My wife is 28 years old .We are married since 5 years. We have a four year old child .Now my wife shows no interest in sex and intercourse .Please advice how she can get interested in having sex. She is also a working lady.

There can be many reasons behind lack of sexual desire. I need more information about your relationship.

Hi doc, I am 23 yrs married woman. I got married before 10 months. Actually before 5 months I saw nude girls website in my hub’s laptop.After a long quarrel he promise he must not watch again (he faith in promise).After 1 month he went to abroad. I am waiting for my visa. My prob is I am always doubted about him. I know very well, he loves me, he spend more time with me even he is in abroad, But I cant stop my thinking. pls help me.

To some extent, most of males like to look at women’s body, either nude or partly revealing. It is natural urge and on which whole entertainment industry, advertising industry, internet etc are surviving. As far as, he is not hooked on it or replacing his sexual life to this habit, it’s fine. For your doubting nature you need to work out because it may have its roots to your early life experiences, your and your husband’s personality, your other relations, your surroundings etc. Try to introspect and analyze. Take help of an expert, if needed.

Sir, I am 21 yrs old boy studying in college. I am addicted to porn for last 5 to 6 years. I specially watch rape n hardcore sex movies available in net… But the problem I am facing that once my cousin sister came to our house. She was alone when I returned to home, she was sleeping and I was watching TV in Drawing room. At that time thoughts of rape came to my mind. I feel as if I am going to have SEX with her. But some parts of my mind said that ‘It is a wrong thing’. I was felling afraid of committing a crime at that moment. So, I went to market and returned home when my parents came to my house. Now I am dating with a girl for last 3 months. we love each other very much. Sometimes when I meet her or talk over phone, the same thought of rape comes to my mind. We don’t have sex so far also I fear to talk about sex with her. Whenever those thoughts of RAPE come to my mind, I feel really nervous n afraid. I know it is a crime and I may have to face 7yrs of Jail for this. I don’t want to commit such crime because I want to be successful in my profession n Career. But I also cannot leave Porn movies. Please guide me what should I do now?? Should I break up with her because of RAPE fear?? I sometimes feel very disturbed because of these thoughts of rape…. Plzzzz Help me….. Thank you

You have developed an obsession. Please consult psychiatrist to come out of this.

Your advise has helped me get along in past. I am highly qualified and my husband being in a transferable job, I kept picking up jobs as and when I got an opportunity, now he is in a very good post but the place is remote with lack of opportunities, I know I made choices in life and it is expected of me to make sacrifices, but with both children in a hostel, I feel depressed and a lack of purpose. It’s been six months now, I have tried walks, yoga, reading but I keep losing focus and lose interest in things that have to be done. I am a budding writer, but of late lost all motivation to write, I find excuses to get around doing things for myself, I’m also an artist, but even that I am not able to concentrate on. What is wrong with me, what do I do to keep going. Please help.

You might be suffering from Depression. You are doing everything which is needed to fight Depression. I mean exercises, meditation, yoga, reading etc. While continuing all these, you may seek professional help.

Hi, I am 25 year old girl and was in a relationship for 2 years and was sexually active quite a lot. I will be getting married to a different person now, will he know from my physical condition at the sex organs that I have done it before as the condition is not that good. Please help me. Should I tell him before?

He will not know from your sex organs but experienced male can make out from the way you respond during sexual act. On moral ground it may sound wrong but you should not disclose this to him. It may create problem in your relationship, today or tomorrow.

Both of you did it knowingly, now show the maturity to accept it rather than regret it. If he is the only one who is feeling guilty (as you have not mentioned about your feelings) then help him to come out of the guilt by considering it as an impulsive act under natural desire.

Hi Dr. I am unable to take a decision in my life. Please help me. About Me: I am 24, am working as software engineer. I am in love with my college-mate since 4 years. He is also a software engineer, working in Chennai (he was working in Hyderabad; he changed his job to Chennai for my sake, as we planned to settle in Chennai). He loves me so much then I love him, we use to have many arguments, and still we understand each other and get convinced soon. We have a lot of hope that we will have a happy marriage life. However, the problem is my marriage. He is a Brahmin and I am a non-Brahmin (both are from middle-class orthodox family). Therefore, his parents not accept our love as this is an inter-cast and inter-language, inter-state. I broke my love to my father 3 years back, and he met my lover and said that he will arrange for marriage only even his parents accepts for our love. 3 years passed, I still did not turn back to my father regarding my love. Whenever he asks for marriage, I just postponed it saying some reason as career, visa, and onsite as such. But I feel my life is vague, I see most of my friend have a happy marriage life, but I still unable to turn up to my father for marriage, as the first question he will ask his whether his parents accepts for the marriage. Because of this, I mostly avoid talking to my father also, I was been very pet to my father from my childhood, but now a days because of my behaviour, I think he dislikes me and try to spend most of his time with my mother and my brother. I am possessive too. I love my father, and I would like to be close with him as before, but I don’t know whether he will like me or fully hates. My lover tried convincing his parents to the extreme, but that are not willing to accept our love, rather they say, as they are ready to leave their only son and asking him to marry me going away from his family. My lover is also willing to come out of his family and marry me, but I know he is also more attached to his parents, and so I don’t want to take him such a decision, as he is the only son to take care of his parents. This is the situation since 3 years, years passed, but still my problem wasn’t solved. Those days I did not have any indention to get married earlier, and so I waited for the solution. Now, I am feeling very lonely in spite of my lovable family and affectionate lover. I some times worry, whether I took wrong decision to fall in love, as I am hurting my parents and his parents and playing in my lover’s life. One thing I like to say is, we did not have any physical relation, but still we cannot live without each other. In addition, I cannot got against my parents, as I don’t want to create any bad name for them. I don’t know how I am going to explain my father regarding my situation, because I can also understand my father’s situation that he cannot arrange for marriage without my lover’s parents permission, as he will not be able to answer my relatives. This is the first time I have visited your website, and after reading your answers for others problem, I thought of writing to you. I am confused; I don’t know how to convince my lovers parents and my parents. However, one thing I am sure is, I want and I will marry him.

Tough. I think you should tell the facts to your father. Tell him current status, your keenness to marry him and ask his advise about what to do. This will definitely act as a breather. You will be able to deal with guilt to some extent and get emotional support. Transparency about current status of your relation will keep your familial support intact. You also let him know that you do not want to hurt them and at the same time not able to leave him. Ask your lover to negotiate with his parents continuously rather then maintaining status co. Ultimately, you may have to be prepared for displeasing some one, your parents, his parents, him or yourself.  

Respected Sir, I am into initial love with a Catholic guy and I am a Hindu. We both have very good understanding and we have realized that we are comfortable discussing any thing. Everything is fine except the inter religious issues. We are wondering to get married or not, because of many religious disparities. All we know is we both love each other. Please guide us as to how to think and go about it. What are the issues that might come up if married? Help Thanks so much.

People forget their existence in love and you are not able to forget your religion! Respect for each other’s individuality (religion is a part of it) is one of the prime requirement of love and you are not respecting each other’s religion! What kind of love it is?! You should not go ahead without understanding this.

Hello Sir I’m newly married lady. I and my hubby have good sexual life but the problem is, there is always a foul smell coming out from my private part as I take care a lot about my personal hygiene but don’t know why? Kindly help because it affects my sexual life.

You might have fungal or other infection in your private part. Please consult Gynecologist.

Sir, am born with 3 siblings. I am the last. I am very practical girl and I feel money is must in living very standard life. My parents are well off to offer. My problem is they are giving preference for boys than gals. I ask them to give assets in my name and get registered. I want to be done before my marriage. How should I approach them? They think that am keen on assets when others are keeping quite. The thing is already my 1st two of them have luxury houses in there name. I and sister are not having anything in our name. Only Jewellery. So how to approach them to give my things why should boys alone enjoying everything how can I make them to understand it.. thank you

Preference for a male child is an age old psyche of majority people (male and female both) so is the case with your parents. You can not compel them to give share from their assets. It is solely their wish. If they have inherited assets from your grand father then to get the share is your right and you can demand your share. Still you and your sister convince them for your share arguing that it can give you financial securities for difficult time.
Alternatively, make yourself capable enough to earn your livelihood and feel confident about yourself. Marry a man who can provide you financial and emotional securities. (As I guess, you are full of insecurities).
Joy and enjoyment of your own money is more satisfying then money you get as inheritance.