Hello Sir. I have a girlfriend who is 6 years elder to me. She is a very nice person but I always wanted a beautiful wife. I am in this relation since 3 years but still I am not able to convince myself to commit for marriage. I do get attracted to beautiful women and fear that may not be happy if I marry her, as I always wanted a beautiful wife. Please help me to come to a conclusion.

If you are longing for a beautiful woman and she is not fitting in that frame then do not go ahead with her. Moreover, she is 6 yrs elder to you so she would be aging early then you and that can also cause beauty issues in future!

Sir My problem is that my mother her age is about 55 years old. I was married last 6 month back. Now condition is that my mother is blaming to my wife that she is torturing her by showing her bold eyes and now she is losing her temper and I want to know what is hidden in her mind (both in mother and in wife) through Hypnotism. So please suggest for the same.

This is a story of many families. Such issues between Daughter-in law and Mother- in law are very common. Best thing you can do here is keep yourself out of it. If you cannot do that then just keep listening to both and let them settle their issues by themselves. Men have to learn this art if they don’t want to get label of being partial to any of them!

Hi! I am now engaged. I have done sex with my wife. She is 16yrs.But she has not bleed during first time, so I guess that she might have done sex with others. She is also dancer, Is bleeding necessary when we do sex for the first time. I want to go for medical examination for her. Is there any medical report possible to tell me that she have done sex with others? Please write me early. I am very much tense. Thanks

It is a false belief that woman should bleed on her first intercourse, if she does not then she had it in past. Truth is, many women do not bleed on first sexual act, more so in case of dancers. You should not suspect that your wife must have had sexual relation with someone else because she has not bleed.

I got married before 6 months. But my sexual life is not going good. I’m not able to satisfy my husband properly, it creates frustration to me and to my husband also. During intercourse my lubrication cannot form, that’s why it becomes difficult to have an intercourse. Please suggest me what to do and how can I satisfy him?

Increase fore-play and use lubrication cream (vagi moist or k-y jelly).

Respected Sir, I want to share my brother’s problem with you. My brother got married last year. It was an arrange marriage. The problem is that my Bhabhi is at her home & is not willing to come back nor is she telling her decision. There have been some issues between my Bhabhi & parents but nothing majorly wrong to have aroused this situation. MY PARENTS SIDE OF STORY: She does not work at home. She gets up very late. Does lot of shopping. Does not take responsibility at home. Was working before marriage but suddenly chose to study (heavy fee amount) but Is very casual about her studies also, even if she works in the kitchen for half an hour she starts saying she is feeling exhausted & weak. If we say something to her, she starts arguing. She does not respect us. MY BROTHER SIDE OF THE STORY: He says he tries his level best to support her by defending even her wrong things in front of parents. Whenever she wants she shops, wants to have something, however tired he is he makes it a point to get it for her. They go out for movies very frequently, in case she is making breakfast for him he helps her or even makes breakfast for her if she doesn’t feel good but reacts when she says anything against parents. He was ready to take loan for her for her studies. MY BHABHIS SIDE OF STORY: She wants to be independent. Says why she can’t get up late & does whatever she wants to do. She says no one takes care of her when she feels sick. She feels insecure and says that my brother defends his parents. She feels ignored by parent in laws. My understanding of the story: My Bhabhi seems to be too sensitive, not able to adjust to the married life. Wants full support of my brother whether she is right or wrong. Doesn’t want any kind of interference and wants to stay as she was staying before marriage. My parents try to control their anger but sometimes they can’t. Now that she is at her home and not coming even after lot of efforts from my brother’s end, we don’t know what to do. The day she was to go, there was an issue at home on something and she cried that parents are ignoring her. My mother though was upset on a genuine reason requested her not to cry, said sorry also and everything was fine when she left our house. My brother & Bhabhi didn’t talk for a week but he made my mom call her. He has been calling her since then but she initially said that she is feeling weak and will come once she feels good. Every time she is saying this. She never called up my brother or parents. Nor did her parent’s call them but her mom called me up and said that her daughter is crying and whenever we ask her to go back she shivers. I told her that she doesn’t have to worry so much. My brother is ready to take extra care of her you ask him to take her back. He went there many a times but she is not ready to come. She when asked whether wants to stay with him says how I can say anything right now. I am mentally not feeling good. Can’t decide anything. Her parents also say they can’t force her to go. They all are very disturbed. There has been no communication from her parent’s side also. Few days back she called my brother saying she wants to come home to get her books. We welcomed them … My mother said its her home & whenever she wishes to come , she is most welcome .She came , took her books, passport & certificates & went away. She went but never called after that. Sir, my brother is making lot of efforts to work this relation. I know my parents also. Their concerns are genuine but maybe their reaction of ignoring her is not right but there are bound to be some conflicts when you stay together. My brother is very emotional. He also seems to be losing mental peace. He says he has tried level best but she wants to stay there for unlimited period without even telling her intention and wants me to stay away from parents ( Though she never said that but indirectly wants to convey this) I can’t do that. She has hurt him again & again and now he doesn’t want to try. My parents say if she wants to come back we will keep our mouth shut and let her do whatever she wants to do but at least their sons life should not become miserable. Please advise Sir what we should do.

You have already done whatever was needed. Now it’s time to keep patience from your side. Just stop putting further efforts and give her time. If she initiates any dialogues in this direction then she is interested in saving her marriage otherwise you have to consider that she is not interested. You cannot keep on agreeing her demands like this otherwise she will be inclined to use such tactics in future also. You can also think of consulting psychiatrist for counselling.

Dear Sir, I married a guy 4 years back and he is software engineer. He took 25 lakhs as dowry and 200 gms of gold as a dowry. He got work visa for USA. He said he would take me to US once he settled down there. He didn’t come back again. He settled down there with some other female. Even after these many days I am still waiting for him, when we asked his parents about the same, they demanded some more money as a dowry. My father couldn’t afford that. He started abusing me, started abusing about my character to avoid me. My entire family is in deep distress. Recently we have filed a dowry harassment case, and then he started calling me from USA. Threatening me started posting lot of stuff in different online forums and abusing about my character. I am in deep confusion. what shuld I do? I feel like committing suicide. What to do now? Please advise. Crying like anything. My parents are suffering like anything. I am the only daughter to my parents. Please save my life.

These are pressurizing tactics. You should not succumb to it. Before taking back the dowry case you should ask your dowry amount back.

I want to know what the normal size of penis is. I’m having 16cm in diameter and 19cm in length. Is it enough to satisfy a girl?

Average penis length (flaccid/not erect): from 3.4 inches to 3.7 inches (8.6 cm to 9.3 cm). Average penis length (erect): from 5.1 inches to 5.7 inches (12.9 cm to 14.5 cm). Average penis girth (circumference when erect): from 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches (8.8 cm to 10 cm)
These numbers are obviously very different from the sizes we hear (and see) in adult movies, and even the kinds of numbers you read on line.
Female’s sexual satisfaction does not depend on penile length. It depends upon your love & affection for her, quality of intimate moments, warmth in relationship and lots other nonsexual factors.

Hello sir. I have written to you in the past as well regarding my brothers problem. My bhabhi is at her parents place and not willing to come back despite of lot of efforts from my brother’s side. You advised us to be patient as we have done our bit now if she is interested she will initiate the dialogue. I wish to tell you the development. My parents went to their place when they got to know that her uncle has expired that too we got to know it when my dad called her dad to enquire when is she coming back. They insulted my parents and said that we are not sending their daughter as your son has ill treated her. Her mother was very rude & adamant. Even the girl said she does not think that things can work out. And she has told her decision to her parents that she is not interested. It was actually a shock to my parents as instead of realizing their mistake they started to put allegations on us. My parents still said if you want we may talk to the counselor. She didn’t give a positive response even after that. My parents came back & waited for their response, because now even we want to end this relation, but with mutual consent. They didn’t call even after that. Then suddenly her father called and said lets meet up. They came to our place with their neighbors. Their neighbors initially said that the girl wants to come back provided she gets a good atmosphere at home. We still never said that we don’t want to keep her. Her mother again started shouting & said bad words against my parents & brother .The conversation started heating up & whole situation became ugly again. My brother said I can’t say anything before I speak to the girl .You should also not be forcing her as if she comes back on your pressure, she will not be happy and the scene shall be repeated. The way they blamed us, it didn’t seem that they want to send their daughters back. We don’t know what their agenda was. The final conclusion was that they shall again speak to her. She will come back only if she wants to. We know seeing the past trend that they will not call back now. We can also keep mum on the matter but our problem is that we want to get rid of that girl and they are not concluding the matter. From our end we can’t say that we want a divorce as they will demand heavy alimony which we can’t afford. Even if they ask for money we will somehow manage but she might not just come and not give divorce also. If we initiate this process of divorce with contest, my brothers’ future will be ruined as it will take years to get the divorce. What should we do? Shall we take legal course of action against them or offer them separation with mutual consent. Please advice.

Ya, that is the only option left with you.

Hello sir, my relations with my wife is good but she always shows others that she is very sad with me. She also tells to her sister and mother. Please tell me the reason for this behaviour. Her mother and sister started complaining to us. I’m angry and my mind think negative reflect. Some time I feel my legs were not supporting to my body and my body gone cold. I keep on feeling negative and I can’t sleep at night. I am not enjoying sex with my wife. plez help us thanks

You think that your relation with your wife is good but same may not be true for her. This may be the reason for her expressions of sadness. You should discuss this with her, rather than considering that your relation is good; on your own. As far as your negative thoughts, sleep problem, coldness of body and enjoyment in sexual relations is concerned; this can be symptoms of Depression. Take the help of psychiatrist.

Hello sir I am 21yrs old. I am a college student and I am suffering from strange ideas for last 3 months. I keep on getting dreams that I’m having an intercourse. Sometime I feel it’s very embracing being a female.

This is normal and natural. Why you should feel embarrassing when only you know about it and there is nothing abnormal in it?! Just relax and stop worrying about it.