Hello Sir. I’m 24. I’m a model. My height is 5’8. And I want my height 6 feet. So is it possible to increase the height. I have searched some websites mostly informed that with help of stretching exercises height can be increase to 3 t0 4 inches. Is it true and effective? I am afraid that with this exercise the length of my neck can increase. How to increase real height? Please suggest me.

It is not possible to increase your height at this age.

I am in love with a girl. She was also interested in the beginning. Later she started avoiding me. She used to work in the same company where I was working. I quit the Co. due to job dissatisfaction. Now she doesn’t even talk to me over the phone.

Avoidance followed by no communication! Accept that it’s over.

Sir, I love a girl. i proposed her and she accepted. When I discussed the matter with my parents, they readily agreed to our relationship .but her mother denied even after much persuasion. So my parents finally forced me to marry and I did so in last June. The girl I love is very good and sensitive. Her parents are divorced; she was brought up by her mother. She is the only child of her parents. I thought I must give her emotional support and continued my relationship. Instead of bringing her out of trauma, we developed more intimacy. Now she forces me to marry her. Please help me, because I am in a fix.

Thinking of getting married to that girl is out of question as u cannot do this to some innocent person like your wife. It was your mistake that after marriage u continued this relationship. Why should your wife pay the price for that? Accept that you are a married person now and you should not carry on with relationship, Start withdrawing yourself from the relationship to complete break up. No strings should remain attached otherwise emotional issues will entangle you.

Hi Dr Hansal, I am male, age 29 working in a govt agency. I have got married last yr June and have completed one and a half yr of marriage. I got married to the same girl with whom I was in a steady relationship since 2002. I don’t know now whether it’s me or her to blame for the terrible relationship as a husband and a wife we have between us. It all started last year when my parents joined me for their treatment for arthritis and dad for pacemaker check up. The frequency between my mother and my wife didn’t match which resulted in their being thrown out of my house by my wife and her father who is also posted here. Actually my parents are very simple and they don’t speak much that’s one of the reasons why they accepted going away from my house. We are from a poor family when compared to my wife’s family. And her father keeps on reminding me of that. It was a very painful experience for me as I never ever even in my thoughts dreamed about all these things happening in my life. Somehow I overcame all these things. As per my wife’s version she was mentally harassed by my parents, which may be true but there were other ways of dealing with it but was not dealt with. Then for about 5 months or so we didn’t have any sort of problems between us. But suddenly one fine day she stopped talking to me on some petty issue of coming late to pick her up from some place. This resulted in a quite a big quarrel between us where she resorted to abusing me in all possible ways and threatening to divorce me. Somehow again I accepted my fault (as per her) and bent on my knees not to leave me and go to her father’s place every now and then. All went up fine after I was compelled to apologize from her and her father. In December we had planned to go to her hometown as she said, but my father’s pacemaker developed a problem due to which I had to move in two days, she again snubbed me and cancelled the whole programme, as she doesn’t even speak to my parents, in spite of my assuring her the visit as per plan. She is again not speaking to me and abusing me in all possible ways. She is also calling up her sisters and speaking all ill about me even to this effect that I am badly stuck at this man’s hand, and I don’t want a kid as he would leave me and many more. This has hurt me like anything. I have done so much for her , supported her in all possible ways, agreed to all things said by her, I mean has done whatever she has said but this is the outcome I am getting. I am very much mentally disturbed by this relationship but hesitate to take any drastic step as I love her a lot. I am confused. Please tell me what I should do. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide also as I know, I cannot do anything to bring back the happiness what we had between us. I feel that her father is the main culprit who’s been brain washing her every now and then. To tell you one more thing, her mother is mentally imbalanced as people say that her (my wife’s) father has beaten her up so much that she has lost her mental balance around 20 yrs back so she doesn’t stays with him at this place and she resides alone at their ancestral place.

You did mistake by apologizing where you were not wrong. When you accept her bullies like this, it is at the cost of self respect. Now she knows that she is your weakness and you are not able to live without her, naturally she will show her attitude. You should make your stand absolutely clear on your parent’s issue and should not tolerate her misbehaviour. I’m not telling you to fight with her but at the same time you have to defend your self-respect at any cost. While changing your attitude like this, she may throw tantrums against it. You have to be firm on your stand.
If her mother is suffering from some mental illness, then there is a possibility that she may have inherited bad temper or personality traits.

My elder sister had a love marriage and had a divorce. My parents got much freaked out and upset and have now completely devoted themselves onto astrology. They are obsessed with astrology. I live in a hostel. Whenever I go home, I feel as if the atmosphere at home is just so repulsive that I would rather run away from home than stay at home. Moreover I am committed to a person who is my colleague. My parents have got my horoscope seen by someone astrologer who tells them that if I have a relationship right now, my life will get destroyed. Now the trouble is that I have been with this person for 1.5 years and he has brought a lot of happiness for me. Moreover I’m not scared of anything right now. But there are times when I feel so guilty cuz I think that I should leave the guy at once since my parents expect something from me. Truthfully speaking, I feel that things will become better. So I’m keeping the affair clandestine for the moment. Am I a bad person or a bad daughter? I am been suffering from depression since high school and was very shy socially. I am better now. I don’t want to go back and get into depression again.

Astrology is a matter of faith; you cannot shake the beliefs of those who have faith in it. If you do not have faith in that, then ignore it and go ahead. By choosing a life partner of your choice, you will not become a bad person or bad daughter. Remove the guilt and talk to your parents about your relationship, you may wait for proper time. You have to show your firmness and commitment towards your relationship so that they are indirectly compelled to think about that.

If you do not want to have Depression in future then try to resolve your existing guilt, overcome the tendency of holding yourself responsible for everything (which promotes guilt and thereby depression) and stop evaluating everything in spectrum of right and wrong.

My wife is experiencing some unseen objects who is troubling her in the sex parts, doesn’t get proper sleep, is it possible or it is a mental problem ? Pse advise.

This could be paranoid delusion which is one of the symptoms of mental illness. You should consult psychiatrist for detailed evaluation.

Respected sir, I am 27 yrs old male. I am very introvert, shy, submissive, pessimistic and low in confidence. However, very hardworking, strong will power, Good looking, sacrificing & fair by heart and passionate about my career. I belong to lower middle class Haryanvi family. My English was very poor but anyhow, by hard work & will power I improved it in last 5-6 yrs. Now I am associated with one of biggest MNC for last 3 yrs. where I am struggling with inferiority complex as my all colleagues are rich & belong to Punjabi culture and they talk about the advice things & some of them know good English also. I always keep on thinking what they would be thinking about me (Inferior, backward, arrogant, egoistic, just shy & normal…) as I am not so rich, advance & always keep mum. They speak freely with anyone (including other colleagues, bosses) and in group, huddle but I never speaks in huddle due to my before mentioned nature. They tried to speak & be friendly with me also but I never responded positively, ignored them & kept quite. Please advice what should I do to overcome my aforementioned nature & problem and how to boost my confidence since it is mandate to grow in life.

First of all, start responding them positively once they try to be friendly with you. You cannot change your socio-economic class immediately so accept it as a part of reality. English, anyway you can improve.

Hello Doc, I am in a weird situation. Something that makes me feel guilty, at times. I have been married for 3 years now and living with my husband out of India. I am attracted towards my husband’s friend. I know it is just a lust and not love. I feel that even he’s attracted towards me, again not for love but mere lust! This fills me with guilt. But I am unable to stop myself thinking about him in a physical way. I want him to approach me; you may say I want to evade it in a clean way. Can you help me get out of it, please or suggest over this, please! Thanks

Whether it is love or lust, once you feel guilty about it you should not go further in this. Guilt is a worst feeling to live with. Check your emotions and stay away from any kind of contact with him. If you really do not want to get in to it, honestly confess your lust to your husband. Boredom can be one of the major reasons for developing such relations.  I’m not sure that whether you are working or not but if you are not then start working.  And finally if it’s mere lust from his side then it would get over with physical relations and you will be left with feelings of being used up.

How to lead a happy life after love breakup?

Do you think my one paragraph answer will serve the purpose?! This require sessions, first analytical then therapeutic.

I am 37 year old unmarried male; I have habit of frequent Masturbation. My problem is that if I don’t masturbate for long say for 48 hours my area around testicles starts paining along with back pain and sometimes scrotum gets swelling. In such condition if I masturbate and once the fluid is discharged, slowly my scrotum/testicles and back stops paining. My position of masturbation is a face-down (prone) position. Please do advice in the matter. Kindly acknowledge. Thanks.

This has to be psychological. There is no medical logic to explain this type of pain. If you are thinking that pain is because of collection of semen in testis then let me tell you that in such cases person gets nocturnal emissions (night discharge). Moreover testicular pain referred to abdomen (your tummy) and not to your back. One of the two things you can do, ignore the pain (pain is not so severe, I suppose) or masturbate (which is not going to harm you so far it is not becoming your compulsion).