Sir, I’m 19 yrs old. The problem is, I met with an accident few months ago and suffered minor pelvis fracture. In MRI scan report, it is identified that I have a cyst in my left ovary; will that cause any hindrance for my pregnancy after marriage? I’m very confused and worried about this. Please do reply me.

Sometimes cysts cause difficulties in conception of fetus. It depends upon type of the cyst. Kindly consult Gynecologist nearby for finer details about your problem.

Hello Doc. Few days earlier I and my girl friend had long duration smooch. We did not do any sex. Now she feels physical weakness and giddiness, sometimes. Doc is it a serious problem?

No. This has no relation with your kissing. She may have some underlying psychological issues or correlating her minor physical complaints with the act.

Hello Dr. Just flipping the pages of ‘femina’ magazine, I came across this website and thought of surfing through it. After having a look at it for about a while I was surprised to see that you literally advice and help people and those people have actually found solutions to their problems. Hats off to you sir!! Coming to my problem, it’s a peculiar one. I am married since one year now. My husband and I decided to have kids after a year. Because of certain insecurities or lack of knowledge, my husband was afraid to have intercourse. Time fled and gradually we were only involved in foreplay and he ejaculated after rubbing the penis on vagina with clothes on. (He also had insecurity in using condoms) Now, after one year had passed, we decided to have proper intercourse, but before planning we decided to visit our doctor since I have hypothyroidism. Doctor suggested me to reduce at least 10 kgs weight before conceiving. (Currently my weight is 71.5 kgs). When we actually tried to have intercourse we were unable to find a situation in which insertion can take place. We have just tried once till now. Does this happen with everyone? How much time will we take to have proper intercourse? Can you please guide me as to how to reduce weight? If I conceive with this weight, will there be any problems (to me or to the new life)? Does hypothyroidism has any effect on the pregnant woman or to the baby inside?

It is strange that you did not have intercourse for one year and that too out of ignorance! Anyway, every novice couple may have problem with proper insertion. Do not get impatient; it is a matter of practice and gaining experience after each act.
Hypothyroidism usually causes weight gain. You may find enormous advises on how to lose weight. I will tell you three simple things. Proper control of thyroid function. Stop sugar in all forms (body will start utilising fat). Start exercising; at least 40 min/day (gradually reach to 40 min target). Anything more than these will add to your benefits.
You may conceive with this weight and hypothyroidism is not going to bother much under medical supervision.

I got married about 7 months ago with a guy who had done M.Com. And now working as a PRO. We have a joint family, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife and their 4-year-old child. My father-in-law died 2 years ago. Basically, my husband’s nature is dominant. Generally, till our marriage everyone asks him for any kind of solutions and follows his instructions, but the problem starts with our relation. I was in third semester of MBA at the time of our engagement and working as a MT and earning a bit more than him at the time of our engagement. We are 4 members in family on my mother’s side, my parents and 1 handicap sister. My husband’s financial condition was not so good at the time of our engagement due to share market collapse, so he was not ready for marriage till I finish my MBA. I was already 30 years old and he was 34 years old at the time of our engagement and I have two relation breaks (engagement) before also due to some problems. One guy was a fraud and the other broke the relation only due to some misunderstanding. I already had clarified these things to my husband at our very first phone talk and he didn’t mind for such matters. My parents were thinking that we already have crossed the marriage age and I had two bad experiences before also, so this time they don’t want to wait. From their point of view, their thinking is right and also I know my husband’s situation very well, so he was also right at that time, so I feel a dilemma, and I requested him to get ready for marriage and I had told him that we’ll do court marriage to save the cost, which he was not ready for, he just want to wait and I cant convince my parents for it, so he got ready for marriage but this decision hurt his ego, he basically is dominant and he had to let-go for this matter, which is difficult for him to accept and he has some bias for my parents from this decision that they want to take benefit of his weakness. Then, another situation comes. I am working from home PC, job work. After marriage, he wanted me to ask my parents to shift our PC to my new home. Now, we are living in joint family and our marriage decision was very quick as I already have told. In marriage, as I am the only child for my parents, obviously they gave me a lot. So, when my husband asked for PC, my parents took it wrongly that my husband did marriage only for money and things, which he wants to collect from my parents’ home, and so they refused. They told that they will give everything but slowly, not this much immediately just after marriage. So, again my husband’s ego was hurt. I gave him a solution that I leave the job and stop working from home and accept a job at some another company, so that we don’t need to invest money for PC and also we don’t need to ask anyone to give us PC for work and I can also support him financially. He took money on interest for marriage, which I am well aware of, so I don’t want to leave the job at all, but I don’t know why he was not ready for that and then all my problems started. He become stubborn that why my parents refuse to give PC to me if it is only for my use. Why they are trying to take benefit of his financial situation every now and then. He thought that they are hurting his self-respect and I am supporting them, but I never thought that way. I think to work from another company outside the home is a good option and it wont hurt anyone’s feelings and self-respect, but he was not ready at all. Now, this is my last semester of MBA and still the conflict is going on. He doesn’t want me to leave the job, doesn’t want me to get outside the home for job, also doesn’t want me to use any of my savings even for my own costs, and the only thing going on in his mind is that my parents are his enemy and I am supporting only them and so I never ever oppose their decision to not give me the PC. Now, isn’t it strange that on one side he talks about self-respect and on the other hand he becomes this much stubborn to get things from my parent’s home? If he believes this much in self-respect then he himself should refuse to take anything from my parents’ home once they refuse it. My condition is worst in all this, almost like sandwich. Neither can I convince my parents nor him for any better solution. Now, slowly he becomes suicidal and wants to kill himself. So many times he hit himself, but the other thing I noticed is even if he hit himself, it doesn’t cause any serious injury to his body and even if he always threats me that he will do suicide, but he never ever take any such step also. He has four stones in his kidney, which is hurting him badly but now he even is not ready for laser treatment of it. I really don’t know how to handle this situation and who is wrong in all this. Right now, I work from my mother’s home. I come at around 11 o’clock in the morning after finishing all my home work and then after finishing my job work from my mother’s home, I again go to my husband’s home at around 7 o’clock in the evening. I even told him that if he wishes I can leave the job at all only for him, but he doesn’t accept it also. He refuses all options and just repeats one thing again and again that my parents are his enemy, they want to take benefit of his financial situation, he will kill himself, etc., etc. Try to answer me if possible.

I do not know why you people are sweating on small stuffs. Your husband is overreacting and your parents are behaving immaturely. I think you should purchase new PC on loan and finish the matter.

I got mariied one year back and my sexual life is not good….my orgasm happens very fast so i ma not able to satisfy my it because of masterbation i had from chilhood?please tell if i need to see some doctor or any medicine…thanks in advance

Your problem is called Premature Ejaculation. It is the most common sexual problem men have. It is 100 percent curable. You need to take medicine called SSRI or TCA. Some exercises (Kegel’s) and foreplay methods helps. Please see Psychiatrist, who will prescribe these drugs and will teach you exercises.

Dear Sir. The advice you gave me last time worked to a very great extent. Thanks a million Sir, for your valuable advice. I had written to you months ago regarding the below (mentioned in brief) “It is about 5 yrs for my marriage, we have a child of 4 yrs. My husband refuses to have sexual relations with me for the past 4yrs due to the criticism made by his mother about me & my family. But more than me he loves his parents. He easily gets influenced with whatever she tells him. Her constant complains about my family has created hatred in the heart of my husband too, for my mother. He does not even allow me & my child to visit my parents.”” On this Dr. you had advised me to be firm & tell my husband that I have responsibilities towards my parents also. I did so & my parents also came over to my house. This has now made a way for me & my child to visit my parents since one year. Thanks to you Dr. Thanks so much. But I now have a new problem related to this. I’m quite sure my husband sent me & my child, against his & his parents’ will, to my parent’s house, though he never accompanied us on any occasion/ function. I used to go all alone since 1year. The problem sir is that after I come back from my parent’s house, he behaves in a very strange manner, as though he is very sad because of my behavior. He has even recently stopped going out on Sundays with me & my child. He told me that he does not want me to visit them. He hates them a lot. I’m confused sir, whom do I choose? My parents or my husband, if I chose my husband (which I did in the past & which did hurt me a lot, as he still never had a physical relation” with me, I missed my parents, I felt left out) then my mother starts crying & longing to be with her grandchild. She then told me in the past that if she dies I should not come even for her funeral. I just don’t know what to do sir, I’m fed up of all this. I’m pressed between both my husband & my parents. It irritates me when he is with his parents. I have never asked him to separate from his parents then why is he asking me to NOT even visit my parents. Is he emotionally blackmailing me? What do I do Sir? How do I handle this behavior of his? I’m confused sir, whom do I choose? Please help me sir, I need your help urgently.

Ignore his tantrums. Whenever you got to have this topic open, try to make him realize that you continue visiting them not to hurt him but you have to, because you feel morally responsible for this.

Dear Dr. I was surfing the net for various sex problems and that is how I got into this site. It seems to be very useful as I have read a lot of questions and answers. I like the way you advise people. Now coming to my problem, I am of age 25 and recently married. It was a love marriage and after 2 years. My parents were not willing at first and as time passed they accepted my choice. Now after getting married, my penis is not erecting fully when I try to insert. I never had the problem like this when I used to masturbate. But when I have sex with my wife this is happening. I thought it is because I am doing it for the first time and later on things will get better. But it seems things go on worsening. I am working offshore and go home for leave every 2 months. I have heard that people working offshore faces such problems, is that true? Also heard that if we are having a habit of watching porn movies this can happen. Kindly advise me on this problem and give a solution. Is there any natural way to cure this? If so kindly advise.

As you are getting full erection during masturbation, you do not have serious problem. Because you go home every 2 months, you are under the pressure to perform. This performance pressure is the root cause of your problem. With every failure, your pressure is going to increase and your problem is worsening. Do not worry and be apprehensive about your performance, just relax yourself. Do not try to perform for initial day or two. This will reduce your pressure. You may take medicines to get erection under medical supervision for a week or so, few successful acts (even with the help of medicines will boost your confidence). Watching porn movies cannot lead to this problem.

Hello Dr, I’m 20 yrs old. I’m in a relationship with a girl for quite some time now. We understand each other very well, we know everything about each other, and everything is great. We don’t have any problem. But sometimes when I’m with her I do not know what to talk to her, it’s like there is nothing to talk, I don’t know what to do, please help me.

C’mon, I cannot teach you what to talk; can I ?! If you have nothing to talk on that time then just listen to her, that is also equally important. Sometimes silence is also enjoyable and meaningful. However, if you have to talk on every meeting then talk about her interest, as you said you understand each other very well this should not be difficult.

Sir I am 26 year old, recently married. My problem is that I am living in a small town, and my spouse is from big city so I always feel guilty that I have spoiled her whole life. Please suggest me?

She has married you knowing that you are in small town. I suppose, it is your perception and not her. So there is no point in thinking this way. Try to discuss your feeling with her; probably she may help you to come out of this guilt.

How to solve sexual problems with my husband , specially that sometimes I feel that our sexual life doesn’t make difference to him cause he is always opening sexual sites through the internet and leaving me alone although I know that he loves me and am beautiful.

From your very short description what I guess is, he might be having voyeurism. It is one kind of sexual deviation in which person get sexual pleasure by viewing erotic pictures, movies etc. Sexual sites are full of such materials. All males like to see such pictures and movies to some extent. However, they do not avoid actual act. As he is avoiding actual act (even though you are beautiful and he loves you) he requires treatment, if he agrees.