Hi sir, I heard a lot about you from news paper Gujarat Samachar so many times it helps me to control my stress. I am very sensitive person. I am always thinking about various things. Actually I always think I never sleep peacefully until I take Alprex. I panic for small things. My 2nd problem is that my 68 yr old mom is in terrible state. She had some problem with my brother who has come to India from London for three weeks. Since last month she is not eating properly and constantly crying and cursing the situation. I tried a lot but I couldn’t help her. So please if any way you could help me I would be very much obliged. If I am given appointment I would love to visit you with my mom. I will eagerly wait for your positive reply. Thank you for reading this.

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Sir , I read your articles. I like them.I have confusion about obsessive compulsive disorder. I notice that I am little bit suffering from OCD. How to treat ?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. You need to consult a psychiatrist for final diagnosis and treatment options available as per your case.

Incidentally found out that my father is having an affair with a woman. This happened when I was trying to read a message from his phone when I accidentally opened the message. My parents have been married for 28 years now. I am absolutely clueless about what I should do as all through my life I never expected to come across something like this because my father is such an honest man. He is well known in almost the whole city as one of the most honest man ever. I am torn between whether I should not intervene as he is a man of sound judgment and maybe he has his reasons for it. On the other hand I feel my mother does not deserve this. Please tell me what to do. I am the only one who knows this. I have an elder sister but she herself is going through a lot due to work pressure so I do not wish to heighten her worries.

I understand your feelings. Ideally you should not interfere and keep this secret with you only. But if you think that your father is a man of sound judgment then you may definitely talk to him regarding your feelings about his affair, probably you may know about his side and that may help you to deal with your shock.

I am 21yr old boy. I have lack of hairs on my face & also on my chest .But hairs on my other sides are well. Sometimes I feel very bad and very embarrassed so many peoples make fun on me. Some peoples tell me that I have some serious sexual disease. Plz tell me is it true? plz suggest me?

If you have normal hair growth at other parts like under arms, around sex organ, limbs etc; you need not to worry. Many normal males may  have poor hair growth on face and chest. It may be hereditary in some cases.  Your sexual abilities have nothing to do with this. Many female likes hairy chest but not all, remember male models are exposes clean shaved chests.

I’m 24 year old girl. I’m doing master degree. I have some psychological problem. I’m suffering these from 7 years since I was in 12th. I get angry very easily. I have no control on my mind. I’m feeling like my mind is not supporting me. Sometimes when I’m in tension or anger, I feel like killing someone in my home; especially my mother. I feel so many burdens on my mind. New changes cannot be accepted by my mind. I’m always afraid to do new things. I was good in study in earlier days. But from 12th, my memory is going down. I always feel my mind is not in my control. I told all these things to my parents but they always say that this cannot happen. You don’t want to do anything so you are saying this. I want to consult psychiatrist. BUT they are not allowing me. pls tell me what should I do? Sometimes I cry a lot without any reason when I’m alone. My mind always thinks so many things at a time; even I cannot take a single decision.

You have problem of anxiety and impulse control. Both of these could be a part of your personality. Consultation with psychiatrist will definitely help you but at present if you are not able to go for that, then try to follow this. Start learning relaxation exercises like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Shabasan etc. Do physical exercises, including aerobics. Breathing exercises and Pranayams can also help you. Self-Hypnosis can also help. If you do not have any one to teach you these methods, do write back; I can send you these exercises.

How can I know about my last life? I have some ideas but they are not complete.

I have never understood why people are eager to know about their past life? It has no relation to your current life. Suppose you have a fear of flying and some healer (?!) try to explain you through past life regression (?!) that this fear is because of your death in plane crash in past life then will your fear go after knowing that so called fact? Unfortunately ‘No’! To me these are gimmicks played by some chits to earn money. I believe that those who are not satisfied with their current life, because of any problem; will fall into such gimmicks. If you are one of them then try to solve your problem through proper channel then such stupid claims. Sorry, this might sound you harsh but I’m very clear on this.

Hello Doctor I use Harpic toilet cleaner for my western style loo. The problem is while using it, most of the times the tip of my penis touches the inner surface of the toilet seat as the seat is of small radius. My question is that does it affect my sexual health or am I vulnerable to infection in future.

It cannot affect your sexual health. If your toilet remains clean then there is a least chance of infection.

Dear Dr. My husband left me long ago for another woman at that time my children were just 4 and I took the decision to take the life as it comes and started earning and look after my kids. Life was not so easy and I was proposed by my boss who too was married and had a good relationship with him and this relationship went long and over yrs he stood by me at difficult times but over a period of time I suddenly started feeling that he was involved with other girls too . He was very ambitious and mad after money which is not at all a bad thing but was using his co-colleagues talent and keeping relation with them as well as me too, which by asking at times he use to say that its merely professional and to extract work from them he has to act like this which was not at all a convincing comment for me and he kept doing this by having relationship with other women’s in the office and then got so much involved with one colleague that indirectly he started ignoring me and finding me incompetent which is not at all true. He did all possible things to let me down professionally by favoring my colleague with whom he was seriously involved. By grace of God I am able to survive and perform in the company. The colleague with whom he was involved recently got married and still they are having relationship. After her marriage he has become quiet and started same attitude with other colleagues quite younger to him. He kept relationship with me. I have gone through a heart attack 5 yrs back and his this attitude is very hurting as at times he keeps relation with me too, I mean physically but I feel that he is just trying to satisfy his frustration. My problem is I am working with him and at this point of age I can’t think of taking other job and sacrificed a lot for him and bring up this organization. His indifferent behavior is hurting me and due to this I sometime go to depression and keep weeping and worrying all the time. This is seriously affecting my health. Pls. advice so that I can come out of this situation as I feel completely used by him for his personal gains all these years. I have regards for him and as well as love which was definitely there till he become mad for money. Now I want to come over this situation and live normal life but his indifferent and revengeful attitude hurts me. Pls. advice I want to live as after long struggle of bringing my children in this world now the happiness has come to my life and I want to live happy and peacefully. At times he provokes me at work place and tries to pull me down and sometimes behaves very normal. I am fed up and confused of his this behavior. Can somebody so close be so mean for money and don’t care what other must be feeling and going through? Pls. advice what shall I do to be at peace. I have been performer all these yrs than why such an attitude with me. At this point of time I am not in position to leave the job Pls. advice. there is so much to share which I cant write and explain you I have gone thru but yes I hope you must have understood my point and will definitely advice me to come out of this situation.

You fall for him during your weaker time and got the support which you might have required from him. Accept that people and their priority do get changed over the time. His focus has changed. I know it is difficult to digest such naked realities but you do not have other options. Moreover, when you do not have an option to leave him, you have to stay there maintaining your dignity. For that, gracefully bring yourself out of the race with younger colleagues. Stop nagging him on the issue. Try to concentrate on your work and do it with sincerity. This may not be very easy for you but it is very essential for your mental peace. If life has given you good days after a long time then enjoy them by changing your attitude towards such disturbing things.

Greetings, I am into a committed relationship for the past 8 years. My fiancé has several female friends, among which one is very close to him. She is also a light friend of mine. But my fiancé cares for her a lot as she belongs to a weak family and is working hard to survive. But I have a doubt on their relationship. I and my fiancé had several arguments on this issue. Now-a–days, he has started hiding things from me. He goes to watch movie with this girl, writes to her from secret e-mail IDs, etc. But the girl tells me everything. These things disturb me a lot. What should I do?

If girl is telling you everything that means she might not be interested in him but he might be one who is interested more in this. You can ask that girl to pressurize him to involve you in outings which he offers to her. Moreover, she should never miss a chance to refer you in her interactions with him. This can constant reminder to him about his married status and her disinterest in any other relations.

Sir, I am in love with one girl, but she already have boyfriend. She knew it that I love her. We were good friends but problem started when I came to know that she is having another friend who is working in our office only. I objected her behavior towards him, but she said like you he is also my friend. After that our office location changed (not her friend’s). There she and her boyfriend started receiving some abusing and vulgar mails from my IP (PC). But she didn’t tell me that. I also started receiving some mails, threatening me to keep away from her. I couldn’t make complaint because it was also same from my PC only. After some days I got mail in which my & her pictures were there, which was nude (edited). He threatened that he will send these photos to my home. I ignored it but he really sent it to my home, it was my luck that no one had opened it. Again I got mail, asking me for 20000rs otherwise he will send this picture to her boyfriend and her home. She also doubted me only because she is also getting mail from my pc only. I paid 20000rs as I have no choice. After that I started receiving mails from my friend’s ID only I was shocked when I told her about it she said I only hacked her password and I am only doing all these. I asked my friends help who is in police also, he sent a mail to email address from which I am getting mail, that he should stop all this otherwise he will be in trouble. After that I stopped getting mail. But my friend’s behavior towards me is very harsh, she hates me. I couldn’t laugh from last 6 months. I think I am psychic. Don’t know what to do?

If your mail ID was hacked then you should have complained earlier to authorities. You did another mistake by giving 20000, instead you should have done police complaint. When she is involved with other guys and having hatred towards you, you should try to come out of this relationship.