Hello sir. I am married for last 6 years .I have a son. I am happy with my married life. The problem is that my husband comes home by 11 at night and by that time I feel like going to sleep and wait for him to come near me, but he satisfies himself by watching adult movies. We also fight because of this. We don’t have any physical relation since months. And he is not able to quit smoking, which I hate the most. Please guide me to solve this problem.

Mutual respect in your relationship seems to be missing. He doesn’t care about your needs as he satisfies himself (and not bothered about your’s) and does not free himself from vices which you hate. When you do not have healthy sexual life, how come you feel that you are happy in your married life? Is it that that you do not want to accept the problem or you also taking things for granted like your husband?! I think this type of attitude have deep routes, which need to be explored and addressed.  You should go for couple counseling.

Hi! I am a 34 yrs old married woman, with two adorable kids and a very loving and caring husband………then where is the problem? Around 4 years back I met one of my old boyfriend, we have known each other for the past 14 years, this person is a very handsome and charming guy and a complete flirt, it started with good friendship, but turned into an intimate relationship soon, till I got into one I could never understand how people can cheat on their spouses. but once into it I could not make sense of anything…..he made me feel like princess and I got carried away, to an extent that we had a baby together……………now here is where things took a turn…he moved out of the city, while I was carrying and kept in touch with me which ever way he could….came over and met me a few times and was really sweet. we wanted a baby to make this relation more strong and he promised me that it would ground him for the whole life…..and put an end to his wild days with women. I totally believed him and he looked very convincing. But I got to know that once out of town, he started sleeping with women again. He confessed it to me but promised me that he would never do it again and to give him one last chance….a fool in love, and with a lot of thought agreed after a lot of persuasion…………..but somehow I could not get myself to accept what he did to me .so , I called up his wife and told her about his wild ways, thinking that will put all this to rest and will keep both of us away, but surprisingly that has made me feel so guilty and hurt. I want to set all this mess right. I love him a lot and probably wont be able to separate myself at the same time I don’t want to continue being infidel with my husband. I somehow know what is require to be done, but I just cant get myself doing it…………..I should leave him and be happy with my family, but how? Please guide me.

From your mail I can get an impression that you are an emotional woman with strong desire for love, care and affection. He showed it and you fell. Now that lust is over and you are back to the place where you were. I’m surprised that in spite of two adorable kid, loving husband and his cheating, you still love him!! You should feel guilty about cheating your loving husband and not about disclosing facts to wife of cheating lover. If you seriously want to come out of this then stop it immediately and be prepare to take any pain arise out of your break up. Do not ask me how, there is no how in such relations, you have to just do it. I know I might sound harsh to you but that is how it is. 

Sir, my problem is, whenever I go to toilet then with urine white fluid comes out. What does it mean? Is it anything serious?

Urine and semen can never mix together i.e. normally; one cannot pass semen in urine. Sometimes, a physiological alteration in the urinary solutes may change the appearance of urine, making it whitish, which is mistaken to be semen by misinformed individuals. In reality, it is a secretion of the prostate and the urethral glands. It is common in constipated individuals. Treat your constipation. Stop worrying and try to take your mind away from that.

I am going around with a guy of the same age but different caste, for the last 3 yrs. We love each other a lot. We want to marry once we are settled with the job. My parents know everything and they don’t have any probs with this relationship but my boyfriend’s parents are not ready to accept me coz they read my msg which I had sent to my bf. I wrote few things, which was disrespectful for his parents. I did that coz my bf didn’t tell much about me to his parents coz he was thinking 1st to settle down with his career so that nobody can object this relationship. Now things r out of my hands. Please advice me what to do. My bf is not sure whether his parents would accept me or not, after 3 yrs. As we r thinking of marrying after 3 yrs. He cannot leave his parents neither he can leave me. Should I meet his parents and ask for forgiveness. Will this help us.

You should have not used disrespectful words for his parents. You should meet them and sincerely apologize for the same. Try to explain the circumstances under you have sent that msg. At the same time, ask your BF to talk to his parents that how firm he is about his decision to marry you. He should back you at every step you take to apologize.

Hello sir, I’m 30years old. I got married before 7 years. I have a son who is of 5 years. 6 months back my husband confesses that he had affair from last one year that girl’s family had came to know so he told me. Then he said now I am not going to do this again. Few days back I got some female’s number in his diary, I call up by that name .He was there to meet her. I did not tell him that it’s me who called u. But now tell me what should be the next step to know and to do also?

This is unfortunate. Catch him red handed, make him confess and then discuss this issue with your in laws exposing him in front of them.

I am 28 yrs old married women. My husband is 32 years old. I was not virgin when I got married to my husband. He complains that my vagina is loose and doesn’t get satisfaction.

Your virginity status may or may not be related to your vaginal laxity. You can tighten your vagina by doing Kegel’s exercise, daily and regularly. It is said that kegel exercises make the vagina tighter. It is an exercise of your pelvic muscles. A popular way to identify the pelvic muscles in men and women is to stop the flow of urine midstream. This is accomplished by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Restarting the flow of urine is accomplished by releasing the pelvic floor muscles. Once identified this way, the pelvic floor muscles can be contracted and released independently of controlling urination. Kegels are most frequently performed in sets. Here are a few techniques:
Do 15 reps of quick pumps, pause for 30 seconds and repeat. Start at 15 and work your way up to 100 reps two times a day.
Contract the muscle slowly and hold for 5 seconds, release slowly. Work your way to at least 25 reps two times a day.
slowly contract 1/3 of the way, pause, then 2/3 of the way, pause, then all the way. Do 10 reps two times a day.
If you are overweight then try to reduce your weight. During intercourse keep you leg crossed.

I m very depressed, because I feel uneasy in crowd. I do not know what to say in front of crowd. I m m.tech student so I have to face group discussions and interviews. However, because of my weakness, I find it very difficult to say. Because of this, I was rejected for sixth time in-group discussion today. Sir please helps me.

Your problem is Social Phobia. It is one type of anxiety Disorder in which person feels uncomfortable in others presence, particularly in crowd, social gatherings, meetings etc. Treatment requires analysis, anxiety reducing medicines, psychotherapy and relaxation practices. You may consult psychiatrist in person or may try online therapy.

I am married for 1 and 1/2 years. I am having an unsatisfied sex life. Other things being quite fine, but we are not having it properly. Recently the frequency had come down to 3 – 4 times a month and now we even don’t have it for more than a month. However, we do cuddle, hug each other while sleeping daily, and she really likes kissing me and holding me. The problem is my wife does not ever have the urge to have sex and feels a bit of unlikely, when I try. She is having a hypothyroid and is on medication, from almost a year. Docs told this might cause mood swings. Even before although she was normal, but was not open to this topic and is very reserve to talking, knowing or trying things. And one more thing, even when we do she never have orgasm and I always have quite sooner, this has also led to me doing oral to her for her orgasm. I am depressed. Please help.

Her lack of interest and orgasm might have deep psychological reasons, which required to be analyzed. You should meet good psychiatrist. Hypothyroidism is often associated with reduced sexual desire but if her current reports are normal (with medicines) then this possibility is least likely.

I am depressed. I can’t concentrate on my work. Others feel that I am fool as I am short tempered. There is no one with me and no body to guide me correctly for my future. I am alone. I want to make myself prove against others decisions. I have to prove my self that I can face my life problems alone. I am working with Mnc Company and I want to make myself and my carrier better in future. Please help me with this your quick response will be highly appreciated. Please help me. Thanks,

To find out reasons of your depression and loneliness, I need to have information about your age, marital status, family supports etc. Two things I want to point out from your mail. First you need to work on your short tempered nature because according to you, your temper is making you sound like a fool! (You will find tips on anger management in answers of other questions). Secondly, leave the obsession of proving yourself and conquering on others. All you need to do is just put your sincere efforts and do your best, rest of the things are natural result of it. 

I have a girlfriend and she agreed to have sex with me. At that time I could not get proper erection to penetrate. I was really disappointed by that. I thought the reason could be my everyday masturbation. Can u tell me what real solution is, so that I can enjoy my sex life?

You are developing performance anxiety. Your failure on that day might be because of anxiety. Do not give much importance to that failure. Relax yourself, there is nothing wrong with you.