I have facing a problem of nightfall. In my dream i see some relative or family members. when i wake up i feel guilty. Is that every person see relative and family person in dream please tell me.

Dear P;
Nightfall is normal physiological body function. The best way to avoid it is either regular intercourse or masturbation. Every one has sexual dreams during nightfall. Dream objects varies from person to person. Dream objects are only symbol and you should not feel guilty about it.

Sir is masturbation a habit or a natural thing if done everyday?

If it is not compulsion then it is natural.

I am always dwelling in past and not able to concentrate on my carrier and other aspects of life. Ever since my break off with the guy whom I loved so much I am not able to live a normal life. Everybody in my family is now getting irritated with me. Whenever I start any discussion with anyone, my point stops in discussing the past while giving the instances of past. I am really fed up of it. I do not want that my new relationship, which I am looking forward to, should get ruined because of thinking about past so much. I always miss that old guy and still believe he was the best for me which I couldn’t handle on my own. I will be getting married soon and I do not want to spoil my new relationship…please help

Breakups are always painful and more so with genuine affection. Women always ruminates more about broken relationships then men. There is no way to erase painful memories. What you can do is; look foreword in life, try to be engaged in current as well as new relationships, stop talking about old relationship, do not try to analyze your past relationship and do not maintain contact with him.

We got married before 6 months. My wife wanted to go for a job but I did not allow her, from that day she is not talking to me properly. We fought one day and she left home. After one week I brought her home from that day approximately one she doesn’t like when I touch her and she doesn’t talk to me properly. I told her that you can go for job but now she refuses. She made a boundary around her. She wrote in her dairy that she hates me. She told me she doesn’t have any feelings for me. I don’t know what to do. Should I continue with this relation or not? I’m in a big stress.

She is showing her oppose to your decision in indirect way. Apologize to her honestly and ask her to forgive for hurting her. Discuss with her not to prolong this. After this honest efforts do not give importance to this. Even after this if she continues to show her attitude then don’t go out of the way to please her. Otherwise she will seek more attention, throw tantrums and that too in every small matters.

Sir, I am a Hindu girl in love with a Muslim guy from past two years. I was born and brought up in a city of Gujarat while he is from Kerala. Both of us are basically from Kerala. The problem is that from past few months I am not able to focus on the relation. Whenever I am with him I am sad thinking about my parents. I am a very free thinker with lot of dreams. As such he is very supportive but he irritates me with his behavior like pulling down my t-shirt and checking my dress every time I go out. He doesn’t like me wearing things that he is opposed to. It kind of affects my freedom. I am also scared of the cultural difference between our families since they are very orthodox. I want to expand beyond what I am but he is not like that. But there is no question that he loves me like anything but there is a difference in our mentality. It is turning into depression and confusion. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

It is too late to think about your parents and cultural differences, you should have thought about this before you got into relationship. This is not something which has come up with spending time together; these issues are always there when Hindu-Muslim starts seeing each other. As far as orthodox nature of your in laws is concern, it is a cultural difference between two community and you have to accept it and live with it. I do not understand that what kind of love it is where he is not ready to give you freedom to wear and express yourself? You have to compromise on many issues. If you are ready, go ahead otherwise just rethink about your decision of getting married to him.

I am 35-year-old married person. Now a days I am attracted towards a woman, is my very close relative @ 42 years old. I have a very strong will to have a sex with her, but I’m confused how to ask her & complete the matter with having at least once a sex with her, whether she will agree or not.

There is nothing new about having desire to have a sex out side marital relationship. Many males will have this. However, any sensible and decent woman will never be interested in having sex like the one you want. You want to complete the matter?! It gives me a feeling that you are seeing her as a sex object and have no emotional bond. This is certainly not a healthy thinking. Try to get over your will and stop dreaming to fulfill it the way you want.

Doctor, I am a 23 yr old girl from Hindu community. I love a Muslim guy and this relationship goes for about 4 and half years. Both of us fight very much and love each other a lot. We also had sexual relation many times. However, my parents wanted me to forget him and marry someone else. This is which I can never do any time. I feel I cannot live against my sub conscious mind. Can I live happily with him is my question. Will society allow Hindu girl and Muslim guy to exist happily. In addition, I masturbate and feel guilty later. I even promise on god that i will never masturbate again but I do it. Is it bad? Please tell me doctor. Thanks in advance.

Happiness in marriage depends upon both of you. Society may not accept your decision but understanding between both of you matters. Improve understanding to reduce fights.
Masturbation is normal physiological act and it does not cause harm. You should not feel guilty about your normal physiological urges.

I broke up with my boyfriend because he always said that he would not marry me whenever he was in bad mood, and sometimes he used abusive language also. He says he never really meant that, it was just my temper. Here I am getting confused about this guy whether to continue or not, though we were together for 3 years. What should I do? Please help.

His threats of not getting married with you and using abusive language shows lack of respect for you. He considers you as an outlet for his bad mood. Relationship, where partners does not have respect for each other and using other partner as punching bag, will not go peacefully on long run. I think your decision to break up is right.

Hello Sir. Thanks so much for your suggestions last time. It really worked. I just want to know which the safest and harmless birth control pill is. Is using condoms safe? Some of them say copper T is good. I heard birth control pills have side effects. What do you suggest? Thanks a lot. Good day to you.

Copper T is the best of three.

Hello Sir, I don’t know how to start when it comes to say about my life I’m horrible in it. I’m a good listener and like talking with people a lot. I talk with my friends and make them feel comfortable so that they can share thing and mostly I end up with very intimate things of them .I don’t mind it in real life but habit is same in virtual life like this also. Few days back I talked with a guy on some chat site and he was very depressed with life so I ended up making him feel more worth living but was end of it he developed feelings for me. He is a really nice guy and I didn’t want to hurt him I didn’t say anything about it not even ‘no’ because I thought he’ll feel same after that and all my work’ will be dust. But my life isn’t joke he is something 8 yr older than me and I don’t have any future planning now just need to concentrate on my studies. I didn’t convey this to him but he got that after sometime and ended up saying I fooled him. I was feeling as if somebody stabbed me. I cried for night and it’s disturbing me a lot even now. I don’t know what to do??? Your advice I’ll be helpful. Thank you for reading .bye

Stop talking or chatting with strangers. Do not try to know about other people’s problems. if they are sharing their problems on their own then smartly keep yourself out. Never try to counsel them, leave this to professional by advising them to take professional help.