Hi I am 24 years old. Still I have not done sex with anybody, but I do jerk. I have problem is that my fore skin of penis does not go back. Is it a point to concern?

Yes, it is. This is known as Phimosis and you should consult Surgeon/ Urologist for the treatment.

How to lead a happy life after love breakup?

Do you think my one paragraph answer will serve the purpose?! This require sessions, first analytical then therapeutic.

What food to be taken for getting penis harder?

No such food is available on earth, in any form.

I take zapiz-1 tablet then I forget all. I take this tablet daily. My problem is I get angry very fast. After half an hour I become normal .Please help me Sir.

Zapiz is not a drug which you should take without medical supervision. Try anger management techniques.

Sir, I am a big fan of your site. I read questions and your answers regarding relationship problems regularly. I also need your help. I’m suffering from dependency problem. I had an online affair. I met that person once in real too. We both are married and having kids. We are having an affair for about two years. now, the problem is he has changed a lot since Dec. 2008. I was so disturbed with his changed behavior. First I thought he must be scared as we were also planning to move to the place where he is living but then I clearly told him that we are not moving there. Later he changed and changed and changed. And that was bothering me a lot and hurting me a lot. So I kept asking why he has changed so much. He never gave me satisfactory answer. He used to tell me about his terrible fantasies like having multiple sex partners simultaneously (group sex). I hated his fantasies but he never stopped telling me these kinds of fantasies. He also wanted to ask about my past. He forced me to tell him everything about my past. So one day I told him. Now every time we were online or on phone, he started talking about the guy I had met in past. That’s really turns me off. He was used to call me his wife. He used to send me a good morning message. He used to chat with me every day. He used to make calls to me every single day. What ever he used to do, he was always in touch with me through sms. But then he started saying I will stop this and that is because he thinks habit of anything is bad. One day he sent me sms “jaanu plz don’t talk to me for few days, I have my own problems too. yeh pyar wyar does not come to my mind. Hope u will understand if not then I can’t help it.” when I made him a call and asked him what’s wrong with him? Again he was so rude treated me like nothing. So I cried and started writing him mails. I wrote him every day that don’t answer me ever if he wants to finish then let it be but kindly let me talk out and allow me to write for few days. After few days he sent me sms saying jaan don’t get me wrong I will always love u. don’t send me sms. Again in the morning he replied in single line saying plz be in touch. He was online I tried to talk he never replied. So I made a call and asked him why he sent me sms last night? And now this replies? He said sorry, I cut down the phone. again I wrote whenever u buy a cam plz drop a line I will be happy because it was my wish to see u on your new cam. He replied immediately and said he won’t buy a new cam ever again. What’s the use now? This rude reply made me so disturbed. I tried his number wanted to ask him why he can’t chat with me. And why he always tries to be rude? He ignored my calls for one hour. Then I sent him sms saying I’m calling at your land line number as he must be at home this time. He picked up my call. I was so mad on him. He said my wife is at home in the wash room. I said so? Why did not you answer my call b4? When you were at work? And you provoked me to call here. You know I can’t make a long call still you did not answer my call? You disturbed the hell out of me. He shouted saying I will make your life hell if my wife came to know. I said if you wanted to end up then finish it completely. Either keep or just quit. I cut down the phone. He sent me sms saying luckily wife was in wash room but you are terrible. Just forget that you knew me ever, I will also forget that I knew u ever. Dear doc we were physically and emotionally very much attached to each others. Now he does not talk to me at all and it’s killing me. I tried to fix things but he is not coming back. I’m feeling very low and vulnerable. I feel like doing suicide or some thing like that. Kindly guide me what should I do? I can’t keep him out of my mind. I love him madly knowing he has no respect for me. Still I miss him madly. Doc plz help me, guide me and pray for me. I want him back at any cost. I don’t know what male psychology is. He was very much in love with me then how can he stop every thing. How can he go to that extreme??

Both of you were in relation for different needs. You got the emotional support which you wanted and probably that made you dependent on him. Now accept that he has lost the interest in the relation. You can not compel any body to stay in the relation. Accept that now it’s over. He is going to come in your thoughts and memory; you do not have to do any thing to drive that out. Acceptance and time will take care of the rest.

Sir, I am a 22 year boy. I have a complete masculine traits and good sexual tendency regarding ejaculation. I normally masturbate but my problem is that I always feel sexual attraction for the same sex (males). When I masturbate I do it by thinking about the physical contact with a male only just as a female thinks. I’m staying as a paying guest with my friend (who is a young boy of my age only) and I do feel sexual attraction for him. While sleeping sometime I feel like touching his hand, hug him or kiss him. I also felt as if I have love for him and I want him to love me also. It is not that this is something new problem as I always felt in such a way from the age of my puberty. Am I gay or is it some psychological problem. I have never disclosed this problem to anyone due to embarrassment. What should I do, is it natural? pls guide me!!!.

You may be physically male and psychologically female which results into same sex attraction. Homosexuals may call it normal but it cannot be called natural as hetrosexuality is nature’s law. You should consult Psychiatrist as it requires extensive analysis and therapy.

Hello Sir!! I am 27 year old female. I was attending some coaching classes while listening to lecturer I got distracted in between because of someone beside me, I am not able to concentrate back. I’ll be looking at lecturer but my concentration is on the person beside. Say while watching TV someone beside me scratches head and I recognized that then I’m not able to bring back my focus to TV I am watching TV and also that persons hand, say I am talking to a lady, if I see that she has deep neck again I’ll be looking at her neck and face at the same time .Some times while sitting in the bus I used to feel people are watching me. This happens only from the time that thought comes into my mind. Please tell me what is my problem, doctor gave me lanopin md 5 is it ok to use it for one year I even developed problem with front part of men .Once I see it remains in thought and even if I turn my head now my mind has both i.e. at it and wherever I am looking at I don’t think anything its fear that there. This will land me in big troubles even when I go out I go in fear now. Its long I am already not going out too often and I manage situation with lot of difficulty. There are no men around in my house currently. Please help me .I am asked to take lanopin md 5.

You are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I do not think that medicine which you are taking is going to solve your problem. Consult psychiatrist.

can we treat a person if he is not willing to go to psychiatrist. My father has been drinking for years now. Moreover, keeps cribbing about small things. He is unemployed and sits at home and always after my mother’s life for not giving her tea/diner etc on time. If he gets a missed call, he suspects it is from my mos family and they are doing this to tease him. But he doesn’t agree to go to psychiatrist?? What shall we do?

Ya, you can surely consult a psychiatrist in his absence and seek the guidance from him about what you should do. This is a quiet common scenario in psychiatrist’s practice so do not hesitate to go to them without patient.

I’m in therapy for military sexual trauma. I was raped and sodomized by more than one service member. I saw the man who sodomized me some months later with a woman. My therapist asked me if I was jealous. Why would she even think of asking me this?

Just to confirm your sexual orientation, I suppose. You may feel  jealous,  if you are passive homosexual. 

Hi Dr. I am in a love with a girl for past 2 yrs. After 7 months in my relation I came to know that she had affairs in her past life. I initially asked and she said it was casual friendship. On probing I found it was serious and asked again. She affirmed that she slept earlier with his ex-boyfriend. It was a break of trust but after her assurance I forgive and tried to rebuild my trust. I still have that complaint in my heart but never let that come out at least for last one year. We declared to friends and relatives that we are getting married almost a year back. I find her arrogant, spend thrift and ignorant of my feelings and complaining about everything. This part is affecting me more and I fear that this will affect my relation with her. We are soon to tie knot. How do you think I can try to fix this so it does not become blunder? Both of us know we are not made for each other. We never let parents feel that.

If both of you know that you are not made for each other then why are you getting married? If she has cheated you about her past, behaving in arrogant way, ignorant about your feelings and having lots of complaints then it is sure that your marital life will be tumultuous. Try to rethink before you take final decision.