I love my wife whole heartedly, but my problem was I am always suspecting her without any cause. I want to see her happy. Please suggest.

If you want to see her happy then work out on your suspiciousness. Are you suspicious by nature or obsessed with that?
Your acceptance that you doubt unnecessarily, is a first step towards solution. So go ahead, analyse your thoughts for further improvement. You may take psychiatrist’s help.

I have a very very low growth of beard because of which sometimes I feel embarrassing. I have a bunch of hair on my chin, but no hair whatsoever on cheeks. Is it possible for me to grow beard? I am perfectly normal as far as other masculine traits are concerned. However, I am worried because of this problem. My parents are pushing me for marriage, but I do not want to marry because of this problem. Can you suggest a tube or medicine that can solve my problem?

Men have different patterns of hair growth on their body. Beard pattern, which you have described, is one of the normal patterns. As you have other normal masculine traits, your hormonal system must be in balance. You need not to feel inferior or worry about this. Concentrate on other aspects of your personality to boost up your confidence. You can go for marriage without any hesitation. You do not require any medicines, in fact no such medicines are available that can grow hair on cheeks

Sir, I worked in an international company my nature is very sensitive & fearful. Many of my friends try to hurt me like making fun of me. I always fear to have company with them I don’t know what to do how to avoid them. I don’t reply to them but the thing is that if I don’t reply the thing will go on & on. Do I be like them or search another job because my nature is not to hurt anybody like other people do?

Changing of job is certainly not a solution. You have to become practical and answer them in their language. This may sound difficult to you but even your attempt of doing so will improve their attitude towards you. Let them know that you do not like them making your fun and will not tolerate it by just ignoring or keeping silent. Initially they may show their resistance by making more fun but on long run your message will be delivered to them.

From whatever little description of your boy friend you made in your mail, I guess he is a cheat. You did the right thing. I understand you still love him but he never deserved your love. Accept this truth and go ahead in your life. Try to come out of this bad phase of your life as quick as possible.

Hi, I want a solution for my problem at the earliest. I am in love with a guy and he loves me more than I do. V were very very happy at the beginning may be for about 5 months. I am very possessive that I want him to talk with me or message me always. He also was like so mad on me. But as time passed now nearly one n half years. He says we must lead a practical life n I must adjust. I felt he is avoiding for some reason. I kept fighting with him (till now) but even after that, he leaves so cool. This made me feel he doesn’t bother about me. Actually, he loved me for 4 years n then only proposed him during those 4 years I don’t even know him nor have spoken with him. when he behaves like not bothering me I threaten him. Shout at him to mind about me. This makes him hate me. I am not able to control that… I talk so much in anger. Very short tempered I become when I feel he doesn’t love me. I have hurt him by so many means by my words. V broke up. I swear him I’ll never talk. Then again, I start begging him back. This has happened a number of times. At times, he fights, he comes back. I am myself confused and make him confused. I even cannot realize for what I love him. He is not happy I am also not happy. What should I do now? I am an Libran n he the Geminian…he s an extremist in everything… I am out of my senses to decide.. Help me so that at least I don spoil the life of one who loves me…

  If I have to answer in one word, my answer would be “Grow up”.  You should behave in mature way. Try to over come your insecurities and stop judging his love in his every action. You cannot sit on his head and make him to love you. Love means freedom. Give him breathing space. Just be relax and make him comfortable in the relationship. Rest of things will come naturally.

Dear Sir, I have a relationship for 10 months. The boy proposed me first. In the early days I ignored him & hurt him. But now I love him more than myself. Now he ignores me, hurt me too much. He talks with my friend Rumela now & tell that he has no need of mine, I may leave him, he is good with my friends (Girls).He is 23.I cry through the whole day, he doesn’t care it. I want to be cheerful & I want to do my studies very well. I want to live, I don’t want to die. He also gave a condition, i.e. if I shall not able to crack the IIt he will leave me. I can’t do my studies for his mental torture. So what’s next? I can’t live without him, I can’t do my studies, I can’t led a normal life then how it’ll be possible to keep my relationship? Now he is torturing me too much mentally by keeping his phone busy with Rumela for hours & hours. Please help me. I want to live & build my career.

He does not have love and respect for you. You should not continue with him. Leave him and accept that he is not meant for you. Person, who can torture you at initial phase of your relationship, is going to torture you at every walk of relationship. If you cannot live without him then better start learning to live without him. You cannot go pleading, when someone does not need you and expect happiness out of that relation.

dear sir I am married for last ten years and all these years my wife never achieved orgasm by intercourse even though I pump her for half an hour. She just doesn’t seem to enjoy intercourse. However I have to masturbate her to bring her to climax. It is very frustrating as all these years I have never experienced the joy of bringing my wife to pleasure. She also has very low sex drive and can stay without sex for days. What is the problem and can it be sorted out.

She is suffering from “Female Orgasmic Disorder”, also referred as “inhibited female orgasm”. There may be various reasons behind this problem, mainly psychological starting from past traumatic experiences of childhood to emotional disturbances. One requires detail session to analyze it. You are required to consult psychiatrist for the same. Mind you, psychiatrist and not any other so called counselor or quacks.

I’m single. Before one year my penis was alright. But now it is becoming short. I masturbate without any tightness in penis. I am so worried. plz…..help me. My girlfriend is also worry about my problem. We are worried about our future married life. plz…tell me about this problem and its solution. Any medicines, oil and anything else……….

Penis will never get shortened, of course during cold in winter it may look shrunken but regains its size during erection. You are too anxious about this and hence not getting full erection. Just relax; everything seems to be okay with you. Stop thinking and discussing about it with your girl friend. There is no substance on this earth, which can increase the size of your penis. All available products are making money for their manufacturers because of male’s anxiety and worry about the size of penis!

I am always dwelling in past and not able to concentrate on my carrier and other aspects of life. Ever since my break off with the guy whom I loved so much I am not able to live a normal life. Everybody in my family is now getting irritated with me. Whenever I start any discussion with anyone, my point stops in discussing the past while giving the instances of past. I am really fed up of it. I do not want that my new relationship, which I am looking forward to, should get ruined because of thinking about past so much. I always miss that old guy and still believe he was the best for me which I couldn’t handle on my own. I will be getting married soon and I do not want to spoil my new relationship…please help

Breakups are always painful and more so with genuine affection. Women always ruminates more about broken relationships then men. There is no way to erase painful memories. What you can do is; look foreword in life, try to be engaged in current as well as new relationships, stop talking about old relationship, do not try to analyze your past relationship and do not maintain contact with him.

Hi, I am Jasper. I am Doing my UG. My family is a very good and decent family living in a village. We are a middle level family living in tradition way. My problem is about my MOM. She is around 50 yrs old and working as a teacher in a govt school. She is average tall and not fat and having no medical problems. I get depressed and feel bad and irritated to see her wearing saree exposing her navel. In house she will not hide her navel and often while going to school and marriage functions she exposes it badly. Mostly I feel to die when peoples eye points her navel this happens when I go with her out. (I think she notices it) another thing is my friends visit my house often because my college is near my house. At that time I see some friends staring at her and passing comments (I have heard it).I don’t know why she is doing like this. She watches film and sure, she knows what is going on film (Navel shows of heroines).However, even she doesn’t take any steps to hide. Can any one help me how can I let to know my mom about this? Moreover, stop exposing her navel. Whether there is any book giving advice. Plz answer and give me advice. Or is there anything wrong on me. Plz think on my side.

Many females have habit of exposing their navel while they are dressed up in sarees. It is consider sensuous and they do it for seeking an attention of others. In Most of the cases, it is associated with personality. They do not find any thing wrong in this. Nevertheless, I agree with you, at certain age it is not desirable. Talk to her about this in very quiet way (I mean do not offend, advise or confront). You may think of taking help of your sister, if you have.