Sir I am working in AVVNL as a JEN. I get puzzled in every small problem. Some times I become unconscious and get frustrated. When I was studying in BE I got nervous by exam and by the standard of study. My parents did not want to make me far. They call me in small period of time with very curiosity. For every type of work they ask me detail like, why I go there, where I pass 5 min time also. I forget my self some time or my work which I have been told. Please suggest me.

Your parents seem to be over caring about you, also they want you to be in front of them always due to which you have developed anxiety in you, which may be the reason for you to not being able to deal with your daily stress, leading to frustrations. This might have got interwoven with your personality hence I suggest psychiatric consultation for further help.

Sir, in my 11yrs of married life I have 8yrs old daughter and caring wife. but since last few months I am having unusual thoughts, empty headedness, abdominal discomfort and have unusual thoughts of looking at abdomen of people eg. male front side and female back side. It becomes difficult for me to represent myself in front of others. People laugh at me; they think I am gay or mad. Because of this I feel anxious and depressed many times. I have lost my job last month. I had taken escitlopram-5 OD for one month before 6 months. I have history of depression/anxiety last 3-4 yrs. I have been working in pharmacy field for last 14 yrs. have normal sex life, still attracted towards only females etc. But now I have suicidal thoughts some times. pls tell me what to do. Due to this I am finding difficult to maintain my social, professional, personal relationship. Thanking you

You have developed an obsession which can be a part of your Anxiety Depression. Please consult Psychiatrist and take medicines under his care.

Hi sir the problem I am facing is, once when I was with my parents my mom told that she loves my younger sister a lot. After that I am feeling that I am all alone. and one more is I was a distinction student since childhood but in 12 standard I got very less marks n I got scolding too but now I have continued it by getting less marks n my dad tease me like anything by comparing me with my sister. I am really fed of these things n I am feeling that I am not capable .so I think u will help me thank u.

Comparisons between siblings are very common. This does not mean that you are unlovable. Have you ever conveyed to your parents that their certain attitude is hurting you? If you haven’t, please do it in first place. We do like and wish that people should appreciate and acknowledge our efforts and abilities. However, if they don’t; that does not mean we should start thinking that we are not capable. Keep on putting efforts and try to prove your abilities rather then becoming sentimental on such issues and waste your time & energy.  

I’m 21 years old studying MBA. I’m very silent in nature. I’m unable to interact with the people around me. Regarding marriage I don’t have special interest for it. I’m not motivated to the boys of my class but motivated to one of my faculties, who is of 26 yrs. I want his attention to me and also want to be friendly with him, but the situation is quite opposite. I have very less interaction with him. In between he left the job for doing his further studies; at the same time one of my friends has been close to him. Seeing her I too sent mails to him and also sent missed calls by mistake. This had created a bad impression of mine. Now he has returned to our collage and is taking our classes as a guest faculty but not my papers. I’m not interacting with him now. I feel depressed. I’m sure that I’m not in love but some other liking. I want his attention towards me but how?

I think you should meet him personally and clarify about your missed calls. You cannot get his attention without establishing communication with him, except you are attractive enough to draw his attention.

I am 21 year old boy and attached very much emotionally with my male best friend and can’t think to live without him. He is my best friend and I have become very much possessive for him that I can’t even see him talking with other friends. I want him to take care of me only and not anyone else. I can’t imagine what will happen to me when he will leave me as our college is ending and we have completed our graduation. I know anywhere-anytime he may also feel same for me, but now he don’t express his feelings to me as I don’t show these things to him as I cause misunderstanding between us. Should I to talk to him this? I know we can’t be together for the rest of the life. What should I do to overcome from this feeling?

Probably you have developed emotional dependence on him. If you know that you are not going together for rest of your life then there is no point in telling him. He may get disturbed as well, may develop aversion or may exploit your dependence depending on his personality type. You should try to come out of your dependence and to stay away from him. In this emotionally dependent state you cannot think of maintaining friendship as that will make you emotionally weaker.

Dear Sir, My problem is that sometime I become confused while taking decision, Specially decision for important matter like Career and Marriage. Now I have looked one girl for marriage. She is OK in almost all view (i.e. looks, education etc.).She has selected me but I am confused. I like her but I am confused to say Yes or No. I can’t take decision. The main reason is that most of the time it happened to me that after taking decision I feel that I should not take such decision. In other word, my mind gets swing/ reversed. Therefore, this time I am over conscious about decision for selecting this girl for marriage. I am scared that what will happen if my mind again gets reverse after taking decision. However, I have strong determination and I do whatever I have decided but in some cases, I become confused like Carrier and Marriage decision as said earlier. Pls help me that how to come out of this problem?

Indecisiveness is a common problem. To become confident about your decisions, you have to start taking decisions rather then escaping out or postponing. Every time you will not go wrong. Positive decisions will surely boost you up. You need not to keep analyzing your decisions, which will make you weak. You may go wrong some time but you will learn in process. That is what we call experience. You may discuss with sensible people surrounding you, this will help in making decision.
To ease your decision-making in case of life partner, make a list of qualities that you require in your life partner. See how much that girl fits into it. If you are satisfied by your criteria, go ahead.

Hello sir, my penis is not attaining full erection during mating, and I am least attracted by girls. Please suggest me, to overcome this problem.

Erectile dysfunction (not getting an erection ) has physical as well as psychological reasons. If you are experiencing spontaneous erections or morning erections then your problem is more likely to be psychological. You should consult psychiatrist or urologist for final diagnosis.

Me and my boy friend are in living relationship since last one and half year, he was very confident on that time but due to my one mistake he became very possessive, and due to that possessiveness he hurt me mentally and physically and from last so many months he want me to change and I changed myself fully. But till now he is not trusting me even after 3 to 4 days he remembers that things and start doing same or ask me to go back home even I changed my nature totally according to him but I don’t understand how can I make his trust again please tell me the suggestion to maintain my relationship . Please help me I’m very tensed due to these things my health is going down.

Men do not forget such things easily. It has straight connection with a blow to his male ego (that in spite of his presence you thought of somebody. It also gives feelings of inadequacy.) He might have developed paranoia. You should consult psychiatrist for counseling.

I am 20 yr old girl,was in a relationship with a guy since 2yrs. everything was goin well unless i started becoming angry about his friendship with one of my classmate. I did’nt like her always coming with us when we used to go out. She knew me and my bf were having fights even then one day she went with him to buy some of their practical work stuffs. What I dint like was that none of them asked me to go with them when once i denied my bf of going with both of them. Then i fought with him for the same reason and told him that i dont want to talk to him.. Next day in college he asked me to sit next to him but after practical classes i dont know what happened to him he stopped talking to me. And atually we both have different batches for practicals and both my classmate and my bf are in the same batch. We used to have fights because of her because i dint like my bf to tlk to her when I thought she was trying to create misunderstndings. But my bf told me that she’s just a friend and that i unnecessarily doubt him. After few fights he again broke up. Since then im trying to make him understand my points but he refuses to accept the fact that somewhere even he and that girl were wrong and gives me silly old reasons for breaking up. Actually in between when i pleaded and asked him for patch up, he did come into relation and in the meantime I also told that girl in private to stay away from him. But one day I found both of them sitting in reading area n discussing something..i got angry because that girl knew our relationship problems and inspite of me telling her not to stay with him she was talking to him behind my back. So in anger i went and told her infront of my boyfriend that im not liking her to talk to my bf. My bf got furious with this behaviour of mine and said that he no longer wants to keep this relation. How should i make him realise that she was creating some sort of problems and he thinks that i was always spying on him and he also tells me that i should be mature and he complains that i dont let him talk to anyone but thats not true. He just gives me excuses. Did he loose feelings for n will never return back?? what should I do to convince him??

One important thing you need to understand here is despite of your objection they kept on going means you are not valued. Neither your boyfriend is taking you seriously, nor that girl. Why do you want such boyfriend back?! Leave the person who doesn’t respect you.

Hello Doctor, Can laptop rays from laptop harm the genital area? I have been experiencing vaginal dryness since 2-3 months. I think it’s because of laptop that the dryness is happening. There’s no emotional stress whatsoever and my husband and in-laws are very loving. What could be the problem? Please suggest some natural remedies. Thanks

Laptop does harm provided you use it for long hours keeping in lap. However, it cannot cause dryness in vagina. This can be physiological in your case. You can use KY-Jelly before intercourse, increase your foreplay and try to boost your excitement by fantasizing, erotic talks, visuals etc.