Dear Dr. We are well settled and happily married couple, having a six year old girl. We want to go for 2nd child and we trying for this from last six months. During intercourse my semen comes out of vagina. Is this a cause for not getting her pregnant? Please tell us why this happen and how we can overcome this? Which is the best time where there is a maximum chance of conception?

This is normal. Stop getting obsessed about it. This cannot be a cause of not getting pregnant. Highest chances of pregnancy is in 10 days after MC gets over upto 10 days i.e. middle 10 days of her cycle.

I love sex but my wife is not interested should I look out for options?

There can be many reasons for a female to lose interest in sexual life. If she is not interested you should try and talk to her what are her issues due to which she is not to reciprocating to you or your desires.

I have a girlfriend 1 year younger then me. We came in contact 1,1/2year before. From 8months, before we get much closed and we had a physical relationship. She was virgin before that (I had got many physical relationship experiences before this).But 1/2 a week before I forced to tell everything about her past. she confessed she had also an experience of kissing and body touch with 5 guys when she was in intermediate but not up to physical relationship(that’s true).and from last 1 year she had left every thing for me that I don’t like. Now she is very faithful to me and every thing is fine. She don’t know anything about my past (I had lied her).but the problem past boyfriend lives near my house and he is my friend (not very close friend).once I asked him regarding there relationship. He confessed as she has told me and also advised me don’t think very much about these it was like an accident and had forgotten every thing about this. This guy had more physical relationship experience then me. Nowadays I don’t want to meet this guy but accidently when we met we talk to each other as usual but I got tensed and depressed very much. pls suggest me what should I do to overcome from this and I want to marry my girlfriend . So, should I marry her or not? She had very much faith on me and she once took me to her house and get introduced to her mom she had told everything to her mom about us

If you both are comfortable with each other’s past, you should go ahead. If she is unaware about your past then it is your moral responsibility to reveal that to her.
That guy is not your close friend, you may stop interacting with him if it is making you tense and depressed.

Sir I am a well educated lady of 33yrs from a metro city, my question is how many times can a person fall in love?? I m married since 13yrs and with 2 kids, after my 2nd kid I had a relationship with my brother in law whom I met just once a year , but being hurt by him I am again in a relationship with one of my students very young to me. But now I feel he is the one who understands me the best because my husband has never touched my heart and soul although he is a very good person and I respect him a lot. I would like to inform u that I am very much responsible as a mother, a wife and a daughter in law and have a very high social status but am sometimes thoughtful because of the self evaluation I get into. I ask myself whether I am characterless for being involved into three relationships at the same time. But sometimes I feel that being emotionally vacant since the start of my life has made me go this way. Can u just analyze the things and tell me whether I am right or wrong. For your information I would like to add I had sexual relationship with my brother in law for 3 yrs because my husband has never satisfied me, and in the new relationship with my student over the phone we are going the same way.

What I get from this small information is, you are emotionally deprived as well as dissatisfied with your physical life. Probably you are looking for warmth and understanding that you have not been able to receive from your husband. Physical and emotional dissatisfaction are two important reasons for women to fall for someone, so relationship you call love is a result of this dissatisfaction.

I got married with a person who is 14 years older than me. I got married on 2003. From six years I am trying to make understand my husband I want some attention. Please try to give me that, but he always ignores me, and tries to full fill his own desires. I still want to keep this relationship because I have a 3 year old baby. And I don’t want to spoil her life. Please solve my problem, how can I get my husband’s attention?

There may be number of reasons behind this. Age difference, work priorities, mutual respect for each other, person’s own sensibility about the issue etc are some of important reasons. You try to understand possible root causes and adress them in non-blaming way.

Respected Sir, I got married 15 days before. We were virgins. She took emergency contraceptive pill because she feared some accident occurred but I am sure it was safe sex. After consuming she didn’t realize any problem. She is also in end of 3rd and beginning of 4th week of her menstrual cycle. Please advise whether there is any chance of any such problem arising in future and any remedial measures needed. Thanking you

You mean chances of pregnancy? Chances of pregnancy is almost nil provided it was safe sex and emergency contraceptive pill is taken within 72 hours.

I am a 24 year old male. I am quite fat and hugely overweight. I do not have a girl friend and I’m very mentally upset and frustrated of not having frequent sex as all my friends have sex with their girlfriends. Please help. How can I overcome my sexual frustration? I fear going to prostitutes due to reputation loss. Kindly advice.

Put sincere efforts to reduce your weight. To satisfy your sexual needs masturbation is the only option left with you at present.

Hi Doctor, I had a past where I had an affair with one of my friend and did have physical relationship too (but no intercourse). However, this never worked out. Now my marriage has got fixed. I decided to love my future husband truly and shared my past. However, he is not able to accept me. He cried and tried his best to accept me but every time he gets a little closer the doubt comes and he is unable to go ahead. Twice I allowed him to touch me with feeling of closeness, though no intercourse. I felt that he will be able to forgive me and we will be happy. However, it is not working so. Things go well to some extent, but the moment we grow closer the doubts keep coming to him. He says he will make it work. But when I read a few of your answers in your column, I feel I made a grave mistake by telling him my sinful past. I guess there’s no way out but to decide to be alone and embrace whatever best comes my way. My future husband, though knowing everything, keeps telling he wants to talk again on my past and clarify his doubts. Is it worthwhile trying to discuss it out or shall I just back out from the relationship and be alone forever? My work is heavily affected. Do help me doctor.

Dear you did a mistake by telling your past to him. Very few males on Earth will be able to accept and digest such facts gracefully; rest keeps on doubting in future. I do not think he will be able to come out from his doubting. Just back out from the relationship and start from fresh. Never try to be too honest, I might be teaching you to be dishonest but that’s the way life is!!

Hello sir I am 21yrs old. I am a college student and I am suffering from strange ideas for last 3 months. I keep on getting dreams that I’m having an intercourse. Sometime I feel it’s very embracing being a female.

This is normal and natural. Why you should feel embarrassing when only you know about it and there is nothing abnormal in it?! Just relax and stop worrying about it.

Hi Dr., Here’s my problem. I have a very bad habit. I like to wear Panties and I am crazy about it. One day I was alone at home, considering this as an opportunity, I took my younger sisters panty and was masturbating in it. Suddenly my sister arrived and she saw me in this condition. I was caught red handed. Later I apologized to her and she said that’s ok. She also said that she can understand my sexual desire. But I am very much ashamed of this. I think of suicide. My other problem is When I masturbate I always think of my sister, I feel like having sex with my own sister. Once I see her lovely affectionate face I feel very guilty about dirty thoughts. Please help… I love my sister a lot. Please make me a normal man

You are having a problem of Fetishism. Fetishism is the sexual attraction to material and terrestrial objects (like panty in your case) while in reality the essence of the object is inanimate and sexless. You do have underlying Depression with obsessive thoughts. Please consult Psychiatrist nearby.  Do not consider this just a habit, it’s Psychological Disorder which can be treated.