Sir, my problem is how will I have my husband back?

You need to tell me in what context are you asking to bring your husband back, emotionally, physically or sexually. I will be able to help you better if you send me a few more details.

Hi, I am married before 2.5 years ago & I have a baby, she is beautiful & loving. She is 1.5 years old. When I sleep with my wife at night I want instantly sex with her but she refuses. She tells me to wait for some time like between 12 to 1 pm. but sir my work is hard during the day so I m tired at night when reached home between 9 to 11. Now I think I will make good sex relation with any other girl or lady who will be supportive to me very well more than my hope. Now please let me give right suggestion. I hope to get your reply very soon. thanking you,

I think you should discuss this with your wife. Make her aware about your unfulfilled sexual desire and urge to get it from outside. I’m sure she will understand and cooperate. You may either change your time for sex or try to set baby’s routine in such a way that she sleeps early. Just looking for outlets without trying to resolve your problem is not a good practice on moral ground.

I am married for 1 and 1/2 years. I am having an unsatisfied sex life. Other things being quite fine, but we are not having it properly. Recently the frequency had come down to 3 – 4 times a month and now we even don’t have it for more than a month. However, we do cuddle, hug each other while sleeping daily, and she really likes kissing me and holding me. The problem is my wife does not ever have the urge to have sex and feels a bit of unlikely, when I try. She is having a hypothyroid and is on medication, from almost a year. Docs told this might cause mood swings. Even before although she was normal, but was not open to this topic and is very reserve to talking, knowing or trying things. And one more thing, even when we do she never have orgasm and I always have quite sooner, this has also led to me doing oral to her for her orgasm. I am depressed. Please help.

Her lack of interest and orgasm might have deep psychological reasons, which required to be analyzed. You should meet good psychiatrist. Hypothyroidism is often associated with reduced sexual desire but if her current reports are normal (with medicines) then this possibility is least likely.

i want to share my relationship problem which i am going thru pls help me to take a right decision. I am a 27 yr old man, 3 yrs back i use to date my Girl she was 21yrs that time. we stay in same city, i became pretty close to her emotionally and somewhat physically but no sexual relation, we liked each other and decided to get married in future, i was introduced to her family as a good friend as we thought when the right time comes we will let our parents know about it. but after a year into relationship she ditched me because she found someone who she felt was much better and loves her more than me. she found him as a chat friend and it was a long distance relationship as that boy was from another city. his age that time was also 21yrs. when he came down to meet her, she introduced him to her family. Now she is still in to this relationship till date. after she ditched me it was very hard to get over her thoughts from my mind as i had planned my future with her, but i tried to move on with my life and tried to isolate myself from any contact with her. but i use to think about her a lot and missed her a lot. Recently 8 months back again i came in contact with her and we started communicating thru phone calls. she started calling me 2-3 times a week. then i came to know her relation of 3 yrs with that boy who is from another city is not going good. she keeps crying at nights because he is not treating her good like ignoring her and talking rudely. she started sharing her relationship problems to me. i use to listen to her as i didnt wanted to hurt her and wanted to support her when she was feeling so much down in life. i became a good friend of her in this 8 months. everyday listening to her crying and her frustration i suggested her to leave that boy and do arrange marraige according to her parents choice. then she told me she doesnot want to marry any one because she got very close to that boy physically and she even had done abortion. which nobody knows in her family or her friends but she told me one night about this. she told me she wants to comeout of this relation but she cannot because evrybody in her family will question her why she again ditched him. but this time its the boys fault. he used her. problem is i still feel i love her a lot and i am not able to see her go thru all this problems. should i ask her to consider marrying me? so that i can give her all happiness in life. i am unable to decide anything. my heart says to tell her my feelings and my mind says no i should not get into all this and make things more complicated. and i am also not able to digest the fact about her abortion. this has disturb me a lot please help me decide what should be my next step? should i back out of all this or get in to it to help the girl i love.

I understand that you loved her truly but at present, I think; it’s not your love but mercy on her situation is taking over. You should remember that she has dumped you once without considering your feelings and then after left you alone to fight your emotional set back. You are not able to digest the fact that she got pregnant and aborted; this can also cause emotional distress in long run. So it is wise step to consider back out of all this. You may do it gradually but surely. otherwise, you will be trapped in emotional problem, which can bother you through out your life. I might sound radical but I always believe that some decision require true emotional insight.

I am in love with a 20 yr boy of same caste and we have decided to marry. We both are currently students in college and there is a very good relation between the two family members as we are relatives. But I want to know if it is allowed to marry with him because there is relation problem. He is my real aunt’s (father’s sister) grandson. Please tell me if it is possible in Hindu religion and if not what should we do?

Hindu religion does not deny this type of marriage. This is more of social then religious issue. According to laws boy should be above 21 years and you should be above 18 years.

Hello, Sir I am 32 yrs old and was married in Dec 2007. I am living along with my 2 brothers; I am the youngest among them. Since, I am plain graduate in Marathi medium, I didn’t have any job. Therefore, my second brother has helped me to open a shop, which I used to handle, it is a hardware shop and my elder brother is running a plywood business. But after my marriage everything changed as my wife is working women, elder brother thought we had enough money, so, now he has captured a whole business and he said their is no work for me in the shop now, and other brother is also supporting him. Now, I don’t know what to do. I am getting mentally depressed day by day. Please help me out from this situation.

Is this a real reason for them to take away your business or just under that argument they are grabbing your business?  You need to discuss with them, I’m sure you must have done that. There is no definition of enough money and that can not be the basis of taking away some one’s business. You can offer some sharing if you really earn well as they have helped you in setting your business. Do not fight with them as that will never take you any where. Do not waste your time and energy. If they are not convinced then best thing is to take this injustice as a challenge and establish your own business.  Some one can take away your premises but they can not take away your knowledge, skills, contacts etc.

I am an 18 year old boy coming from very middle class family, who is trusted by all and respected too. But when I see my self I think I have no right to live any more. My mom is so caring; my girlfriend loves me more than any one can do. And I’m cheating them every day, every second. I watch damn porn and worst pictures one can’t even think about. I don’t want to do all this but suddenly I loose control over me and start doing all those sins. Now days I have gone so worse that in public my mind start thinking of those damn shit. I want to overcome this situation. Give a solution or I would commit suicide. Because with this burden, I can’t face my mom and my love any more. Please help me Dr

I think you have developed compulsion to see pornography. Rather than feeling guilty about this, you should seek Psychiatrist’s help to come out of this. Remember it is not sin but it is an obsession followed by compulsion.

Sir, my problem is that generally I forget suddenly whatever I see. E.g. If I go to a mall, I enter from the main gate but I forget what was written on the gate or just side of the gate. And I am also having problem of night fall (seeing sexual dream).Please suggest me. Thanks.

Normally this type of memory issues is because of some psychological problems like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Attention deficit etc. I need more detail to answer your question in detail.
Night fall is normal and the best treatment for night fall is regular masturbation! Do not think that I’m joking but this is what sexual medicine say. Once you start regular intercourse or masturbation night fall will stop.