Hi, I am 32 years old and married from last 7 years. I have one daughter. My mom stays with me to take care of my daughter. My husband doesn’t like it but I can’t send my daughter to day care or with anyone else. My husband drinks and tells me that he drinks because of this. Please suggest what to do. Ours is love marriage but seems that now days more than love issues are bigger and feel like we are staying together for the sake of daughter and society. When I get upset about our relation, I end up thinking about one of my best friends. I tried talking to my hubby but he is not ready to listen. What do I do?

People, who are addicted to alcohol, have tendency to give various reasons for their drinking but most of reasons are to exploit the situation. If he does not want your mother then discuss with him about alternatives. If he is comfortable spending and thinks that maid can do better job than your mother then keep maid.

I had sex with my wife & during the sex I used condom. But for precautionary measure I had given her an i-pill & she had it within 72 hrs. But the concern is she was expecting her periods i.e by 30th which didn’t happen. We are just confused if the sex or the iPill has caused delay in her period. Please Advice.

Yes i-pill can cause delay.

Greetings Doctor, First of all I would like to thanks u for your priceless suggestion which u are giving to people. Sir whenever I talked to my girl friend on phone I get erection continuously till I talk to her, whenever I see sexy photo I got exited and start getting erected automatically. Whenever I am near my girl friend even I don’t touch her, semen start to flow from my penis. There had been many instances when I had to go temple with her as she believes on God too much, but as whenever I am with her, semen start flowing from my penis, so I feel that it is not fair to go inside temple in this condition, so I always had to make some excuses to not go inside temple. I fell really very embarrassed due to this problem. I am masturbating for almost 10 years by rubbing forward and backward my penis in the bed. So please tell me if is it good technique for masturbating or it is harmful to my penis and my sex life as I am virgin yet. Please suggest me. Thank you very much..

Masturbation is normal physiological act and won’t cause any harm. Your method is not harmful. Your problem of early discharge is known as Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual problem experienced by man. There are certain techniques, which can help you to stay longer. Kegel exercise is one of the very popular and effective techniques to control premature ejaculation. These are the exercises of pubococcygeus muscles (PC) muscles. A man can do these exercises anytime and anywhere and no one will even know about it. To identify the muscles of your pelvic floor stop your flow of urine next time you go to urinal. Contract the muscles tightly holding for 10 seconds i.e. stop urinating in between. Do this thrice a day repeating 10 times. The PC muscles control the urine and semen and firmness of your organ during erection, so keeping them strong will increase ejaculatory control. Even while masturbating you can practice stop and start i.e. rub for few thrust then stop for a minute and start rubbing again. Just relax on this, it should go away with some time.

Hi doctor, I am married women since last 10 years. My marital life was peaceful. However, since last 3-4 years my husband has changed a lot. He insults me a lot. avoid me and does not take my care, even medically. I belong to good family, but still he is not treating me good in many matters. Now a day, he does not tell me many things, which he was used to share with me before. We do not have good sex too. When I want to talk to him on this, he will just leave or shouts on me. When I want to know his problem, he doesn’t want to share with me. Now a day we have lot of verbal fights. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he just don’t want to talk on it. His behaviors suddenly change, now a day he goes out of the city for few days. Even I don’t want to have sex with him from last six months. What can I do to understand him and his feeling or problems? I just want to our marriage life should do fine; i love my husband so please tell me what I do now?

There must be some reasons for his aversion in relationship but difficult to judge what it is from your short mail. Don’t you have any slightest idea about it?! Just think over it, you may find some clue. There must be multiple reasons grown over a period. Possibility of an affair may not be ruled out. You may involve some one to whom he respects or close to both of you. You may directly ask him about his aversion, I’m sure you must have tried number of time. Until you know the reasons, it is difficult to go ahead.

Dear Sir, I am 31 yrs old male. I am a Computer Engineer. Many times I see snakes in my dreams. Somewhere I read that if we see snakes in dreams then we must have “Kal Sarp Yog” in our kundli. I have “Kal Sarp Yog” in my kundli. I have checked my kundli with 4-5 different people and conclusion is the same. I don’t believe that much in astrology but I see a snake in my dreams is a fact. Secondly, many times I see lot of things in dreams which is nowhere related to my real life. What could be the reasons?

Dreams have different schools of analysis. Dreams are simple manifestation of our day to day thoughts, events that we observe but don’t give much thought to it consciously. It is an occurrence of our unconscious mind that keeps working and churning at times even without our knowledge of the same. It is not always necessary that the things stored or dreamt are related to us, it may have sunk in from a movie, book, story we here from friends or any event that occurred which are insignificant so we did not pay much attention to it. As you mentioned about snakes and some irrelevant dreams there is no need to worry until and unless these dreams are causing some disturbance in your daily life. You should move on without paying much attention to these dreams. Also in case of your “ kal sarp yog” which you believe you have then get some “vidhi” done which will clear such obsessions….. DETAILED ANSWER MAILED TO THE READER

Hello Sir, We are in a relationship from last 2yrs. And I am Maharashtrian boy n love a jain girl. My parents are ready for our marriage but biggest problem is her parents. They r very orthodox ppl. She is trying to convince them from last one year but no positive response. Also the topic starts once i.e. only one day n then it stops other day. In last one year it just happened for 4 times. She doesn’t have any support from her family. Her father is very short tempered. Her mother supports her a little. She is very depressed because of this. Her parents’ r not willing to meet me or my parents. So, do u think even though her parents r not ready to meet my parents, should my parents meet her parents? But what if they speak rudely n bad words n d situation gets spoiled? She has strong support from my family n I don’t want to spoil that. They r emotionally blackmailing her. She is firm enough to marry me but she also wants her parents’ agreement on our marriage and this is not very possible. She has tried each n every way of making her parents understand. Now even my parents are pressuring on getting us married. We r very much confused. Her caste is such that that even the ppl in her relation would speak ill about her n her parents. Marrying me would b little difficult for her parents too but then every one accepts it. But this is d reason she doesnt want to run away n marry bcos of her narrow-minded family bcos they will talk so much non-sense. On the other hand if we marry in a festive manner so people will speak but not much. also they dont have to live shamefully for sum months. Please help us out. Should v wait for some more time? Should I go n meet his parents? Should our parents meet? We don’t think running away is a good idea and we want that it should happen love cum arranged marriage. Pls sir pls help us. The situation is so much bad. Please advice us. Please.

Any one, you or your parents; going to her parents should be mentally prepared to take an insult from them. If you are not, then do not go to talk to them.  If they behave in insulting way and if you are not prepared to take that, then it will generate bitterness in your relations.
If you are not in favor of running away, then it is a game of patience and firmness on either side. Who so ever keep more patience and show more firmness will win. During this waiting period both of you should be integrated and should not succumb to any pressure tactics, may be emotional or physical.
You can not wait endlessly. You may give dead line to them so that they will be pressurized to take some decision.
Caste and relatives can not be pleased, any way!

Dear Sir, I am Bachelor / Single. I do masturbate once or twice in a month. I feel excitement but I control it and do masturbate rarely. Is it fair or harmful?

Masturbation is natural physiological urge. By no means it is harmful (except when it is a part of compulsion and done publicly, which is considered sexual deviation). For masturbation it is said that 95% males are masturbating and rest 5% are liars!

Hello doctor, I need your advice. I want to discuss the problem of my brother and his wife. They had a married life of around 3 years. The problem is the abnormal behavior and short tempered nature of my bhabhi. The problem was started just after their marriage. She got tempered even without any sufficient reason. Sometimes that makes reason of fighting between bhaiya and bhabhi. My brother loves her so much but she makes doubt on him on his each activities. She said that he has relation with other ladies and he interested in other ladies. This is not true. Even we have to be very careful while talking with her because anything can make her tempered. We had tried so many times to know the reason of her short tempered nature but everything is in vein. Now her nature makes her and my brother’s life miserable. Please help us and suggest some way to change her nature.

Was she short tempered and suspicious before marriage? If she was, she may have personality problems or psychotic illness. If she wasn’t, she may have some relationship issues. In both cases it is better to see Psychiatrist. To change some one’s nature, one requires that person’s support and willingness to change. You can not change her nature by changing yourself with out her cooperation in the process.

How to lead a happy life after love breakup?

Do you think my one paragraph answer will serve the purpose?! This require sessions, first analytical then therapeutic.

Sir, from the last five months I am experiencing a severe depression and headache. All this has happened due to the following reason: The incident happened when I went to Rajasthan for my engagement purpose. On 10th April-09 when I was about to leave my home to see the girl I got a phone call from a strange guy. He told me that the girl you are going to see I am in love with her and we are roaming together. I have told this to my parents they told me that somebody has just given a fake call; you first see the girl and meet her then only you come to know about the actual story. Since they have already liked the girl, I went with my own and cousin brothers. I met her and she told me that she was not aware about the phone call. At that time I made up my mind to say no as apart from phone call which has created a doubt in my mind, I didn’t like the girl much and I told this to my brother as this is the case .After that due to my brothers and aunt pressure I have said yes. After coming from Rajasthan this doubt that who has given the call disturbed my mind and I fell into depression. I was so much tensed that I was not able to sleep properly. I thought that I should have taken more time. I have said yes under pressure with little time, I must have said no, why my brothers put me under pressure as they have taken this issue lightly or I should not had left home when the phone call came or I should have enquired about the phone call. Finally the engagement is broken after two months. The guy who has given the call is still a mystery. Even though this relationship is broken all these past events keep coming in my mind and disturbs me. I have lost my self belief, confidence and the self image in my family. That day keeps coming in my mind and disturbs me a lot. One bad decision has caused me so much. I didn’t imagine in my whole life that such thing could happen to me. Please advise and help me to come out from this otherwise I would not be able to concentrate on my next engagement. I have got a high regards for you.

I agree that you made a mistake by taking such an important decision of your life under someone’s pressure. But now that you have rectified your mistake by breaking an engagement you should stop thinking about it. you are already out of this. Try to look forward in your life and move ahead.