I have a girlfriend and she agreed to have sex with me. At that time I could not get proper erection to penetrate. I was really disappointed by that. I thought the reason could be my everyday masturbation. Can u tell me what real solution is, so that I can enjoy my sex life?

You are developing performance anxiety. Your failure on that day might be because of anxiety. Do not give much importance to that failure. Relax yourself, there is nothing wrong with you.

Sir, from the last five months I am experiencing a severe depression and headache. All this has happened due to the following reason: The incident happened when I went to Rajasthan for my engagement purpose. On 10th April-09 when I was about to leave my home to see the girl I got a phone call from a strange guy. He told me that the girl you are going to see I am in love with her and we are roaming together. I have told this to my parents they told me that somebody has just given a fake call; you first see the girl and meet her then only you come to know about the actual story. Since they have already liked the girl, I went with my own and cousin brothers. I met her and she told me that she was not aware about the phone call. At that time I made up my mind to say no as apart from phone call which has created a doubt in my mind, I didn’t like the girl much and I told this to my brother as this is the case .After that due to my brothers and aunt pressure I have said yes. After coming from Rajasthan this doubt that who has given the call disturbed my mind and I fell into depression. I was so much tensed that I was not able to sleep properly. I thought that I should have taken more time. I have said yes under pressure with little time, I must have said no, why my brothers put me under pressure as they have taken this issue lightly or I should not had left home when the phone call came or I should have enquired about the phone call. Finally the engagement is broken after two months. The guy who has given the call is still a mystery. Even though this relationship is broken all these past events keep coming in my mind and disturbs me. I have lost my self belief, confidence and the self image in my family. That day keeps coming in my mind and disturbs me a lot. One bad decision has caused me so much. I didn’t imagine in my whole life that such thing could happen to me. Please advise and help me to come out from this otherwise I would not be able to concentrate on my next engagement. I have got a high regards for you.

I agree that you made a mistake by taking such an important decision of your life under someone’s pressure. But now that you have rectified your mistake by breaking an engagement you should stop thinking about it. you are already out of this. Try to look forward in your life and move ahead.

I’m 21yrs old. I love a boy who is 27yrs old since 5yrs. I love him like a mad. He is Muslim and I’m Hindu. Now his parents are planning to get him married. Still he is not revealing his love to them. Whenever I ask him about his marriage, he is telling that he doesn’t know what to do. If I force him to say my love to their parents, he is telling that he will attempt suicide. He had sexual relationship with me. I don’t know what to do? I’m becoming mad each day. I tried to attempt suicide also. Now I’m helpless Sir, What shall I do?

You should give him time limit (may be in days and not in months) by which he has to disclose the facts to his parents. If he fails to keep this time limit then you talk to his parents. His suicidal threat is emotional blackmailing and it instigates me to doubt his intentions.

I want to know if there would be any changes to the sexual organ of a female, I mean will be the Vagina grows in size since I have been having sex from past 2 yrs with my bf whom unfortunately I cannot marry. I am asking this becoz I dont want my future husband to doubt me !!! Please Help You need not to worry on this issue. Two years is too short period to cause noticeable difference in vaginal laxity. He wont come to know about your previous sexual acts simply by having sexual acts with you.

You need not to worry on this issue. Two years is too short period to cause noticeable difference in vaginal tone. He wont come to know about your previous sexual acts simply by having sexual acts with you.

Greetings, I am into a committed relationship for the past 8 years. My fiancé has several female friends, among which one is very close to him. She is also a light friend of mine. But my fiancé cares for her a lot as she belongs to a weak family and is working hard to survive. But I have a doubt on their relationship. I and my fiancé had several arguments on this issue. Now-a–days, he has started hiding things from me. He goes to watch movie with this girl, writes to her from secret e-mail IDs, etc. But the girl tells me everything. These things disturb me a lot. What should I do?

If girl is telling you everything that means she might not be interested in him but he might be one who is interested more in this. You can ask that girl to pressurize him to involve you in outings which he offers to her. Moreover, she should never miss a chance to refer you in her interactions with him. This can constant reminder to him about his married status and her disinterest in any other relations.

Hello sir, my relations with my wife is good but she always shows others that she is very sad with me. She also tells to her sister and mother. Please tell me the reason for this behaviour. Her mother and sister started complaining to us. I’m angry and my mind think negative reflect. Some time I feel my legs were not supporting to my body and my body gone cold. I keep on feeling negative and I can’t sleep at night. I am not enjoying sex with my wife. plez help us thanks

You think that your relation with your wife is good but same may not be true for her. This may be the reason for her expressions of sadness. You should discuss this with her, rather than considering that your relation is good; on your own. As far as your negative thoughts, sleep problem, coldness of body and enjoyment in sexual relations is concerned; this can be symptoms of Depression. Take the help of psychiatrist.

My friend who is a lecturer in college is married and lives happily with her husband. She has noticed that one of the students likes her. Please help her how to tackle this student.

She has to be careful that she should not pass any affirmative signals to him, knowingly or unknowingly. At the same time ignore him in subtle way. Do not try to explain or advise him on this because that will give wrong signal that you are giving importance to him, rather be indifferent to him.

Sir, I have so many problems since last 2 years. 1) I am not able to concentrate 2) I am not able to take decisions (even small decision) 3) Useless and repetitive thoughts 4) I am not able to remember 5) Excessive anger for small mistakes 6) Showing low level and high level energies simultaneously 7) Doing the particular work repeatedly like checking chin and hairs 8) Postponed the work 9)Guilty feeling 10)Don’t like to face any risk 11)Not doing any job perfectly. Your advice is valuable for my life.

You seem to have Anxiety spectrum disorder (group of disorders where anxiety is a root cause). Consult Psychiatrist nearby.

I have returned to India with my daughter after living in Dubai for a long time. We are a matriarchal joint family. My sister’s family and my parents all live together. I find my parents prefer my sister and her kids to me and my daughter. My sister also ignores me and my daughter most of the time. Since I cannot move out on my own immediately, how can I deal with the situation?

As you have said that you cannot move immediately, only option you have is to accept their attitude. You cannot teach any one to respect you. Once you accept their attitude and stop longing for change in that, you will be comfortable for time being.

Hello Sir, I am doing graduation. My age is 21+. One day I have checked my testicle. I think that the size of my right testicle is small as compare to the left side. Is there any serious problem with me? Please tell me the whole in detail?

Some size difference in double body parts (parts which are in pairs) is normal. However if you feel that there is remarkable difference in size then consult urologist near by. It is not serious; all that you need to do is get it checked if size difference is obvious and not only perceptive minor difference.