This is reactive depression and it is very natural. Just be there and try to boost his mood through positive talks. Advice him to focus on work and other relations. Usually this is mild and should go away within 6 to 8 weeks. If it’s get severe or prolonged then consult psychiatrist nearby.

Sir, I have a friend, his age is 23. He is very nice person. I had some personal experiences in my past. He tried to overcome me from those and he got success in it. Because of it, I have so much trust on him. He can fight for me with anyone. He is so caring. There is an emotional attachment between both of us. Problem is that he has a girlfriend, they love each other. But because of controversy of both families, they scarified their love. Yesterday, the girl got married with some one else as her family wanted. The situation of my friend is very bad. He forced his girlfriend to do this marriage. But these days are very tough time for him. To see his girlfriend in others arms and these set fear. He is very nice person, sir. When I talk to him he says that please leave me alone. I want loneliness only. How can I leave him? In my tough time he was with me. And now, I want to hold his hand, but I can’t understand what I can do for him to overcome this situation. He doesn’t want to share anything with anyone. But I can’t see his situation. Please tell me Sir, what I can do for my sweetest friend. Answer me soon Sir.

Leaving him alone means do not discuss, try to give solace or advise about the issue because males would never prefer this unless they seek such help. Only just be there without talking on that issue. Maintain contact and talk about other issues. He will automatically open on the issue.

Hello Sir. I am really thankful about the advice that you had given me last time. Sir I have accepted the fact that the girl doesn’t feel for me anything and she will ever come back to my life. But sir, after that I have lost my mental peace. I am not able to concentrate on anything; I am having problems in sleeping and adjusting with this fact. I really love her sir with all my heart and somehow I can’t understand what she really wants from me. Whenever I try going away she comes and directly stands in front of me, by alighting a faint hope in me saying that things may still workout and after that I am again hurt. I have even told her this and she tells me that she said that she sometimes have mood swings due to which she talks to me like this. Well she says that she is sorry for whatever she has said in the past and is really good and nice to me then. I don’t know she is lying or she is saying the truth but the fact is whenever I talk to her once I feel like talking again and again with her, and then I suddenly realize that there is nothing going to happen so I again get depressed. It is taking a toll on my health and I am mentally very upset and confused. After coming in touch with her I have stared feeling like a failure. I know sir that I am acting paranoid. But sir things aren’t in my hands. Sir please help me I am in big mess.

Still you have not accepted fully that she is not for you. Why you should pay the price for her mood swings? Break all communications saying her that it’s all over and you cannot go on like this.

Dr. I am a diabetic and have sex on mind but unable to make love due Erectile dysfunction what medication can I opt for?

Longstanding and uncontrolled Diabetes can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Before you take medication for ED, you need to control your blood sugar. There are medicines available for ED but they have to be taken under medical supervision. You can consult Psychiatrist, Physician or your family doctor for the prescription and possible side effects.

Hello doctor, I have a question for you. I am 25 yrs. old. I am suffering from stammering for a long time. I consulted some doctors as well as speech therapists. They said that the reason is psychological. They advised me to do pranayam. I did it for about 2 yrs. but it didn’t cure. Actually, I am the youngest in my family. That’s why, I am a pampered child. I was over-protected. This may be one of the causes of my speech-problem. Now, I am a talented teacher. But just because of my speech problem, I don’t have enough self-confidence. People have always made fun of me. They think that I am abnormal. I feel extremely bad. I want to get rid of it. Please, help me.

There may be many causative factors regarding stammering but person usually continues to stammer because of psychological reasons like anxiety, fear, lack of confidence etc. In fact it is a vicious cycle; person continues to stammer because these factors and these factors worsen because of stammering. Apart from Pranayama, you have to do other deep breathing exercises, Relaxation exercises, Speech exercises etc. Try to visualise yourself talking fluently and flawlessly for 15 minutes, every day while sitting in a meditation. Try not to feel ashamed about it and you will start gaining confidence faster.

I am 21yr old boy. I have lack of hairs on my face & also on my chest .But hairs on my other sides are well. Sometimes I feel very bad and very embarrassed so many peoples make fun on me. Some peoples tell me that I have some serious sexual disease. Plz tell me is it true? plz suggest me?

If you have normal hair growth at other parts like under arms, around sex organ, limbs etc; you need not to worry. Many normal males may  have poor hair growth on face and chest. It may be hereditary in some cases.  Your sexual abilities have nothing to do with this. Many female likes hairy chest but not all, remember male models are exposes clean shaved chests.

i am 26 years old. last year i got married. condition 1 i do not love my wife because she is short in height. She is hardly 5 inch tall and i am 5.5’(love tall girl) but very cute and very much caring and loves me very much. when i went to see her for the first time along with my family i did not notice her height and i agreed to marry her. on the same day we got engaged. after some days i asked her to meet me alone(date). on the same day i realized that she is short in height and since then i have made up my mind that she is not the girl i was looking for. but i was late because our marriage was very close. Everything was planned and booked and also the matter of both family image in society. condition 2:- we got married but on the first night i also realized that she already had sex with someone before, after some days i also read an unusual msg from a guy on her whatsapp. condition 3: very critical. i have one elder brother he also got married 4 years ago. i started loving my bhabhi and my brother and my wife have doubts but not confirmed about my affair. I have done every thing with my bhabhi now i am scared about our family if it comes out our family will be destroyed. after my father passed away i am only responsible of our family because my Brother lives in dubai. i along with my bhabhi ,wife, mom & younger sis are living together condition 4:- if i talk to my wife, bhabhi will become angry. if i talk to my bhabhi, wife will become angry. i don,t understand what to do. i know i am wicked and bastard broke my brother trust. i want to die but cant because ther is nobody to take care of my family. please sir do let me know the solution of this situation. looking forward to have your reply soon.

Let us not get into who does what and why because that requires deep analysis. If you want to put an end to it you have to take your Bhabhi in to confidence. Talk to your Bhabhi about what both of you are heading to and explain that it’s time to behave sensibly for both of you. Self control over your behaviour is a key here. Try to accept your wife, spend quality time with her to create more intimacy. Prepare your Bhabhi to accept this by discussing consequences of reacting to your intimacy with your wife.

I have two girl friends. One is P whom I like and have a close bonding. But she likes someone else. Second is R, who likes me but I have lose bonding with her. P hates R and my any relation ship with R. what should I do to maintain both relationships with peace and harmony??

You cannot expect peace and harmony while trying to ride two horses at a time. P shows possession for you and has liking for someone else, this is not done. If you have to commit, commit to someone who loves you and not to one whom you love.

Sir, my problem is that generally I forget suddenly whatever I see. E.g. If I go to a mall, I enter from the main gate but I forget what was written on the gate or just side of the gate. And I am also having problem of night fall (seeing sexual dream).Please suggest me. Thanks.

Normally this type of memory issues is because of some psychological problems like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Attention deficit etc. I need more detail to answer your question in detail.
Night fall is normal and the best treatment for night fall is regular masturbation! Do not think that I’m joking but this is what sexual medicine say. Once you start regular intercourse or masturbation night fall will stop.

Dear Dr. We are well settled and happily married couple, having a six year old girl. We want to go for 2nd child and we trying for this from last six months. During intercourse my semen comes out of vagina. Is this a cause for not getting her pregnant? Please tell us why this happen and how we can overcome this? Which is the best time where there is a maximum chance of conception?

This is normal. Stop getting obsessed about it. This cannot be a cause of not getting pregnant. Highest chances of pregnancy is in 10 days after MC gets over upto 10 days i.e. middle 10 days of her cycle.