I masturbate a lot. I don’t want this. I tried a lot. Please help me and show me a way to leave this.

Masturbation is a normal physiological act. Almost all male does it or had done in the past. Accept it; as a natural desire and remove guilt about it. There is nothing wrong in the act but still if you want to stop doing it then self control is the only way. Getting married and indulging into regular sexual act thereafter can also stop it.

I am married woman having 3 years old daughter. Recently I got in touch with a boy from my college who had proposed me for marriage 10 years ago. I always liked him but did not admit at that time and we forgot each other. He is married now and having two kids. Even then, we are attracted to each other mentally and have started missing each other. How do we go away from each other now?

If you really want to go away, then break all means of contact. Both of you can agree upon this and stop contacting. You may find it difficult initially but time will drift you apart in absence of contact. Most of the time I have seen that people attempt such kind of measures only to resolve their guilt and are never interested in breaking up the contacts. I suppose, you are not one of them!

Sir I loved a guy 2 years before and as time passed we even got physical with our relationship. But soon he broke up as he said he loved another girl. And right now I am not able to forget him and even now he calls me and he wants me only to satisfy him physically. I am really confused about what I should do as I am not able to forget him even. And to be very frank I even consider him as my husband. So please help me out with my problem. Thanks.

When he has rejected you and is involved with some other female how can you allow him to be physical with you?! I think, you should stop all kind of relations with him.

can we treat a person if he is not willing to go to psychiatrist. My father has been drinking for years now. Moreover, keeps cribbing about small things. He is unemployed and sits at home and always after my mother’s life for not giving her tea/diner etc on time. If he gets a missed call, he suspects it is from my mos family and they are doing this to tease him. But he doesn’t agree to go to psychiatrist?? What shall we do?

Ya, you can surely consult a psychiatrist in his absence and seek the guidance from him about what you should do. This is a quiet common scenario in psychiatrist’s practice so do not hesitate to go to them without patient.

I was in a relationship with a men form past 6 year. He is married and I am 33 years old. My problem is, when he is physically closed with me; I have no sexual feeling or sensation. When I’m trying to engage in inter-course I have some sex problem please help me.

What do I understand by some sexual problem?  I want some more details about your relationship and sexual problem to help you.

I am living in a joint family. My sister-in-law, a divorcee is also with us. I am unable to have sex with my man, as he feels worried about her life. We are emotionally depressed what shall I do?

You have to talk to your husband about it and should try to convince about its necessity in your married life. Alternatively you may talk to someone in whom you both confide or take professional help to convince him.

I am 37 year old unmarried male; I have habit of frequent Masturbation. My problem is that if I don’t masturbate for long say for 48 hours my area around testicles starts paining along with back pain and sometimes scrotum gets swelling. In such condition if I masturbate and once the fluid is discharged, slowly my scrotum/testicles and back stops paining. My position of masturbation is a face-down (prone) position. Please do advice in the matter. Kindly acknowledge. Thanks.

This has to be psychological. There is no medical logic to explain this type of pain. If you are thinking that pain is because of collection of semen in testis then let me tell you that in such cases person gets nocturnal emissions (night discharge). Moreover testicular pain referred to abdomen (your tummy) and not to your back. One of the two things you can do, ignore the pain (pain is not so severe, I suppose) or masturbate (which is not going to harm you so far it is not becoming your compulsion).

I m having very serious problem which I don’t think anybody in this world have. My problem is that I am just 26 year old but my physical appearance looks like that I am around 60 years. My whole body is depleting day by day. I m completely depressed. I just feel like I m an exceptional creature in this world my mind completely gone, always in the mood of die. Please help me out.

Premature aging is your problem. There are many interrelated reasons behind it. Most common are Endocrinal problems (problems of hormones). Please consult endocrinologist and get your hormonal levels checked. Balanced diet and regular exercises can be very helpful irrespective of underlying cause. 

Hi Doctor, I have a problem that I think no body loves me, that nobody will do anything for me, I never feel loved. Though my partner loves me, I always fight with him, that he does not love me. I do not like when he gives importance to his family then me. I have discussed this so many times but he is not bothered. If he is good he is good but if he is bad then he curses me badly which I do not like. I like love him doctor but he wants me to love his family also, which is not possible the same way. We are together for last 4 years but I don’t feel any trust or faith or hopes from him. However, I just love him lots and can’t stay without him. Then I don’t want to adjust also every time with his family. I want to live my life freely happily with him. I am really going mad doctor over all this issues. We are still not married also and has not told his parents yet as he doesn’t want to hurt them so early as I m of other caste. I don’t know doctor I feel like committing suicide.

I’m surprised to know that you are in such a close relationship and how come he has not disclosed this relation to his parents. You love him so much but in 4 years, he has not given you trust, faith or hope. Considering these facts I think, what keeps you in relation is not your love but your emotional dependence on him. When you feel that your expectations are not meet in any relations then it is a time to introspect and analyze your needs. Reexamine your relationship, be clear about what you want in relationship and then discuss your feelings keeping that background in mind. I am sure he will understand your feeling if he has genuine feelings for you.

I am married for one and half year. My husband has not made love at all since last few months. When I make a first move even to smooch, he just says no. I get frustrated and that leads in to a huge quarrels. He wants me to consult a psychologist. Sometime I just want to call off our relation. I am very scared of him. plz I want some strength to leave him one in for all. At the same time, I’m coming from a family where this is not easily acceptable. Please guide.

There can be many reasons for his lack of interest. As he is telling you to see psychologist, best thing would be to go to psychologist/psychiatrist with him. Probably things will be clear there. Only thing you need to insist him to accompany you for consultation.