hello sir, I am 25 year old ,and I am willing to do a marriage with my girlfriend , but there is one problem about our marriage is that our blood group (o+ve) and also our nadi is also same(antya) . as per the horoscope our kundli is matching excluding nadi dosh is 22 points but I am just worry about the child birth and after child birth is there any problem will arise .please help me out from this problem thanks

Faith in Horoscope goes with your belief system. Except Hindus no one believes in horoscope matching for marriage and still life is on for them. I have seen numbers of couple with Nadi Dosh having normal healthy kids and without Nadi Dosh having no kids. It has no connection with medical science.
Having a same blood group will not cause any problem.

Dr I don’t know from were to start, I feel really lonely even when I have a husband as he has never given much attention to my feelings I used to tell him but he never changed, we don’t have kids, I don’t have friends, now he has taken job abroad for our better future I cant go over there its not allowed. Because of my husbands behavior I am attracted to someone but he is younger to me, first he used to take care a lot , we hardly had any desire for sex (six months or so) I am so attached to him , but after four years I found him changing I don’t know why but he stared ignoring me. we had lots of fight he started using harsh words to me ,keeping my questions unanswered after that he used to come and patched up things he is not ready to leave me I am also so attached I used to say ok. After 1 1/2 year I found he had girlfriend & he wanted to marry her but I don’t understand why he tortured me for this 1 1/2 year because of these fights and home conditions I feel so depressed cant sleep , eat , cant mix up with people , thinking about same person continuously. Is it possible to get rid of this , I don’t know fm last 1 1/2 years things are getting worse, I am expecting things to be happen , and they are not happening always. I am just fade up with things is there any medicine for depression please suggest me. I want to get rid of this , my feelings are so mixed up I don’t know what to do, why I am so attach to him so and he doesn’t feel anything. I cry daily, I feel like dying we work in same office, I really don’t want to go there but if I will be seating at home things will get worse. I can’t handle his ignorance we meet but it’s like some work for him but while having sex he was totally into it, I feel he is selfish I want to get rid of him but not able to. Thinking about him every time like why he doesn’t take care of me why we are not happy together why we are not talking, why he is so selfish there are many things of him which bothers me but what should I do I love him so much I am not able to leave him but his ignorance is unbearable for me. I once handled my husband now his I don’t know what to do I am so depressed I cried loudly so many time in a day for last 2 years now my face is also shows everything i am not able to hide anything , I have not smiled for so many days. (Now in addition to that I feel jealous & very angry also for him I am so scared what to do) please help.

Both of you are in this relationship for different reasons you might have developed this relation for emotional needs where as he might have been just attracted and not in love with you. Also on the onset of your relation you should have considered that he is unmarried and at some time in future he was to withdraw from this relation. The lack of emotional support (ignorance) may be very difficult for you to handle for you. Your complaints indicate depressive symptoms hence you must consult a psychiatrist nearby.

I am depressed. I can’t concentrate on my work. Others feel that I am fool as I am short tempered. There is no one with me and no body to guide me correctly for my future. I am alone. I want to make myself prove against others decisions. I have to prove my self that I can face my life problems alone. I am working with Mnc Company and I want to make myself and my carrier better in future. Please help me with this your quick response will be highly appreciated. Please help me. Thanks,

To find out reasons of your depression and loneliness, I need to have information about your age, marital status, family supports etc. Two things I want to point out from your mail. First you need to work on your short tempered nature because according to you, your temper is making you sound like a fool! (You will find tips on anger management in answers of other questions). Secondly, leave the obsession of proving yourself and conquering on others. All you need to do is just put your sincere efforts and do your best, rest of the things are natural result of it. 

Hello doctor…I really need your advice… I am 24 year old…the things I have in my mind is troubling a lot, I try to find lots of solution but it fails… The problem is started from my childhood…. My cousin sister who was 18 year old used my leg to relax their feelings. Then my cousin brother used me by putting their mouth. After that, I also saw my parents doing at nights. Then when I come to sixth class then I started to relax the body with the leg of my cousin sister. However, when I come to 10th or 11th class means when I realize its wrong then to stop all the feelings I get one way to use finger. then I totally stopped it but 2 years back… another cousin brother try to use me, I tried a lot to stop but he misbehaved with me, he was touched me in my different parts, I really feel embraced. actually I don’t have a real brother. I miss with him because I feel he’s my brother, I play, joke, everything to him, but he took in a very wrong way. and when he did first time I ignored and try to stop him with words, then by using hand and temper. However, on the other side I don’t want to loose the relationship. Once my uncle saw him doing all this but uncle told me that its yours responsibility to stop. After that incident occurred I am totally loose my heart. I am not coming out from all incidents that happened to me…. I feel I was wrong everywhere, why it is all happen to me. To come out from all these frustrations I again started relaxing my body through finger. I want to stop all these things. I want to know that what my fault is. I am very reserved and introvert kind of girl. Are these things causing me any kind of problem like aids? When I remind my past, I really want to die because I don’t want to live this kind of life. I don’t want to go any where. if sir, you having solution for me plz let me know……….

It is very unfortunate that you became a victim of child sexual abuse (known as pedophilia). This is sexually deviant behavior on offender’s part. Later on, you became victim of incest (sexual relations amongst blood relatives). As a child, you did not understand about sexual behavior therefore you should not feel guilty about it. Actually, offender should feel guilty. Victim of child abuse sometimes tries to abuse the child as an adult and that is what you also tried. You could have resisted your cousin’s attempts but you could not because of your insecurities and your love for him. Your uncle’s stand is unfortunate. He should have intervened. Your urge to masturbate is natural. Overall, you became victim of unfortunate incidences. As they were out of your control, you should not feel guilty or try finding your faults. No way, you are responsible for your past, just look foreword and think of settling down in your life. Prepare yourself to resist any such sexual harresment in future.

Doctor, I have been married since 18 months. Ours was love marriage and our married life is going fine. Our sexual life is also going good. However, I have realized over past 1 month that my penis does not remain erect for long and thus we are not able to have normal intercourse. We start foreplay and my penis looses erection. Since last one month we have not had sex. Is it normal? Does it happen with every man after marriage? I am very tensed and worried. I don’t want to hinder my married life because I love my wife very much and she loves me too. I need help. Can you please give me some doctor’s contact number in Mumbai with whom I can discuss/ consult? Thanks

This is normal. Do not become anxious over your performance. Give more attention to foreplay then the act. Things should get normal within few days. You may consult any psychiatrist nearby.

Sir, I’m in love since 3 years. He is quite good looking, handsome. He is a nice guy. I trust him blindly. My question is not for him but it’s for my parents. My parents are not agreeing my relation with him. I can’t survive more. Papa told me that he will going to arrange my marriage with any other boy but not with him. Sir, I know his all habits all about him. Before I entered in his life he has relation with other girl, he smoke at that time but now he has totally changed. In these 3 years he never smokes any single time. He became steady in his life and now how can I leave him? I just Love him really. I don’t know what should I do? I already gave him a suggestion that please take me away from here but I refused because he thinks that my parents are hurt because of it. What should I do, sir? I can’t live without him and he too vice versa. The plus point is, his family is agreed to our relation but he can’t hurt my family. Please Sir tell me what should I do?

You have not mentioned that why your father is against him? I need to know that to suggest anything.

Dear Dr, I am 30 yrs guy got married 2 months back. My wife had a past relationship. I knew it from very 1st day. Our marriage is also love marriage. Now she is back her own house b’coz she thinks she does not love me. From last one year she is taking depression pills. So I never forced her for anything. But I love her very much. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

You had love marriage and now she tells that she does not love you, bit confusing. She might be feeling guilty about first relationship (guilt is very common in depressed person) and more so when you love her very much. Give her some time and support her to come out of depression.

I am married and blessed with one daughter ,my sister is a divorcee with one daughter and lives at my parents house which is just 4 house away from my house. We share a good relationship and I with my family visit every day to my mother`s house as it is just next door. Recently my parents had gone out of station and my sister along with her daughter where alone living in my mother`s house. My parents have a computer on which my husband do some work whenever required. One day my husband went to their house in the morning saying to me that he is going to my mother`s house to do some work. However after one hour I went to talk to my sister and I found that my husband had shown some nude pictures to my sister asking for who this girl is. My sister objected and said how do I know? At that moment I came and asked what happened. After cross questioning my husband told me that I think the photo resembled your sister and i had to confront her that she should stop downloading her photographs on net. I was shocked as the photograph was not hers and he had assumed this, secondly he did not shared this with me and directly confronted my sister and that too when she was alone in the house, I have started suspecting him as he might have some ill eye on my sister. When I asked why you did not share this he said yes it is my mistake and I apologize but I was so sure that it is her snaps that I thought I should finish the matter by myself and let her image be tarnish free, I am unable to believe this, please help what should I do? I want to trust my husband but the circumstances are not allowing me, kindly advice.

Whatever explanation your husband gives for his beahviour is not digestible. If this is the first incident, you should warn him so such an act is not repeated. Ask your sister also to be cautious and report to you if any sort of this beahviour occurs.

Dear Sir, I’m a great fan of your books and fully agree with the views you have. I have a Question:”Me and My Wife have had a love marriage in December 2009 but right now we are facing great deal of problems in our relations they are now flowing flawlessly I Love my wife a lot. Problem started when Once due to curiosity I saw her messages with one of the common friend of us and was shocked to read the content of Messages exchanged between them, I got mad on this and started spying on my wife and with the course of time quarrals and fights for right & Wrong started between us after all the chaos still I love my wife but am not able to fully trust her like before and I have conveyed this to her also many times major issue between us is Sex from the beginning of our marriage only she is very reluctant to sex matter she don’t even let me get near to her Several times I have told her, fought with her, explained her but Don’t know where the problem is why is she so reluctant to sex. when i try to make physical relation with her she tell me to go to Prostitute or some other lady but just leave her alone, She does’nt even want a child I am very frustrated because of this all this is even affecting our both’s career. I want a Solution to this and can do whatever it takes to make our relations work… I can’t live without her and she does’nt want to live with me… Please help what can I Do

Her disinterest in sex requires detail interview and deeper analysis. As you said in your last line that she doesn’t want to live with you, warrants couple counselling. Please seek counselling in person, guidance on this platform will not work for you as your problem seems to be deep rooted.

Respected sir, I am 26yrs old male. I am student pursuing MCA from IGNOU. In 2002 I had gone to a doctor (age 54 yrs) for medical consultation nearby from my home. That time he was not in his home and I met with his wife (age 35 yrs). In first meeting we both attracted to each other. After few days I built good relationship with doctor and started to visit his home daily. And I built sexual relationship with his wife. This is the second wife of that doctor. His previous wife has two sons. This wife is the sister of his previous wife. This wife has no children and not sexually satisfied with her husband (doctor). From 6yrs I am performing sexual intercourse with her. This is affecting my study. I deeply love her. I’ve proposed her to give up her husband but she refused. She tell that she love me very much. Doctor will soon set up his clinic in kolkota 300 km from my home and he will give up this place. I don’t want to miss her. What should I do now? How can I forget her completely?

She established relationship for her needs (sexual dissatisfaction from relatively old husband). You entered for a fun. In the process you developed an emotional attachment. She doesn’t seem to be that emotional for you but at the same time doesn’t want to loose you. Now ride is about to get over as they are shifting. Accept this bitter fact. Forgetting is an automatic process. Once you stop meeting her and develop other meaningful relationship, you will forget her.