was really sweet. we wanted a baby to make this relation more strong and he promised me that it would ground him for the whole life…..and put an end to his wild days with women. I totally believed him and he looked very convincing. But I got to know that once out of town, he started sleeping with women again. He confessed it to me but promised me that he would never do it again and to give him one last chance….a fool in love, and with a lot of thought agreed after a lot of persuasion…………..but somehow I could not get myself to accept what he did to me .so , I called up his wife and told her about his wild ways, thinking that will put all this to rest and will keep both of us away, but surprisingly that has made me feel so guilty and hurt. I want to set all this mess right. I love him a lot and probably wont be able to separate myself at the same time I don’t want to continue being infidel with my husband. I somehow know what is require to be done, but I just cant get myself doing it…………..I should leave him and be happy with my family, but how? Please guide me.

From your mail I can get an impression that you are an emotional woman with strong desire for love, care and affection. He showed it and you fell. Now that lust is over and you are back to the place where you were. I’m surprised that in spite of two adorable kid, loving husband and his cheating, you still love him!! You should feel guilty about cheating your loving husband and not about disclosing facts to wife of cheating lover. If you seriously want to come out of this then stop it immediately and be prepare to take any pain arise out of your break up. Do not ask me how, there is no how in such relations, you have to just do it. I know I might sound harsh to you but that is how it is. 

Hello sir. I am 22yrs girl doing masters I am in relation with my senior since 6months. Actually we are friends since 4yrs recently he proposed to me. We both had feelings from day 1 of our friendship but dint expressed each other. Now he is working as a software engineer and before telling about my problem I need to tell you about our families. Our both families are against love marriages and very orthodox and I belongs to well settled family, where as he belongs to middle class family and he is having so many responsibilities to fulfill, he has no father, and mother is a heart patient, and 1 elder brother who he is in search of a job whole family is depending on him, now he his planning for higher studies in abroad, so that he can settle very well keeping all this in mind he is avoiding me. He always says that “our families won`t accept our love, and I need more 5 yrs to settle, till that time u can`t wait, more over your parents can`t wait, and my mother is heart patient, and it is too difficult to make our love successful”. My financial status is bothering him a lot and he says that “your parents will find very good and well settled guy than me, so please forget me” which is impossible for me…I love him so much and I am very confident to make our love successful even though my father is against love marriages. I don`t want to lose him now slowly he stopped talking to me. It`s like hell to me, pain and lot of crying like anything even he does not want to miss me, and he too loves me so much ,but just because of parents he says that we have to sacrifice our love. In 3 months he will fly away to abroad if he stays here I have hope of success. But if he flies away I will to lose hope, Please sir suggest some advice we both love each other so much but I dare to do anything but he does not I don`t want to MISS HIM. Please help me out what to do?????

Accept the fact that you are ready to go against your parents for him but unfortunately he is not. Discuss with him, keeping this fact in mind. And still if he is not willing to continue this relation than you should try and move on from this relation for your betterment.