Dear Sir, I’m a great fan of your books and fully agree with the views you have. I have a Question:”Me and My Wife have had a love marriage in December 2009 but right now we are facing great deal of problems in our relations they are now flowing flawlessly I Love my wife a lot. Problem started when Once due to curiosity I saw her messages with one of the common friend of us and was shocked to read the content of Messages exchanged between them, I got mad on this and started spying on my wife and with the course of time quarrals and fights for right & Wrong started between us after all the chaos still I love my wife but am not able to fully trust her like before and I have conveyed this to her also many times major issue between us is Sex from the beginning of our marriage only she is very reluctant to sex matter she don’t even let me get near to her Several times I have told her, fought with her, explained her but Don’t know where the problem is why is she so reluctant to sex. when i try to make physical relation with her she tell me to go to Prostitute or some other lady but just leave her alone, She does’nt even want a child I am very frustrated because of this all this is even affecting our both’s career. I want a Solution to this and can do whatever it takes to make our relations work… I can’t live without her and she does’nt want to live with me… Please help what can I Do

Her disinterest in sex requires detail interview and deeper analysis. As you said in your last line that she doesn’t want to live with you, warrants couple counselling. Please seek counselling in person, guidance on this platform will not work for you as your problem seems to be deep rooted.

Hello sir I am 21yrs old. I am a college student and I am suffering from strange ideas for last 3 months. I keep on getting dreams that I’m having an intercourse. Sometime I feel it’s very embracing being a female.

This is normal and natural. Why you should feel embarrassing when only you know about it and there is nothing abnormal in it?! Just relax and stop worrying about it.

Hello!! I firstly thank you for all your efforts, your service to the needy, approaching you whatever way. My question – How can a woman overcome emotional dependency?

We consider emotional dependence as emotional weakness but to be emotionally dependent is basic tendency of women. It is not a weakness; it is the way she relates to their dear ones. Any woman who wants to overcome emotional dependence means she is not happy with that relation; otherwise, she enjoys being emotionally dependent. This gives her sense of security. However if she wants to overcome this, she has to develop masculine aspects of her personality. She has to be in love with herself and financially independent too.   

When I was 26 a girl showed her love by her motivational words and works. But I think she is not so beautiful. But others say she is beautiful. For 3 days we were in relative’s house. After that I forgot her. But one day she came for marriage function, but she kept a distance and answered what I asked .At that night I felt depressed, I loosed my mind power. After a week I went to her office to talk. I love her. I am not going to love any other girl until death. But at that time her manager came and asked me about what I want? I said, she is my friend and waiting for her. But suddenly she told her manager that I was only a normal friend and told me that I am busy. I never expected it. I loosed all power and started drinking alcohol. My question is, girl loves the money or social status or beauty or some other thing? Or they want sex or love?

She has never told you that she loves you. It was your perception, which is not true. She does not consider you as good friend even. You cannot compel someone to love you by just loving them. Try to accept this fact and move ahead in life.

I love sex but my wife is not interested should I look out for options?

There can be many reasons for a female to lose interest in sexual life. If she is not interested you should try and talk to her what are her issues due to which she is not to reciprocating to you or your desires.

Hi doctor, I’m married 5 yrs back and have twin daughters. My husband is very dominant; he doesn’t share with me anything and not even speaks to me freely. He doesn’t respect my feelings. Now a day he avoids me even at night and says women should not insist for sex. I’m very much frustrated and can’t sleep as I miss his attention even at night. I’m from a caring family but he is just opposite. He says that men who respects wife are cowards and he would not give importance to my words. How can I tackle such a person? Now a day he beats me if I insist my views. In fact, he is well-educated software engineer but behaves as a countryman to me. He doesn’t respond to others advice. Pls give me suggestions to tackle him. He blames me that family women should not insist for sex, and he simply avoids me when I’m in mood and forces me to sex when I’m not interested. I love him very much, but his activities make me doubt whether he loves me. Is there any chance to change him?

Mutual respect for each other is prime requirement in loving relationship; unfortunately, your husband lacks it. If he is like this since beginning then you should consider it as a part of his personality. Otherwise, there has to be some reasons behind his attitude. You should discuss about his attitude and about how you feel because of such attitude. You have a chance if he opens up or discuss. Do not get irritated or show your frustration while talking to him. If he gets irritated, keep your cool. You may have to do repeated efforts to bring him to discussion.

My girlfriend is going to get married. We had sex several times. I told her plz don’t go away but she told me that she is going to marry according to her fathers wish. What I have to do? Whether her love towards me was only infatuation? We had performed deep sex for several times. Whether she can live happily with another guy? Please help me, guide me…

Probably she wanted to have a fun with you, and in fact she did. She seems to be clear in her mind about marriage. If sexual relationship with you morally acceptable to her, then I don’t think that will in way of her happiness in marriage. I think you should move ahead in life and stop convincing her for anything. If she has to marry you, she would have tried to convince her parents or rebelled.

Dear Sir, I am in affair with a girl who is 24 currently. Our affair is their since last 2 years. However, the problem is both of our families are against our relationship. We want to marry each other. We both are from different cast and religions. I am a Maharsahtrain Hindu and she is Guj Jain. Not only cast comes in middle our physical nature also is a problem. She is taller than me, I am m 5.1 ft tall and she is around 5.4 ft. So please guide what to do as none of our family members are on our side. However, we love each other and want to marry

Caste is one factor on which parents do not compromise easily, once objected. However, you may keep on convincing them and showing your firmness about getting married. Height is not an issue so far it is acceptable to both of you. It is your understanding and love for each other that matters, physical appearance is secondary.

I am married with two children 24/19 respectively with 25 years of married life. My wife right from the beginning was doubting my relationship with any women I met. Off late after 20 years of married life, I was carried away and one of my female colleagues helped me and supported me emotionally, but soon after I was transferred to distant location in India but we maintained telephonic relationship. Otherwise also our relation was never physical. Off late I come back to place but totally different Office, we myself and my friend resolved not talk much so we seldom talk but my wife continues to ignore me. Finally I decided to limit me to myself, we live in the same house as strangers very seldom we talk but take care of her requirement. Physically we discontinued for last few years as she desired for the same. I don’t know where we are heading to, my daughter is of marriageable age our relationship is affecting her also.

Your wife may have mental problem (Paranoid disorder or Personality problem). Consult psychiatrist nearby with or without her to discuss how to go about it.

I’m a medical student and the guy with whom I’m in relationship has ditched me many times, cheated on me by sleeping with another girl. He took great care of me and pampers me like a kid. He never crossed his limits with me as in physicality now he’s ex whom he was dating for 2yrs is back. She wants to get married to him and now he’s unsure about me. Our family are involved and they are planning for an engagement next month. I don’t have the guts to tell my parents anything nor do I want to leave him. I really love him. Please help me.

More important than you love him is whether he loves you! So, make sure he loves you and prefers you over his ex. If this is not the case then prepare yourself for breakup because your relationship with him may not prove worth and bring happiness on long run.