Hello, I really like a girl of MBA class. My friends say she is not that beautiful, but to me she is a very nice girl and adorable. I am charmed with her personality. She is sober, smart and kind (I find it rare in any woman), but along with these quality, she belongs to very rich family (way richer than my family). I am a very shy person and I never approach any girl first on my own. But I have become a very close friend to her, because she approach me first (believe me, maybe because she is smart and kind). I don’t know whether she has boyfriend or not, but rumor says she is having affair with a corporate hotshot. Meanwhile, adding more complication, another boy of my class, who also likes her, is planning to propose her. I am very serious about this girl; in fact, this is the first time I have become serious about any girl in my life. I always thought this happens in cinemas only, but I really think about her all the time. I long her so much that I think about her when I am eating, studying, attending lectures and even when I am dreaming. Is this love or just infatuation? Now, what should I do? Should I propose her? And risk my friendship? How can I know how much she loves her boyfriend (if she really has one)? What should be my next steps? I am eagerly waiting for your answers.

You have a crush on her, may be you can call it love. However more important is whether she has similar feelings for you or not. You seem to be pretty involved from your side so you should not wait, particularly when someone else is also trying to propose her. While proposing her, you have to prepare yourself for negative answer. She may deny your proposal and you should be ready to digest the fact.

I got mariied one year back and my sexual life is not good….my orgasm happens very fast so i ma not able to satisfy my wife.is it because of masterbation i had from chilhood?please tell if i need to see some doctor or any medicine…thanks in advance

Your problem is called Premature Ejaculation. It is the most common sexual problem men have. It is 100 percent curable. You need to take medicine called SSRI or TCA. Some exercises (Kegel’s) and foreplay methods helps. Please see Psychiatrist, who will prescribe these drugs and will teach you exercises.

Hi, I am 30 years old software Engineer working for a MNC Company. I am married for last 3 years. My husband is cool & very reserved in nature. However, he gets angry very often for any small reason & he is not able to control his anger. We do fight for very small reason & he simply breaks up. I am very much disturbed about our relationship & so many times, we thought of divorce but my parents & in-laws against this. Even he is not interested to talk in this matter. Please advise me what to do. Thank you,

Anger has many hidden reasons. You need to work on it. Following questions, you need to answer for finding out the solution.
1. Is he getting angry with every one?
2. Is he short tempered by nature?
3. Is he frustrated on any front like work, money, relationship etc?
4. Does anger runs in the family?
These are some of the basic questions, which will help you to identify cause of anger and then you deal with it accordingly. You may require professional intervention if things are not possible to worked out at your end.

I am a college student. My girlfriend is very fond of to make me doing oral sex (cunnilingus) & anal-oral sex on her. I like it very much. But sometimes she discharges a white-coloured fluid in my mouth. I like it for imbibing, but my question is, “is this vaginal-fluid harmful to me”?

No it’s not good as it may contain microorganisms like bacteria, fungi etc. Vaginal fluid is not as sterile as semen.

Hello sir, first I would like to say thanks for your humble advices & guidance. Sir, I have friend (female) & she is having boyfriend since childhood. They were too close to each other from childhood, but due to circumstances of the family they have to marry with different people. After 7 yrs of my friend’s marriage life now the stage came when she is going for divorce (as boy was drunkard). And she is emotionally attached with her childhood friend & he is also emotionally attached with her & supporting her from the beginning. He was aware that she is not happy with her husband, he was consoled her. My friend having child of 6yrs & his friend has 2 daughters. After I read your articles I have contumely guide her to leave such a relation but as she is emotionally attached with him she can’t control herself & she is arguing that as they have no physical relations so it’s not wrong decision. But she is addicted to her long phone calls etc. so please guide me that is it ok from their side. Or if not how can I guide her to take correct decision. Please sir I desperately need your guidance.

She may not be only attached to him but also emotionally dependent on him. Naturally even an idea of leaving him can produce lots of anxiety and she will start rationalizing her behaviour. Under such circumstances she is not going to listen to you. So I think, you should not interfere in to this matter.

Sir, I am 21 year old boy. I have just completed engineering and searching for job now. I always read your articles. Now I am facing lots of problem in my life. I am little bit shy making first communication directly with gals. So, during college days I had very few girl friends and lots of boy friends. But I have lots of online girl friends in chatting and orkut. I feel safe in making online friendship with gals. My first Love was my classmate and she came in my life through orkut. That relationship lasted only for 1 month. She refused to accept me as her Lover and there was someone in her life too. That was a sad break up for me and I cried a lot during that time also suicidal feelings came to my mind at that time. It took me sometime to forget her. I never thought that my first love will be ended in this way. Then again I started chatting and making more online girlfriends. Then my 2nd girlfriend came, she was from another state. We loved each other very much but we never met each other. And after 2 months she also left me without any reason. I never found her online. In this way my 2nd Love story was ended. Then again I started searching for girlfriend online. Then I met my 3rd girlfriend she was from another district of my state. After meeting her I felt the true love. She was very caring and loving. We love each other very much. We decided to meet directly, once I get a job. She was also ready to marry me. It has been six months I found her online. There was not a single day, when we both were not talking over phone. But Sir last week my 3rd love story was ended because of a phone call. Last week her mother received a call and the caller said something wrong to her mother. But her caller Id and exchange call details shows it was my mobile number. I am 100% sure I have not made that call because when I checked my mobile call details that number was not present. Sir, why I will abuse her mother? I tried a lot to convince her, that I didn’t make that call. And it could be a misconnection or Mobile hacking. But she is not ready to listen to any explanation. She believes I have no respect for her parents and I am a big liar. And she doesn’t want to keep any relationship with me. Now she is not talking to me for a week. Sir, please tell me how I will convince her that I did not make that call? Is there any problem within me? Why my Love stories are so temporary? I feel somehow I have been changed since my 1st break up. Is that the root of all problems? Because of so many failures, now I have started taking any relationship lightly. “I feel if one goes then another will come”. Sometimes I think if my marriage will not be successful, then I will divorce my wife!! Frankly speaking, now I have started searching my 4th online girlfriend. But still some where within my heart, I feel the love for my 3rd girlfriend. I will surely accept my 3rd girlfriend, if she comes in my life. I love her very much. But if that does not happen, then I will search for another one.

Breakups are very casual in online relationships. Most of the people flirt rather than love. I think you were seriously involved but not girls. They might not be as serious as you were. And third girl may have really made story to go wind up relations with you. Do not generalize these experiences and look forward to have healthy relationship, real not virtual!!

How to lead a happy life after love breakup?

Do you think my one paragraph answer will serve the purpose?! This require sessions, first analytical then therapeutic.

I want to ask that, I have been in a very short relationship of about 20 days with a guy. We got little bit intimate that’s it, then he just broke off. So I ended everything. Then I fell for his friend. He is so good to me. Should I tell him about whatever happened between me and him or just tell him this much that we were close but no such thing happened. What should I do?

Guys have a habit of talking about their affair; including every detail of what they did, with close friends. This is truer when they have already broken off. There are all chances that he may talk about your relationship to his friend so if you do not want to take chance then honestly tell him.

Sir, I was a law student at a reputed law college in India. Unfortunately 3 years ago my parents passed away in a motor accident. As if it was not enough I walked in on my long term boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. These series of episodes broke me down to the extent that I lost interest towards life. I did not give my exams in spite of the fact that I was an above average student. Now I suddenly realize that I had let go of my life which I should never have. My studentship has been canceled and I have no clue what to do. I feel I have no one to blame but myself for my acts. Never the less I presume it’s a little too late for the blame game and would appreciate if I was suggested a course of action to be taken so that I could be able to complete my law graduation and peruse a career as finance is also a major issue. Please Help!!! and for this I shall remain ever obliged, Thank You

It is good that you have realized. You can join that course again or equivalent. You may start working simultaneously, may be part time; to support yourself financially. Alternatively, you can pursue your law through distant learning or as an external student and start doing job.

I am in a love relationship from last 8 yrs, we have decided to marry, his parents are not in favour of this marriage bcoz of caste and also bcoz I am not beautiful as their son is, which they keep saying to him. All this sometimes leads to a big fight btw both of us. Though we got engaged, but still his parents are insulting me and my parents, the guy though seem to be supportive, but don’t accept the mistake of his parents even if they are wrong. Now I am confused whether I should marry him or not, bcoz his mother hates me like anything, she always find fault in me and in spite of making her mother understand on this, he blames me, plz help

I think your decision should depend on your fiancé’s attitude. If he understands you and stand by you to protect your self-respect then you should go ahead. You should held serious discussions with him on this issue, because it is difficult to resolve such issues later on and life of both becomes miserable.