Hello Sir I’m a big fan of yours. I want your advice for my problem. Sir, I’m MBBS doctor. from the 1st yr of MBBS I was in love with one of my class mates .Just before 2 yrs we got married after completion of our internship…Now sir the problem is that we have married against my parents’ permission. So we have no relation with my family since last 2 yrs…And sir I love my papa so much. I can’t live without him and also not without my husband. Now my papa is telling me that I will accept you only, not you’re in laws or your husband. I asked my husband for that so he told me to choose any one of them either papa or me…So sir I’m suffering from depression due to that…How can I choose any one sir…????Sir please help me…All joys of my life have gone due to this…both my papa and my husband love me so much and need me though they are doing this to me…Is it fair sir? What is the solution of all this?? Would have I to live with this situation lifetime…? I can’t explain anyone and can’t tell anyone who can solve my problem…If you will help me somewhat, I will really feel good. Thanks sir.

You should have thought this before getting married. Anyway, now your husband should support you on this as you didn’t cared about your father’s love and got married against his wish. If you husband is truly loving you then he need to understand that you left your father for him and now it is his moral duty to help you to normalize your relationship with your father. He has snatched you from your parents and not your father. So if anyone has to let go or apologize then it is your husband and not your father.

Hello, I am 46, male. I am divorced 10 years ago. I don’t have any children and my divorced wife married to someone else. I am a teacher in one college. Few months ago I fell in love with one of my student. She is 19yrs old. She is a beauty of heaven. I got involved in her and got involved physically. After a month we found that she has missed her periods so we did register marriage. Now she is having her 3rd month. Problem is that her parents don’t know about all these things. Also how can I convince them for this relationship? Also, people comment on our relationship. What should I do now?

It is difficult to convince her parents for this but you do not have any other option also. Both of you should go together and disclose the facts to them. You may have to face anger, humiliation etc. Be prepared.
Difference of age will start bothering you once lust is over and that will increase as years passes. Your insecurity, possession and expectation will also increase with time. She may find that you are lacking enthusiasm after a decade. Your needs and her needs will be totally different at various stages of life, this you should keep in mind.

Dear doctor, my name is Altaf, age 26 years. At the age of 15 years, I was not surprise to see my penis bending towards left. I use to masturbate 3-4 times in a day and today my penis is bending towards the left more and downwards. The actual position can be seen in the attach photograph. Kindly suggest me if it can be made straight and upwards so that I can have better sexual intercourse with my partner. Still I am unmarried but use to have sexual intercourse with my girlfriend with condom.

This is normal. It has no connection with habit of masturbation and sexual intercourse. Shift your attention from this.

What food to be taken for getting penis harder?

No such food is available on earth, in any form.

I am a muslim boy with age 26 and i love a hindu girl of age 22. She loves me too. We both want to get married but my parents are against this. She is ready to convert to muslim religion. My problem is that how can I convince my parents and what to do as I love my parents very much. PLEASE SUGGEST.
You need to know that why your parents are opposing? Try to understand their perspective and then you can put your views to them. If you do not have ease of open communication with them then you have to take help of someone who can put up your feelings to them. Most of the time parents act in best interest of their child, you only need to understand what it is, with open mind!
However, I have always said in such type of cases, if you would have known beforehand that your parents would not agree to such relationship you should have talk to them before progressing. Most of the time this type of situations end up in the mess
I am 19 years old boy. Poor hair growth on my face gives me girlish look. My friends are making fun of me. I also feel embarrassed and lack of confident from within. Sometime I feel that it’s better to end my life. Is there any hope for person like me?

It sounds that you are very much depressed but let me tell you that your problem has definite solutions. Any time after 10 to 12 years of age hair starts appearing on different body parts. For male, it’s face, chest, around genitals and under arms. If you have hair growth in other parts, you need not to worry. If you do not have hair on other parts also then you may have hormonal problems. In that case please consult Endocrinologist or your family doctor, he will guide you. Some problems do not have solutions until you talk about them to experts and mind you my young friend, death can never be a solution!

Respected Sir, I am into initial love with a Catholic guy and I am a Hindu. We both have very good understanding and we have realized that we are comfortable discussing any thing. Everything is fine except the inter religious issues. We are wondering to get married or not, because of many religious disparities. All we know is we both love each other. Please guide us as to how to think and go about it. What are the issues that might come up if married? Help Thanks so much.

People forget their existence in love and you are not able to forget your religion! Respect for each other’s individuality (religion is a part of it) is one of the prime requirement of love and you are not respecting each other’s religion! What kind of love it is?! You should not go ahead without understanding this.

Sir,there was a boy who was friends with me since last 6 months,he was a security personnel and I m a doctor,he first proposed me on Facebook but I dint like him so rejected him, so he told me to be friends with him,but I developed some feelings for him as he proposed me thrice at least,still I refused as I was suspicious of him but recently I came to know he was already in a relation since 3 years and had breakup since 2 mnths now, I was friends with him since October , why did he play with me then, he even asked for financial help of 10k I gave it to him but didn’t get it back,I also came to know that this guy is flirting with other girls too,if he was in relation with that girl why did he flirt with me and with other girls,it seems he keeps on telling that he loves that girl whom he was in relation with for 3 years.Any ways all my feelings died for him since that day only wen I came to know about his character but I feel depressed thinking why he cheated on me, i want to forget him and move on plz advice.

It’s good that you have realised that you have been taken for a ride. At the same time,you should also realize that it’s not your fault but his flirty nature which is responsible for such a distrustful behaviour. It is unfortunate that you became his prey and you should not feel guilty for that. Remember the lesson learned, be mature and move on.

One is greater? Loved one or one who loved us. I love someone but he doesn’t and someone loves me but i don’t !

Love is about reciprocation. One, who doesn’t love you will not be able to reciprocate and you don’t love to other guy so you won’t be able to reciprocate. Therefore, any of these options will not work.
Theoretically, of course, one who loves you is important than other one.

Hello doctor, I am 23yrs old girl. I have loved a guy for the past 9 years. My family accepted my affair and going to get me married in another 9 months. My problem is different. I am the last child in my family. I have two elder brothers who are married. We all are living together. My problem is, my brother’s wife (both) is not behaving properly with my mother. Still my brothers want my mom to do all work for them and my mother is also doing it. If I ask anything to do for me she is not doing. Often my mother complaint about my brother’s wife to me and it makes me irritate and I advice my mom to do some actions but she refuse to do. By seeing all these things in my home I get irritated and often shout at everyone in my home and lost my control. If I get anger my mother shouts me alone and my father gets upset of my behaviour. They are not accepting my problem and shouting at me. What to do sir? I want to be very calm and I should not interfere in any issues like these in future. How to do it? pls guide me sir. Waiting for your help sir.

Cause of your irritation is frustration resulting from your helplessness over the situation. Probably, your parents have accepted their situation and that is why they are getting upset with you. Try to accept their nature and do not struggle to change them by opposing aggressively. Only difference, if at all can be made in their behaviour, can be made by their husband or by themselves!