Sir plz help me in this situation. I’m a married woman with 2 kids. My husband is a business man and he doesn’t have interest in other activities. We live in the same house but we don’t share anything not even bed these days. He doesn’t come to me. Reason doesn’t know, may be stress or workload. I was feeling neglected so to be busy I started chatting. I met a person who became my best friend. He wanted to meet me so we met after 1 year. After this meeting he told me he loves me. He knew I was married and had kids but he says age doesn’t matter in love. I’m about 12 yrs older to him. But I look young coz of my body built. My husband was neglecting me and I had this person to share what I felt so we became very close. He tells me he loves me deeply and I also enjoy his company. We chat 4 long hours. I also like him a lot. Few days back my husband slapped me coz I was helping my mother and took her for her work. My father is bed ridden so my mummy needs help from me. I cried that day a lot. Then decided there was nothing left in our relationship. I decided to say I love to this fellow who met me on chat. Now we use cam also. Everyday he sees me and says I love u. I have developed a special bond with him. I don’t want to leave him as he is my big moral support. He told me to be busy so I joined gym and look more beautiful but my husband doesn’t notice me at all. I want love in my life. Sir plz advice me being close to this guy, am I doing something wrong? If he goes out of my life there would be no reason that will make me happy. I’m educated women and independent. People appreciate me wherever I go 4 my good nature but my husband always find a fault in me. I’m single person who has brought up his children without his help. I do all for my family but only got scolding from him. On the other hand this fellow appreciates me a lot so I get confidence. plz advice dear sir what should I do? Continue this relationship or put an end to this? I need your guidance sir plz help me

You are longing for love and appreciation. Your friend is giving you what you need; naturally you will feel attached to him and on long run, will be emotionally dependent on him. If you want him to continue then avoid sexual relations with him. It has been seen that in such relations once sexual desire is fulfilled, most of the male will start loosing interest. Even in absence of sexual encounters, he may start running away from you but at least he will stay longer. Be prepared to accept that any time he may leave and enjoy the relations. However, when chance permits please clarify with him that there would be no sexual relations between two of us.

My age is 39 and I am married. I am suffering from sex problems for a long time now. The details are given below : Sperm (Very few), Hand Practice (from the age of 16 years and it is continued after marriage also) Small Penis (Approximately. 5 Inches- it is not enough for complete sex), Bent left side in Penis, Penis is fat from front side and thin from backside, Early discharge (Only in 20 Seconds), No hardness in penis every time (Very Loose), when I’m ready for sex my penis is ready to hard and then I put a condom for sex before starting the intercourse the penis has lost the erection and I can’t have sex. Some liquid leaks from my penis at the time of talking about sex, reading sexy books and seeing a blue film, weakness after intercourse. I am very shameful in front of my life partner from a long time and my life is leading to a divorce track. So you are requested to help me and give a the best and effective formula of medicine and oil for these all problems. I will be very thankful to you in life. Thanks- A patient

sperm count can be estimated by semen’s microscopic examination and not by naked eyes. If you have doubt about it then go for semen examination in pathology laboratory. Size and bend is normal. Your undue concern about all this can be underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction. For solution of your early discharge please type premature ejaculation in search box of this site and click on go.

Respected Sir, I’m 27year old male, newly married just 15 days back. I used to be very excited about sex topics before marriage and even after marriage; I remained excited for one week and had normal sex life. But after one week I realized to have lost my excitement about sex. I had some doubt about getting erection hence, to clear my doubt, I read some sex stories also but all in vain & I did not get erection. Fortunately now, my wife is not with me & has gone to her home for visit. I am scared whether I would have erection or not once my wife comes back. Please advice.

This could be because of anxiety. It is ok not to get erection sometimes but normally after such failure most of the men becomes so anxious that anxiety itself would start giving a problem in erection. You need to get relax and concentrate on foreplay. Enjoy togetherness and erection has to come if not today, tomorrow. Remember you are with wife and not with an outsider where present performance matters the most.

Hi doctor, please help me. I love a girl for past eight years. We had sexual relationship many times and she got pregnant and aborted. After that we had some misunderstanding between us. She will doubt me when I spoke to other girls. So I too started saying about her. But last week I came to know that she chatted with her friend (Male) about sex. That guy has called her for sex she too went with that guy. But she says that they did all except fucking. Can I trust her. She accepts they both were nude but not fucked because she can’t do with other guy other than me. Can I trust her words or they would have fucked? Please doctor, help me. I wish to marry her in future if I came to know they have fucked, I will be broken. Please guide me doctor.

They were nude, doing all sort of erotic activity but she did not go for intercourse because she was committed to you! What an explanation!! I do not think this would have been possible as both of them nude and having other sexual activity. In any case she has not revealed this to you but you have found out on your own, that means she has cheated. I do not think you will be comfortable with her in future with this doubt running at the back of your mind.

Hi I am from India, 32 years unmarried girl, deeply involved in a loving relation with a married man. Inspite of knowing the fact he is married I fell into love, please don’t misunderstand me, I want some guidance, I can never forget him and having a lot of pain. As I am trying to marry someone else, this person fore played with me but not done intercourse, as I told him not to do anything else. Please don’t take me wrong, I truly loved him, he says I should get married and he will be with me like this forever. I am unable to understand why God has given me such trauma, I worked for 10 years in the office and now I am nowhere. I am still unmarried, still virgin; again jobless and some time feel like committing suicide. I want to make my self happy. All my feelings are ruined and I can never love anyone, how to pretend to love my would be husband, I don’t want to break my friendship with this man as I feel he can’t misuse me like this. He also says he will be my friend forever but sometimes I feel he is just bearing me as I know everything about him or may be feeling pity on me as he realized I love him badly. He commits he loves me too but can’t leave his family. Please suggest me how to live my life. I have always been a happy person. Everyone tells me to leave him and it gives me a shock. How will I face my husband that I loved someone and can’t love anyone else? I know this person is happy with his wife and kids and I am dying day by day, Please save me. How to forget him, sometimes I curse him which I don’t want to. He has many of my pictures which make me tensed too. However they are not nude.

I understand your love for him but you should not forget that life runs on realities and not on blind emotions. And the realities of your life are: he is married, he is happy with his own family; you are an outsider and will always remain so (you may not like this word but its bitter truth). You have to prepare your mind to accept that this relation does not have any future and  for your better future you have to put an end to it.

Dear Hansal, I read your suggestions, which I definitely agree with you. I am female, 24 Yrs, residing in Mumbai. My marriage is fixed as love-cum-Arrange. Though my partner is good in understanding, but my in-laws are not so. They are very very orthodox and conservative. My partner is typically a mama\’s boy. So he doesn\’t understand my thoughts and problems. He remains away from all his responsibilities towards me. All his family and personal issue I came to know since I got interacted with his family i.e. during our engagement. We are sharing approx.5 yrs relationship. As usual before engagement he was nice to me. But as soon as his mother came into picture, he takes and asks for her decision which is final and ignores mine. I spoke to his mother, but of no use coz she doesn\’t speak face to face and straight forward. She will ask other person, who will come to our place and discuss marriage affairs. She is not ready to call us and tell her thoughts. She is very much arrogant and proud. Can you please suggest any solution for it. Marriage mostly would be next year. However, if it happens for everytime, then its better for me to take decision beforehand. We didn\’t have any physical relationship, so I am not in guilt of anything. Please suggest how to handle this situation.

I do not know how you will take this but never ever think that he will change after marriage. If you feel that he is mama’s boy and if you cannot stand to this, get out of this relationship. It may be painful today but better for tomorrow.

i am 26 years old. last year i got married. condition 1 i do not love my wife because she is short in height. She is hardly 5 inch tall and i am 5.5’(love tall girl) but very cute and very much caring and loves me very much. when i went to see her for the first time along with my family i did not notice her height and i agreed to marry her. on the same day we got engaged. after some days i asked her to meet me alone(date). on the same day i realized that she is short in height and since then i have made up my mind that she is not the girl i was looking for. but i was late because our marriage was very close. Everything was planned and booked and also the matter of both family image in society. condition 2:- we got married but on the first night i also realized that she already had sex with someone before, after some days i also read an unusual msg from a guy on her whatsapp. condition 3: very critical. i have one elder brother he also got married 4 years ago. i started loving my bhabhi and my brother and my wife have doubts but not confirmed about my affair. I have done every thing with my bhabhi now i am scared about our family if it comes out our family will be destroyed. after my father passed away i am only responsible of our family because my Brother lives in dubai. i along with my bhabhi ,wife, mom & younger sis are living together condition 4:- if i talk to my wife, bhabhi will become angry. if i talk to my bhabhi, wife will become angry. i don,t understand what to do. i know i am wicked and bastard broke my brother trust. i want to die but cant because ther is nobody to take care of my family. please sir do let me know the solution of this situation. looking forward to have your reply soon.

Let us not get into who does what and why because that requires deep analysis. If you want to put an end to it you have to take your Bhabhi in to confidence. Talk to your Bhabhi about what both of you are heading to and explain that it’s time to behave sensibly for both of you. Self control over your behaviour is a key here. Try to accept your wife, spend quality time with her to create more intimacy. Prepare your Bhabhi to accept this by discussing consequences of reacting to your intimacy with your wife.

Thank You for your valuable service. I am a 33 yr old male. Married for last 4 years. I and my wife have a very healthy sex life we have 8-10 times a week. She says I am the best lover as we enjoy our love life. But last couple of months I have this urge to have much more sex. Sometimes in middle of my work in afternoons and since I travel a lot, I want to have with other females. In short my sexual appetite has gone up tremendously and I don’t think my wife can keep up to my appetite. I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to have sex with any call girl.

At the age of 33, having sex for 8 to 10 times a week is quiet a good frequency. Desire to have a sex with other females can be considered normal sexual fantasy but that does not mean that you should go and have it. Somehow people who are in travelling job have this desire more frequently.
It is possible that simply by overdoing it, now you are sort of obsessed with it or may be bored with same partner/same positions. You may think of some novelties in your act so that you remain interested in your wife only. And if nothing works then only one mantra can work and that is ‘control’.

Hello Sir, I had been in a relationship with a guy who is 12yrs elder to me. He masturbates whenever he feels sexually aroused. We meet very occasionally, but he never shows any interest in intimacy or anything. He always blame me that you don’t talk and you are not interested or you cannot satisfy man, and he always says that he want to see me with other men in bed. And always ask me to do so, also he disclosed that he doesn’t like female sexual organ. What should I conclude from his behavior, this makes me upset all the time also he has habit of taking drinks, is he normal or suffering from some problem. Please help me out for my problem.

He does not like female sexual organs, not interested in you physically, want to see you with other men; putting all these things together one can suspect that he might be sexual deviant. When he does not have attraction for you and has no hesitation to ask you to be in the bed with men then why you should stay in that relationship?

Hi Sir I am Radha, my husband doesn’t have interest. I want to share my feeling to him but he doesn’t have interest. He always spends time with computer, TV or his mother, I am getting depressed. I am a house wife.

I need more details about your personal life and issues to answer your question.