Hello doctor. My age is 23. I am very lean and have low weight. All of my family members are smart and well built. I am very much tensed because of this. I also feel very weak. I masturbate a lot. Is this the reason I am very lean? My friends say if a person masturbates a lot, he becomes lean. Is this true? Please advice me how to put on weight.

Masturbation is normal physiological act. It has no relation with weight. Masturbation never causes weight loss. To increase your weight you should take healthy balance diet, exercise regularly (more of weight training then aerobics) and learn to relax. Worries regarding weight will prevent weight alteration. You may consult Physician to rule out medical conditions like Hyperthyroidism, Anxiety Neurosis etc.

Sir, I have question that how can I devote concentration at one time at one work? Actually from the last couple of months I can’t concentrate in my studies and part time work because I am always distracted with the social networking sites like facebook , watsapp etc. These all are I feel useless and waste of time but it is also on the other side necessary for some emergency!! I have a major doubt that I can’t control my emotions regarding these kind of social netwroking sites. I am very much in trouble, I didn’t know my emotions are conveyed to you or not!!! but I am in trouble and can’t find any solution !!

Distraction caused by social networking is very common now a days.It eats up lot of your time and attention. If you donot have control over an urge to look at it frequently, either you need to log out from that platform or set your privacy settings so that people cannot post or tag you. This can reduce your distraction if you are not keen on gossips or not full of curiosity to know what others are up to. If you are considering emergency messages as a necessity then you can have many other options like phone call or smses or less popular networks where the oppurtunity of distraction is low.
If i have to give one word solution to this then that word would be “self control”.

Hello sir, I’m in a big trouble. Actually I’m in a relationship with a guy and we both love each other a lot. We also decided to marry but the day I talked with him about my past that I was in a relationship with some other guy, he is totally lost. He is not eating, not caring what is going on and when he is with me he seems he is absent. I asked him to leave me or marry someone else but he responded that he would die without me . I don’t know what should I do, please suggest me.

It seems that he is not able to digest your past. Give him some time, so that possibly he can digest the same and get over it. Try to make him understand that if he has to accept you, he has to accept your past as well. Do not try to justify your past as he needs to accept it as a fact. Just in case; he is not able to get over this then you shouldn’t impose yourself on him.

I m a regular reader of ur articles. i read your one of the old aritcle regarding relationship and expectation. and i found it very similar to my case. i want ur advice and further information in this regard. Hope you will help me and give me some good advice. you had written in tht article dated 16th february, 2005 tht bcoz of ur more expectations u suffer in ur relationship. but its nt tht much easy to stop ur expectation from ur luved ones. i knw its very wrong. but can u give some advice tht how we can stop our expectations from others. yes as u written, i m the same kind of person who wonder for luv of people, i always give 100% in any relation whether they r my friends or my family. but yes m expecting also. how to stop my expactiations?

Dear R P
Reducing expectations in relationship is an indirect process. You cannot reduce them straight away. Reduction in expectations is a byproduct of change in your attitude. You need to understand that giving 100% in relations is your attitude but it is not necessary that other person have the same attitude. Unfortunately, emotions do not follow Newton’s third law so it cannot be equal from both ends. Giving 100% does not give you guarantee of getting 100% back. This understanding will reduce your expectations automatically.

Dear Sir, in small age I was doing some wrong way of erection, today I am married but whenever I’m free, I do the same, I have tried my level best but I am not able to come out from it. This is very bad habit of mine of doing sex alone.

Self-control is the key. Alternatively you may involve your wife and ask her to help you.

How to solve sexual problems with my husband , specially that sometimes I feel that our sexual life doesn’t make difference to him cause he is always opening sexual sites through the internet and leaving me alone although I know that he loves me and am beautiful.

From your very short description what I guess is, he might be having voyeurism. It is one kind of sexual deviation in which person get sexual pleasure by viewing erotic pictures, movies etc. Sexual sites are full of such materials. All males like to see such pictures and movies to some extent. However, they do not avoid actual act. As he is avoiding actual act (even though you are beautiful and he loves you) he requires treatment, if he agrees.

I take zapiz-1 tablet then I forget all. I take this tablet daily. My problem is I get angry very fast. After half an hour I become normal .Please help me Sir.

Zapiz is not a drug which you should take without medical supervision. Try anger management techniques.

Is there any possibility of pregnancy just by putting penis on vegina or just by pushing that a bit inside the vagina on the 6-7 day of menstrual cycle?

No, 10 days following menstrual cycle is safe period.

Two years back I got married. My problem is about sex. I want to know, after how much time physical relation should be done? My husband gives a big gap for it like 3 or 4 months and some time more than this. So I want to know that after 2 years this gap is ok??

Frequency of sex varies according to individual and his/her age. There are other factors too. Almost all surveys done regarding frequency, concludes that after two years of married life majority of couples do it some where between once a day to thrice a week. It may vary beyond these figures but once in 3-4 months is too low frequency.

I had a serious relation with a guy but we could not get married bcoz of family pressure. We decided to quit. But after 2 years we still have strong feelings for each other. The problem is that last year I entered into a new relationship and the guy loves me a lot but I am not able to respond in the same way and always think of my previous relationship. What should I do?

Woman can not love two man simultaneously (I’m not referring to flirting or faked love for some goals!). She will always remain confused and tense in such situation. Accept the fate of first relationship, wind it up. You have to take an initiative and firm step in that direction. Your male partner will not be able to initiate this; he may try to convince you for maintaining both relationships. Man can do it, woman can not….It’s natural gender difference!