Hello Sir. Thanks so much for your suggestions last time. It really worked. I just want to know which the safest and harmless birth control pill is. Is using condoms safe? Some of them say copper T is good. I heard birth control pills have side effects. What do you suggest? Thanks a lot. Good day to you.

Copper T is the best of three.

I am 23 and my girl friend is 21. We have Oral sex almost every day. Recently I read an article which highlighted oral sex can lead to throat cancer. Is it true? Does licking each other’s genitals lead to bad health and does it have side effects?

These recent findings are controversial and it’s reported in single study. Single study is never conclusive in medical science. Oral sex does not lead to bad health if genitals are clean and sterile (free of any bacterial and fungal infections).

Hello Doctor, although I can sing very nicely but whenever I have to sing in front of a crowd I am so scared that that my voice shakes. How do I overcome this kind of behavior and be confident?

Best way to overcome the fear is to face the fear. Start singing in front of others, may be few friends or family members and then crowd. You may practice visualization and self hypnosis to overcome your anxiety.

My friend who is a lecturer in college is married and lives happily with her husband. She has noticed that one of the students likes her. Please help her how to tackle this student.

She has to be careful that she should not pass any affirmative signals to him, knowingly or unknowingly. At the same time ignore him in subtle way. Do not try to explain or advise him on this because that will give wrong signal that you are giving importance to him, rather be indifferent to him.

Dear doctor, my name is Altaf, age 26 years. At the age of 15 years, I was not surprise to see my penis bending towards left. I use to masturbate 3-4 times in a day and today my penis is bending towards the left more and downwards. The actual position can be seen in the attach photograph. Kindly suggest me if it can be made straight and upwards so that I can have better sexual intercourse with my partner. Still I am unmarried but use to have sexual intercourse with my girlfriend with condom.

This is normal. It has no connection with habit of masturbation and sexual intercourse. Shift your attention from this.

Sir, I m a BE graduate and trying for a job for last 2 yrs. I am a reserved type. I m very depressed and I am not interested in any things. I am feeling happy to be alone, hear sad songs, cry a lot, and mostly I like others to feel for me. I m have fear talking with a group, feel shame of myself. However, all my concentration, feelings, affection are concentrated on a single person, who is my friends sister. We have a brother -sister relation. I m touched with her family. Here I should say u that I started hating my family when I get myself attached with my friend’s family and especially my sister( I consider my friend’s sister as my own sister) . My step- sister and myself have a good brother -sister relationship. We share a lot; have fun, shares family issues. As time goes on and on, I become really mad on her and I become over emotional and sentimental. If she is not talking for even a single day, I feel embarrassed and says to myself like ” u r unlucky, she is not your own sister, if so she would have talked. I m just a third -person. Gradually I too developed possessiveness. If she talks with some other friends and not with me, I feel for my self and cry. However, my affection started to grow deeper and deeper. If she doesn’t talk, nothing runs in my mind except her. Infect I used to talk with her all the time within my heart. Talking solo within heart. While watching movie, reading books every time I think about her. I feel a lot for her. At the same time, I feel myself that she is not my own sister and how nice it would be if I were her blood related. Recently, my affection and care towards her scared me a lot, as I once took her dress from her shelf and have a look. I started liking her belongings too, her dress, cell phone like that. I was too scary, so I narrated that incident to her. She too know me that, i m not normal and I should need divert my mind from her. She advised me a lot and asked me to stop feel for her and her family and concentrate on my life. She even told that, she wants to have just a friendly relation with me, not like a mad emotionally, sentimentally build relation. I owed her to do, but I m finding difficult to stop thinking about her. I want to maintain a pleasant friendly relation with her even and care her than anybody else. What is my problem doctor, how can I stay away from her, thinking about her all-time.? I m jobless for three long years and now I want to settle in my life and at the same time I want to maintain friendly relation with her. please advice, should I consult psychiatrist.

You have developed emotional dependence on her. Some times, introvert person like you are hooked to one secure emotional relation, develop a kind of pathological attachment i.e. always live in that relation, and think nothing else. If you want to come out of this dependence, start working and keeping yourself busy. Cultivate some purpose and goal in your life. Do not try to share everything with her, rather develop individuality and have some thing personal.
It is a good idea to consult psychiatrist so that you can discuss other areas like your family life, past experiences, emotional issues etc. 

Hi Doc, I Have some serious problem in life to discuss. I am basically a guy with same-sex inclination. I do not know whether I am a gay or bisexual, but the inclination towards men is strong. I realized this way back in my childhood but could not do much about it. Due to social pressures (& as I didn’t have the courage to disclose it to parents), I got married about 2.5 yrs back. For first 6-7 months everything was fine and we enjoyed our sexual life. I was happy. However since wife didn’t want child before 2 yrs, I used protection. The problem happened about 8-9 months later. I have stopped getting erection during love-making. At times, I get it for a few mins and then it loses. I am now under tremendous family pressure for producing a child. Even I want to become a father as soon as possible. My wife is also not happy with me since there is zero sex life between us. On a friend’s advice I tried Sildenafil. That worked thrice, but then failed for next 2 times. I then stopped trying it. My friend told me that probably due to frequent use, my body may have become immune, and that I should again take it now (it’s been 3 months). But I am totally shattered. I know it’s not impotency or erectile dysfunction problem because I do get very hard when masturbating or when with guys. Its perhaps only due to the sexual inclination. I am totally depressed. Nothing seems to be good. Often feel like ending my life and committing suicide. Is there a way you can please help me out? We (me & wife) really need a child. What do I do? I feel guilt that she is suffering because of me only. Can’t even share this with anyone. No one knows about this problem and my inclination. What do I do? Should I take Sildenafil again & try? Is there a way for artificial pregnancy? Please help.. please!

You seem to be bisexual with predominant homosexual orientation. If you are getting strong erection with males, than try to imagine male partners during sexual act with your wife. Sometimes fantasized sexual act adds to your excitement. You may take Sildenafil under medical supervision. It never losses it’s effect because of repeated use. You may seek Psychiatrist’s help for controlling your homosexual drives, may be online to maintain your anonymity.

Recently I am facing problems regarding sustaining erection. I am getting erection but unable to sustain it. Hence, I am failing to have sex with my partner. This was not the problem before, and I am mentally down regarding this. This has given rise to problems in our relationship. I am in a habit of masturbating regularly, b4 I first slept with my new partner. Please help.

Your problem is known as Erectile Dysfunction. It has psychological and physical reasons behind it. With younger age, psychological reasons are more likely. If you are getting proper erection and able to maintain it during masturbation then it is more of psychological problem. It is very difficult to find out the underlying cause/causes unless I know the details of your sexual life. You are required to discuss your sex life in detail, past experiences and many other details. If you want to see Doctor personally then consult Psychiatrist. They deal with sex related problems.

I was married this year in April, my husband refused to marry just 3 days prior to our marriage as it was love marriage and his parents refused. We waited for 3 long years to get married. But since we are married, my husband has become someone else. We hardly have sex; he doesn’t even hug me or kiss me. We sleep on sides of the same bed, I have tried almost everything to attract him, spoken to him directly but nothing seems to work out… I have now started feeling attracted to other guys around what to do?

Reasons behind his disinterest may vary from physical to emotional, work related to environmental. It is difficult to put finger on any of them with the information you gave. However, you can openly discuss your feelings with him and may take professional help together.

I fell in love with my good friend, but she did not accept me saying that she does not look at me that way. We continued being best friends, and I often kept on telling her about my feelings every now and then hoping that someday she will think differently of me. But now she has chosen someone else and that has broken my heart. I still love her too much but it’s difficult for me to see her go to someone else. She still says that I’m her best friend, but I don’t know what to do, since it hurts me being her friend now. She doesn’t want me to go away, but I’m not sure if we can continue our friendship. Please advice.

It is your fault, as she was very clear from the beginning. You should have accepted the fact while she repeatedly rejected your proposal. Now you have to decide whether you will continue to be with her as friend or not. She would insist to continue because she is clear from the beginning.