Sir, I am married since 3yrs, earlier 2-3 month back we use to have sex daily but now my wife is not quite interested in sex. Now a days she never insist herself for doing sex. I always insist for doing but she refuses most of the time. Now we do 1-2 in a week. But I can`t wait too much, I need daily. Whenever I ask her to do so, she told that I alway think of doing sex. Please help me out. Now slowly I am losing interest in her and searching another for sex.

For a male having sex is a physical desire but for a female it is an emotional need. If she is not showing any interest in physical activity then she could be having some underline emotional issues which only she can revel. You need to self analyze yourself if you are able to satisfy her emotional needs. If you think you are able to then you discuss the issue with her and try to understand her problem. At last you may seek help from psychiatrist or a psychologist together who will help you in the process.

I’m 23 yr old girl. I got engaged with a person 6 months back. Right now he is staying in USA. Before we got engaged he used to call me often but after that he started calling once in a week. I thought he might be busy that’s why he is not calling and whenever I ask him why you are not calling he always says I’m busy. I don’t have any affairs in my past life and he loved one girl in his college days but she didn’t love him and she got married with another guy and presently he also doesn’t have any affairs. Always we both had limited conversations like about our school life, our relationships and friends nothing more than that. On one day suddenly he stopped talking with me I don’t know why? I called him but he didn’t pick my call and I have sent a mail. There was no response to that mail also. Later on my dad called his dad and explained the whole thing. His father talked with me and he found that there is mistake from my side. Then that guy called me one day and he said sorry to me. I asked the reason why he has stopped talking with me. Then he said you are always asking why you are not calling? So I stopped talking to you. But I didn’t felt happy with his talk. There is no any confession in his words, next to that I never asked him why you are not calling but again he is repeating the same thing now. He always tries to insult me through his words. In his talk I didn’t find any affection towards me. My parents are saying don’t worry after marriage definitely he will change. Really I’m very depressed about this situation, now I’m in a dilemma whether I should marry him or not. In fact I’m feeling helpless in this situation. Please suggest me in this regard. In next month we are getting knotted. I’m requesting please give me reply as soon as possible…..

I do not understand what keeps you in this relation? It is an illusion that everything gets alright after marriage. You need to think twice before you go ahead.

I love a girl from past two years. Even she loves me too much. From past few months I have seen that due to lack of communication between us, there is a bit problem in our relationship, we both love each-other and do not want to leave each other. Whenever we get time, we chat with each other and have romantic and humorous chat to keep relationship healthy. We both are from different cast, which might be a problem for our marriage. I told her that I had indulged in sex once with a lady, and for my this mistake she forgive me 1 year ago. Dr., she is always good to me and so am I. Dr., I want to improve my relation and want to make it much better as it was earlier when we met. Please tell me what I should do.

Improve your communication. Female always wants to stay connected and that is what she looks for in intimate relationship. More she feels connected, better and deeper the relationship will be.

I was in acquaintance with a girl at my office. She was working in a different department and I used to meet her regularly. She never showed genuine interest although at times she used talk to me officially. I got to know a colleague is behind her for quite sometime. Both of them are working for > 3 yrs in the same Co. I joined recently last October’08 have seen him many times with her at work. He is actually a friend of mine who got me into the Co. via influence. I had to leave abroad as soon as I joined for a transition. Before leaving I told her about my interest towards her and also about my previous setback(ex-girlfriend). I also called her couple of times while I was away. But I couldn’t express or talk anything personal. While I came back to India. I gave her some gifts and chocolates. But never was able to express my feelings for her. When I called her out she denied couple of times indicating my friend’s presence. It got me frustrated and I was also not happy with the job or the Co. Once I proposed her via message. She sent that message to my friend. Then me and my friend had a fight literally. My work was getting affected and also I was not enjoying my Job or the Co. I decided to quit. She was not happy about it. Since then she doesn’t like to talk to me. When ever I try to call her, I hear a guy speaking to me. He also called to my house and has complained to my parents. I have lost control in life and not able o forget her. She is reminded to me via different ways and sources. I started messaging to her recently. She doesn’t reply to it. I even sent a mail to her. She replies to me in a -ve manner. I am unable to forget her. I do not even have a Job now. I have already quit 3 BIG MNCs’ ( due to personal reasons) and unable to get a suitable job now. What do I do now ?

Why you want to go after a girl who does not have any feelings or respect for you! Accept that she is not interested in you and you can do nothing about it. Find out suitable job for you and start working. It is not a matter of forgetting her, it is a matter of accepting that you are rejected. Sooner you accept the fact better your future will be!

Hi, I am 21 and my husband is 24. We have been married for almost a year and we have a three month year old daughter. My husband is from Bangladesh and I am from Dutch. We have met in London and been together since December 07. Below I will explain my feelings. I hope you could give me some advice or perhaps you would understand what might be going on. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you. Confusion, disappointment, anger, exhaustion… all kind of feelings are running through me. Have I made a mistake, is this destiny or am I the person who is just never satisfied. I do not know. Do I belong with Shon? That is my big question. One day I am so sure that we are a definite mismatch and all I would want is to make an end on this. ‘I would be so much happier without him. We are so different.’ And another day I wake up and think that I am just going through a phase and really there is something else that I am not happy with and just think it’s my relationship. I try to find reasons; it’s because Shon works so much and we are not able to spend a lot of time together; or maybe because the life is not so easy I blame it on the relationship; or maybe I find the motherhood very difficult to cope with, completely on my own. Then I think, yeah, there is going to be a better time where I am going to be happy with Shon. Then, I just wake up and say to myself, am I crazy, am I blind to see that we are not destined for each other. Why am I looking for excuses? He is not the right person for me, that‘s the bottom line. Then I start to think, ok, what is so bad about him? And I cannot come up with something. He loves our daughter, he loves me to bits, he is very family orientated and yes… he has not established himself yet in life. And it seems the progress is very slow. However, I do not want to be the wife that is after money or his wealth. Because I am not! I tend to believe in him a lot, I know he can graduate or I know he will find a nice job where he is going be very happy with. But will he? If not, what would happen? He would always work in places where he is not happy. That will defiantly put pressure on me and I would not be able to go forward with my shoulders light if he is unhappy. I want him to be happy. I do not want to worry about him for the rest of my life. But what if that is going to happen? Our personalities are quite different. I am very driven person and do not like failures. I set high standers for myself and my achievements make me happy. I have goals in life and will persuade them no matter what. But will Shon hold me back if he finds his life tough? I want to wake to a happy day with a smile on my face. I want to do things in my day. Is it my day off? I will go somewhere and enjoy it with my family. Is it a normal working day? Then I will try to do my best at work, also sort out the house, and all the paperwork that needs to be done. Thigs I can do today, I will not leave them for tomorrow. I also like spontaneity, idea’s that come out of nowhere. I can get very excited about a plan that I just thought of and go hundred present for it or can spend the whole evening thinking it through. Shon, in contradiction, is more laid back. In his day off he would not mind watch TV whole day. I know he would love to spend some quality time with the family as well, however I do not see him being initiative on that part (or really at the moment, and perhaps in the future, simply not having the material ability to. He will think about his future plans once and will not try to change them. How quick he will achieve them does not seem to have an impact on him. He will do everything step by step. I sometimes catch him not thinking a few steps ahead; therefore he will face some obstacles which will slower the process. I then tend to think, why didn’t you figure this out earlier? I have come to that stage that I try not to care about his things. I say to myself, he knows what he is doing and he is doing it his way, he is going to be fine. However, this difference in thinking I believe shows we are different. There is nothing wrong with being different, you would say. No, there are always differences between two people. Yes, however, I would like to be with someone who is more like me and perhaps even a few steps ahead of me.

Shon is not your kind of man and that keeps you anxious (your writing suggest that you have lot of anxieties). Differences in your natures can be worked out through counseling, provided both of you are ready for that. Otherwise, you may have to go ahead searching your kind of man or get treated for anxiety.

I am a muslim boy with age 26 and i love a hindu girl of age 22. She loves me too. We both want to get married but my parents are against this. She is ready to convert to muslim religion. My problem is that how can I convince my parents and what to do as I love my parents very much. PLEASE SUGGEST.
You need to know that why your parents are opposing? Try to understand their perspective and then you can put your views to them. If you do not have ease of open communication with them then you have to take help of someone who can put up your feelings to them. Most of the time parents act in best interest of their child, you only need to understand what it is, with open mind!
However, I have always said in such type of cases, if you would have known beforehand that your parents would not agree to such relationship you should have talk to them before progressing. Most of the time this type of situations end up in the mess
Hey, I’ve a problem and I’m confused because of that. Actually, I had an intercourse with my girlfriend on Tuesday 7-apr-2009. My ejaculation was done out of her vagina. I had also used condom that time. I don’t know but I am afraid that she would become pregnant. Her periods were ended on 5 or 6 April. We had intercourse on Tuesday 7-apr-2009 at near about 7pm. She also washed her vagina after that intercourse. I also gave her medicine (unwanted-72 from Mankind) on Friday 10-apr-2009 at near about 3:30pm. And today 15-apr-2009, she had bleeding (it’s not her periods time). I am in so great problem. Can she be pregnant? Is there any chance that sperm can come out from condom (condom was not burst that time)? What’s the time for safe sex (during periods or out of periods)? Can you tell me everything in detail, please? I’ll be so grateful to you.

You were not required to do anything. Seven days after menstruation and seven days before menstruation is safe period. She cannot become pregnant during that period. Her bleeding might be because of Unwanted-72.

Hello Sir!! I am 27 year old female. I was attending some coaching classes while listening to lecturer I got distracted in between because of someone beside me, I am not able to concentrate back. I’ll be looking at lecturer but my concentration is on the person beside. Say while watching TV someone beside me scratches head and I recognized that then I’m not able to bring back my focus to TV I am watching TV and also that persons hand, say I am talking to a lady, if I see that she has deep neck again I’ll be looking at her neck and face at the same time .Some times while sitting in the bus I used to feel people are watching me. This happens only from the time that thought comes into my mind. Please tell me what is my problem, doctor gave me lanopin md 5 is it ok to use it for one year I even developed problem with front part of men .Once I see it remains in thought and even if I turn my head now my mind has both i.e. at it and wherever I am looking at I don’t think anything its fear that there. This will land me in big troubles even when I go out I go in fear now. Its long I am already not going out too often and I manage situation with lot of difficulty. There are no men around in my house currently. Please help me .I am asked to take lanopin md 5.

You are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I do not think that medicine which you are taking is going to solve your problem. Consult psychiatrist.

Dear Dr. My husband left me long ago for another woman at that time my children were just 4 and I took the decision to take the life as it comes and started earning and look after my kids. Life was not so easy and I was proposed by my boss who too was married and had a good relationship with him and this relationship went long and over yrs he stood by me at difficult times but over a period of time I suddenly started feeling that he was involved with other girls too . He was very ambitious and mad after money which is not at all a bad thing but was using his co-colleagues talent and keeping relation with them as well as me too, which by asking at times he use to say that its merely professional and to extract work from them he has to act like this which was not at all a convincing comment for me and he kept doing this by having relationship with other women’s in the office and then got so much involved with one colleague that indirectly he started ignoring me and finding me incompetent which is not at all true. He did all possible things to let me down professionally by favoring my colleague with whom he was seriously involved. By grace of God I am able to survive and perform in the company. The colleague with whom he was involved recently got married and still they are having relationship. After her marriage he has become quiet and started same attitude with other colleagues quite younger to him. He kept relationship with me. I have gone through a heart attack 5 yrs back and his this attitude is very hurting as at times he keeps relation with me too, I mean physically but I feel that he is just trying to satisfy his frustration. My problem is I am working with him and at this point of age I can’t think of taking other job and sacrificed a lot for him and bring up this organization. His indifferent behavior is hurting me and due to this I sometime go to depression and keep weeping and worrying all the time. This is seriously affecting my health. Pls. advice so that I can come out of this situation as I feel completely used by him for his personal gains all these years. I have regards for him and as well as love which was definitely there till he become mad for money. Now I want to come over this situation and live normal life but his indifferent and revengeful attitude hurts me. Pls. advice I want to live as after long struggle of bringing my children in this world now the happiness has come to my life and I want to live happy and peacefully. At times he provokes me at work place and tries to pull me down and sometimes behaves very normal. I am fed up and confused of his this behavior. Can somebody so close be so mean for money and don’t care what other must be feeling and going through? Pls. advice what shall I do to be at peace. I have been performer all these yrs than why such an attitude with me. At this point of time I am not in position to leave the job Pls. advice. there is so much to share which I cant write and explain you I have gone thru but yes I hope you must have understood my point and will definitely advice me to come out of this situation.

You fall for him during your weaker time and got the support which you might have required from him. Accept that people and their priority do get changed over the time. His focus has changed. I know it is difficult to digest such naked realities but you do not have other options. Moreover, when you do not have an option to leave him, you have to stay there maintaining your dignity. For that, gracefully bring yourself out of the race with younger colleagues. Stop nagging him on the issue. Try to concentrate on your work and do it with sincerity. This may not be very easy for you but it is very essential for your mental peace. If life has given you good days after a long time then enjoy them by changing your attitude towards such disturbing things.

I love someone. I broke up with him once, after that I called him, and now it has been 6 years in this relationship. But he doesn’t trust me now. I can’t live without him. But he thinks that I am just flirting. Today he became angry on me because my exams are going on, and I cannot meet him. What should I do to get his trust back? I want to die.

I need to know the reason why you had broken up with him to make further comment, because I believe roots of his mistrust must be laying there.