Sir, I read in class XII.I need someone’s help. Please help me. I have a boyfriend. I love him from deepest core of my heart. But he really hurt me every time. He talks to a girl who is my classmate. Sometimes he really behaves with me so bad, that I really feel exhausted. He had been physically close with that gal, and they blame me for this. I wanted to kill myself for that. But now I really want to study as I was a very good student. Please help me.

If he hurts you and has no regards for you and top of it having relationship with other girl, then you should leave him at any cost.

I had sex 6 months ago. Week after week I felt strange feeling. Right now I feel my penis is dead. I still can feel it when I masturbate, but am not that sensitive as before. I did not get sick or anything else. What happened to me?

Nothing, you have become more conscious about it. Just relax and stop evaluating your erection. Things will get normal automatically.

I am 24 year old Guy. I have just finish my MBA & working with one MNC Bank.1 & half year back I met one girl. She is 21 year old. She was married girl with 42 Year old man. I was very close to her. She told me that she have not got married with that man, only because of some family financial problem she is staying with him from last 4 years. I love her very much & she also loves me. I asked her to come with me we will get married. She wants to come with me. But she is telling that it’s not easy to leave that person. Because she was with him from last 4 year so he will not leave her easily & he will create lots of problem for us. I can not leave without her & she also. I am very frustrated on that because I can not do anything for her.plz help me on that what I should do because of my job & carrier is also affecting from that

If she is not married to him, she can walk away anytime. Legally speaking, he can not compel her to stay with him. If you both are firm on your decision, no one can prevent you to get married. You may take help of her family members (I believe they are in your support) and in worst case, of police.

I’m married for a year now. We got engaged 6months before our marriage. He’s the only guy I’ve ever dated. We dated for 1 1/2 years before we got engaged. No past neither flings nor affairs no fooling around. Never believed in it though I’ve had numerous proposals from guys I thought its better to enjoy life with friends now than get into relationships. The problem is like always I was over at my guy place and I just happened to use his laptop as I needed to use the internet. I found several porn sites open. When I checked tab I found more links. I was just very taken aback. Since I was upset he figured out the reason and without me even asking him or complaining he promised me he’ll never ever visit one again. He doesn’t need to and they don’t mean anything to him. I blindly believed him. Never doubted him for anything. I’m not the suspicious kind of a person nor do I snoop around in others business. 6months into marriage like always I was surfing the net and on the address slot I found the porn site links I’d seen way back then. I immediately asked him that are u watching porn again and he just denied it completely and told me it’s from the past. The thing is I didn’t believe the story. I hate liars or lying. That’s one thing I can’t stick. Be honest and accept whatever you are doing, good or bad. Life rolled on I found newer sites and I again asked him and he again denied. After Diwali(2008) I was admitted to the hospital for asthma. The day I came back home from the hospital the same day my brother in law was leaving for college after Diwali break. Since I was advised rest I was sleeping. At 4 in the morning I woke up and found him missing. I went looking for him and found him masturbating in a room. [We had sex that very evening. We’d not had sex in 6 days and though just back from the hospital I still had sex because I knew he’d be desperate]. I was so shocked that I just came back to my room and slept. I couldn’t take the site of him. After a week of no talking he finally asked me what the deal is. I told him and all he had to say was I tried stopping myself but I couldn’t stay away from porn. We’ve had 4 massive fights one time when I literally slapped him. Till date he still watches it. When I’m away from him or he’ll try sending me to my parent’s house when he’s off work. I have clearly stated my feelings to him. Frankly it’s not the porn it’s the lying and hiding which is bothering me. I can’t stand liars. I’ve never lied to him even knowing I’ve made a grave mistake I’m honest. That’s what I want him to be. I even told him I’ll watch it with you and act things out be a part of your fantasies if that’s what you want .But he doesn’t say anything. He just says I’m sorry its a mistake and it will never happen again and then again the minute I’m out of the house he’s jerking off again. I can’t trust him anymore. I love him too much to end things and I can’t talk to him because he never wants to get into discussions. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t.

Almost all males are voyeur to some extent and some of them are addicted to it. He is amongst the one who might be addicted. These addicted males keep on watching, collecting and storing pornographic materials in different forms. Many women are very sensitive about men’s habit of looking at pornographic materials and feel neglected. He is lying because you object and fight. Stop objecting and fighting but you should leave this topic with a note that you do not like his habit. You have to understand that this is like other habits (Smoking, Alcohol etc.), more you nag more it worsens. Do not think that his habit is because of some inadequacies on your part.

I am not able to leave smoking for her pls tell me how can I quit?

To leave smoking you need honest commitment to yourself and strong will power. If you have these then you do not require anything, just go ahead and stop it; you will not die. But if you do not have commitment and will power then consult psychiatrist.He will help you.

I am 27 yr old, well settled telecom engineer. Recently I came across an orkut community wherein I happened to meet a girl. She is 22 now & engineer by profession as well. She is having all the qualities which I wish to have in my wife. I was looking out for a long relationship which I can convert into marriage. Before starting our relationship she accepted that she had short affairs with 2 guys in high school where they do not have any physical relationship. In engineering college she had a serious affair with a guy for about a year. After two months of my proposal, checking her chat history I came to know that she still continued friendship with her Ex Boyfriend from engineering college. On the same day she accepted that they were very close to each other at times. She accepted that once on his B’day he forced her to drink & probably had fingering or sex with her. Because there were blood stains but she said next day her MC started. Now she said she is deeply in love with me & promised me that she would never ever do anything which will hurt me. I know as of now she thinks only of me. When I asked she completely discontinued contact with her previous relationships & said she would never ever contact them, just for me. We had disclosed our relation in our families. But this thing keeps on boggling me. I too love her a lot but I am confused to go ahead with it or not.

She should have confessed everything at the onset rather than after you found out. This kind of honesty is a foundation of strong long term relationship; somehow she failed to show that. Of course two months is a very short span for such bold confession but when you have asked once (she should have confessed at that time but she did not) and then you found out untold things is little disturbing. This gives me a feeling of manipulative nature that she might have. If you can digest this, then go ahead.

I broke up with my boyfriend because he always said that he would not marry me whenever he was in bad mood, and sometimes he used abusive language also. He says he never really meant that, it was just my temper. Here I am getting confused about this guy whether to continue or not, though we were together for 3 years. What should I do? Please help.

His threats of not getting married with you and using abusive language shows lack of respect for you. He considers you as an outlet for his bad mood. Relationship, where partners does not have respect for each other and using other partner as punching bag, will not go peacefully on long run. I think your decision to break up is right.

Dear Sir, I’m happy to stumble upon your website. I have a fiancée whom we have dated for 6 years 3 months. I really love this girl and she claims to love me too. We arranged to get married early January 2009. All the marriage arrangements have been made. I discovered this April that she had been having an affair for the past 2 years in school. She has been sending and receiving love messages to this guy. Since the day I discovered it, I’m have been finding it difficult to forget about it even though she apologized. I’m having feelings that she is still keeping the affair or maybe having other affairs. She still keeps the phone number of this guy. I’m thinking of quitting his relationship. Memories of she is unfaithful of fooling me keep hunting me. How do I approach this? I’m finding difficult to believe that she still love me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your concern to help.

Trust is the foundation of healthy interpersonal relationship. Try to resolve your doubts through frank discussions with her. Explain her, what keeps on worsening your doubts. Understanding at both ends can resolve this successfully.

I want to ask that, I have been in a very short relationship of about 20 days with a guy. We got little bit intimate that’s it, then he just broke off. So I ended everything. Then I fell for his friend. He is so good to me. Should I tell him about whatever happened between me and him or just tell him this much that we were close but no such thing happened. What should I do?

Guys have a habit of talking about their affair; including every detail of what they did, with close friends. This is truer when they have already broken off. There are all chances that he may talk about your relationship to his friend so if you do not want to take chance then honestly tell him.

Hello Sir, Please help me for the following case. My father has been consuming alcohal for last 30 years. He makes issues about small small things for example:- A bottle cap left opened. Keys not found at the right place. mom preparing something accidently which he doesnt like. He has often beaten her up for these things. Also he cant tolerate the mere presence of maternal relatives. Recently they came to my house as there was some death in the family. He could not tolerate that and found out some excuse to abuse my mausi and then started beating my mother She is 52 now and I am really afraid as he might beat her badly some day…. Some details about my father. He is unemployed, left his job 20 years ago and started some businesses but because of his nature, left everything. Could you please suggest what we shall do?

Your father has problem of Alcoholism.His behavioural problems like spouse beating,abusing relatives etc. may be related to his alcoholism.He may have underlying personality disorder. You should take him to psychiatrist for Deaddiction and Rehabilitation.